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"The last thing the world needs is a Helstrom family reunion. We light that fuse, and God help us all."

The First Season of Helstrom was released on Hulu on October 16, 2020. Months later, on December 14, 2020, it was announced that series was cancelled.[1]


As the son and daughter of a mysterious and powerful serial killer, Helstrom follows Daimon and Ana Helstrom, and their complicated dynamic, as they track down the worst of humanity — each with their own attitude and skills.


In Portland, Oregon, Dr. Louise Hastings types on her computer when suddenly it starts typing "NO MERCY", causing her to call for a lockdown. Later, Sister Gabriella Rosetti meets with Daimon Helstrom to help a family who believe their son is possessed. Upon going to his room, Archer Cavallo starts speaking Latin, but Helstrom easily proves that he is faking which angers Cavallo. The child lunges at Helstrom but is surrounded by a ring of fire set off by Helstrom. Meanwhile, Ana Helstrom walks with Edward Tate and uses her powers to see visions of him murdering people. She kills him in retaliation.

Daimon gets a call from Hastings telling him that the patient is causing trouble. He goes to meet the patient at the mental hospital, which is his mother, Victoria Helstrom. He tries to talk to Victoria, but there is a demon inside of her named, Kthara, who taunts him back. Ana gets a call from Caretaker and looks through a casket that has killed a man. She finds a skull. Later, Daimon prepares for a tattoo in hopes of covering a scar on his body. He calls his sister, Ana, asking to talk. Meanwhile, Alex Tilden enters his truck, but finds a bloody person in the seat. The person then attacks him.

Ana meets Daimon at the asylum and they try to find a way to get Kthara out of their mother. Daimon also pushes to expand their relationship to actually acting like siblings. Ana gets close to Victoria, but the demon slaps her. Ana grins and says that it's the mother she remembers. Rosetti asks how they have powers, Ana says that it comes from their father. Ana's best friend, Chris Yen, finds the skull and hears it calling to him, but is interrupted by Caretaker. Later, he is swayed by the power and lets the skull bite his arm.

Daimon and Rosetti get a call about Tilden's truck accident. They arrive and Daimon realizes that Tilden is marked. He explains that only the strongest demons have the ability to mark their hosts. The demon, Magoth, uses a young victim to taunt the two. He then mentions Ana, which gets Daimon angry, so Magoth sets off a fire around them. Meanwhile, Ana uses memories to wake up Victoria without the demon for a short time. However, this is just Kthara taunting her. Daimon puts his hand on Tilden, eradicating Magoth, but not before the demon says that a worse one is out there. Another demon, Basar, opens up his rib cage and devours a victim at a public restroom.

Afterward, Magoth and Basar realize Daimon is coming. They decide to get the woman. Daimon later calls Ana and asks what she did to wake their mother as she hasn't been this lucid in years. Ana is then approached by Henry, Caretaker, who tells her that he found out her father, Marduk, is alive. She meets with Daimon at the asylum and see their mother. Theit mother warns them of Marduck's return and says he always finds his victims eventually. Kthara then awakes and remarks on how Victoria is a fighter.

The two then meet with Rosetti who tells them that she researched their father and found out that Ana wasn't the only survivor. There is a woman named Zoe Richards who also survived their father, but her family is private about the matter. Hastings has lung cancer and hides the medication from Henry. The siblings and Rosetti arrive at Richards' house, but believe Richards' story about the experience was fake. Meanwhile, a supernatural force tells a patient to kill Caretaker, which he attempts to do. Cartaker is able to get away and finds the medicine bottle in the process.

Ana decides to go out to get the truth from Richards. Rosetti and Daimon go to find her which leads to Rosetti going into the cellar alone. There she finds a woman with a half burned face claiming to be the real Richards as she pours gas on the ground. As it turns out, her twin sister, Aubree Richards was posing as Zoe. She then lights the flame, but is saved by Daimon. She says she just wants the pain to stop. Ana is led by a guilt ridden Aubree to their father. Aubree did this out of guilt for not helping her sister. Marduk, in a possessed body, attacks Ana and eventually kills Aubree before getting away.

Looking for better options, the siblings go to the facility in San Francisco to visit Yen, but find a dead man named Cameron Tate, and the skull is gone. Knowing it was Yen's doing, Daimon tries to call the police, but is stopped by Ana. Yen eventually finds himself underground in a pit of spiders. Daimon returns home to find Magoth in his living room offering a deal. Ana for their mother. Daimon refuses which causes an outburst from the demon, but is stopped by Daimon as well as Ana, who just arrived. Meanwhile, Victoria screams in pain as Yen is a floor under her, with the skull affecting her.

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Starring Cast

Supporting Cast


Image Title Number Airdate Writers Directors
Chris Yen and Ana Helstrom.jpg Mother's Little Helpers 1.01 October 16, 2020 Paul Zbyszewski Daina Reid
Daimon Helstrom investigates a possessed young boy in Oregon. Meanwhile in San Francisco, Ana Helstrom stages an auction to expose a criminal. Disturbing events at St. Teresa’s cause concern as the siblings estranged Mother remains hospitalized.
Victoria Helstrom.jpg Viaticum 1.02 October 16, 2020 Blair Butler Anders Engström
A horrific accident leads Daimon and Gabriella fighting to save a man’s soul, while a dark force attempts to stop them. Meanwhile, Yen’s relationship with his work takes a dark turn towards obsession, and a discovery leads Ana back to St. Teresa’s.
Caretaker 1.jpg The One Who Got Away 1.03 October 16, 2020 Marcus Dalzine Michael Offer
Daimon and Ana learn more about the destruction their father left in his wake. With Gabriella, they pay a visit to a potential victim and find themselves in deeper than they ever could have imagined. Hastings shocks Caretaker with a stunning revelation.
Containment (Helstrom).jpg Containment 1.04 October 16, 2020 Sheila Wilson Amanda Row
A demonic enemy brings together an unusual group. Daimon and Ana travel to San Francisco in search of Yen and an artifact that may help defeat the enemy. Ana tells Daimon about her extracurricular activities, and Gabriella’s faith is attacked.
Committed (Helstrom).jpg Committed 1.05 October 16, 2020 Ian Sobel & Matt Morgan Jovanka Vuckovic
Things are not what they seem as Mother’s health sharply declines. As Ana searches for Yen, Gabriella offers counsel to a student struggling to understand how demons live among us. Daimon makes a discovery that is truly a matter of life and death.
Leviathan (Helstrom).jpg Leviathan 1.06 October 16, 2020 Amanda Segel Sanford Bookstaver
A dark force creates a melee forcing Hastings and Ana to work together. Daimon and Gabriella discover the events of the Blood Hotel are connected. The demon's identity is revealed, shaking Ana and Daimon to their core. Yen gets the upper hand.
Scars (Helstrom).jpg Scars 1.07 October 16, 2020 Mark Leitner Bill Roe
With a powerful demon looking for a new host and Ana struggling to control her darker urges, Daimon is offered a proposition from The Blood. Caretaker finds himself in hot water, and Dr. Hastings rattles Daimon with new revelations about his past.
Underneath (Helstrom).jpg Underneath 1.08 October 16, 2020 Maggie Bandur Cherie Nowlan
Relationships deepen as stakes increase. To save a life, Hastings and Ana must do the unthinkable. Gabriella and Daimon journey to his childhood home in search of an old relic. A mother loses a son but gains an heir.
Vessels (Helstrom).jpg Vessels 1.09 October 16, 2020 Matt Morgan Kevin Tancharoen
Daimon and Gabriella find themselves in disturbing new territory. Ana has to make a decision that will change the course of the siblings' lives in irreversible ways. Victoria tries to make amends but she may be too late.
Hell Storm (Helstrom).jpg Hell Storm 1.10 October 16, 2020 Paul Zbyszewski Jim O'Hanlon
Ana and Daimon fight to save a soul but only Yen can be victorious. Gabriella’s newfound perspective challenges Daimon’s beliefs, creating riffs amongst the group. Victoria unites with Daimon and Ana, but their victory comes at a cost.


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