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"It appears the massive size of the Sleeper, along with its highly advanced technology, confounded Heller Zemo. He could not determine how to fully excavate the Sleeper without undermining and collapsing the mountain itself. But like all of our line, he would not accept defeat."
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Baron Heller Zemo was a German nobleman.


Heller Zemo was the third Baron Zemo, and the second notable of the bloodline after Harbin Zemo. Heller Zemo was the one who would complete Harbin's intended quest from the construction of Castle Zemo by being the one to discover the Sleeper beneath the mountains the Castle was constructed on. The massive size and advanced technology confused Baron Heller, but like his ancestors before him and those who would come after, he would not give in, and he began to study the Sleeper to find a solution.

Heller Zemo's studies allowed for multiple advancements in technology, and slowly subsequent Baron Zemos began to uncover the Sleeper, allowing the excavation to continue. It would take nine more Baron Zemos before one was ready to awaken the Sleeper however, and Heller Zemo was long dead by the time it happened.[1]




  • In the comics, Heller Zemo was the youngest Baron of the Zemo lineage, assuming his position at only 12 years old.



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