"Keep a close radius; we lose comms, we meet back at the Helion."
Yon-Rogg to Starforce[src]

The Helion is the ship used by Starforce during its missions.


Mission to Torfa

"Back to the Helion!"
Yon-Rogg to Starforce[src]
When Starforce received a mission from the Supreme Intelligence, the team boarded the Helion, where Yon-Rogg briefed them on the details of their mission. They used the ship to travel to Torfa, landing underwater so that their arrival would go unnoticed. Before advancing on their objective, Yon-Rogg ordered his team to retreat to the Helion if anything went wrong with the mission.[1]

Battle at Mar-Vell's Laboratory

"Load the Flerken onto the Helion. Eject the others into space."
Once contact was re-established with Captain Marvel, they set course for Earth though they had to travel for twenty-two hours to the nearest jump point.[1] The vessel transported Yon-Rogg close to the site of Vers' beacon, and from there to Mar-Vell's Laboratory. Parked in the entrance to the hangar containing the Quadjet, the Helion blocked the Quadjet's escape, forcing Maria Rambeau to destroy it.[1]



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