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For the dark world within the Dark Dimension, see Hell

"The gates of Hel are filled with the screams of his victims."

Hel is a region of Niflheim that serves as the home of the dead who are neither honored nor dishonored.


Exile of Hela

"Before my father died, he told me I had a half-sister that he imprisoned in Hel."
Thor to the Guardians of the Galaxy[src]

The Valkyrie arrive on Hel to stop Hela

Thousands of years ago, Odin banished his daughter Hela from Asgard and imprisoned her in Hel after a failed coup attempt.[1] Hela later attempted to escape, prompting Odin to send the Valkyrie to stop her. She successfully overpowered the warriors, killing all but one, Brunnhilde. Odin intervened before Hela could escape, defeating her and returning her to her prison.[1]


Hel among other realms during the Convergence

"See you in Hel, monster!"
Loki to Algrim[src]

Hel was among the worlds labeled by Erik Selvig on his chalkboard mapping the Nine Realms.[2] Hel was also visible among other realms during the Convergence during the Battle of Greenwich.[3]

Hela's Freedom

Hela leaving Hel after millennia

In 2017, after Odin's death, his power over Hela's imprisonment waned until there was no force keeping her at bay. She stepped out of a portal-like gateway to Earth soon after, musing that she would have liked to see her father die.[1]


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  • In the comics, Hel is ruled and named after Loki's illegitimate daughter, Hela.

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