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"Cut off one head, two more shall take its place. Hail HYDRA!"
―Heinz Kruger to Captain America[src]

Heinz Kruger was one of HYDRA's top assassins during World War II. He successfully assassinated Abraham Erskine under the order of Red Skull, but committed suicide to avoid interrogation after his capture by Steve Rogers.


HYDRA Assassin

Recruited by Red Skull

"Shall I give the order?"
"It has been given"
Arnim Zola and Red Skull[src]

Heinz Kruger was a HYDRA agent under the command of Johann Schmidt, better known as the Red Skull. When Schmidt heard that Abraham Erskine was creating another subject in America, he dispatched Kruger to assassinate the old scientist and eradicate any evidence of Erskine's work.[1]

Assassination of Abraham Erskine

"If this project of yours comes through, we'd like to see it used for something other than headlines."
―Heinz Kruger to Chester Phillips[src]

Kruger disguises himself as Fred Clemson

Kruger was present during the culmination of Project Rebirth on June 22, 1943, where he was presented as Fred Clemson, a U.S. State Department official invited to watch the results. He was given a lift to the event in Brandt's personal car; once he arrived, he was introduced to Chester Phillips and sat with the many government officials and generals to watch the experiment.

Kruger murders Abraham Erskine

After Steve Rogers was successfully transformed into America's first Super-Soldier, Kruger used a concealed bomb to destroy the research; in the chaos, Kruger stole the last remaining drops of the Super Soldier Serum and shot Erskine twice in the chest, killing him. Peggy Carter managed to shoot him in the arm; nonetheless, he made his escape through the building, killing several soldiers as he went.[1]

Attempted Escape

"I had him!"
Peggy Carter and Steve Rogers[src]

However, Kruger was incapable of stopping Steve Rogers and was forced to retreat from the man who would become Captain America. On his way out, he hijacked two taxis, the first of which was stopped when Peggy Carter shot through the windshield and killed the driver, the second was pursued on foot by Rogers.[1]

Final Showdown

Kruger uses a child as a human shield

"Who the hell are you?"
"The first of many."
Captain America and Heinz Kruger[src]

Eventually, Rogers forced Kruger into a footrace, which Kruger took advantage of by kidnapping a small child from the street, taking him to the docks with the gun to his head. When Rogers pursued, Kruger attempted to shoot him but discovered he was out of ammunition in his clip, causing him to throw the child into the water below as a distraction. When Rogers checked on the kid, he said he was okay because he could swim, and encouraged him to get Kruger.

Kruger chooses to commit suicide

With his mission mostly complete, Kruger boarded an advanced submarine, the Fieser Dorsch. It was already submerged and swimming back to Germany, when Steve Rogers appeared outside the cockpit, shattered it and ripped Kruger out, dragging him back out of the water and throwing him onto the docks above. When Rogers attempted to interrogate him, Kruger claimed that he was simply the first of many and that when you cut off one head, two more grow in its place. Before Rogers could ask more detailed questions, Kruger bit down on a concealed Cyanide Pill in his mouth, killing himself for his cause, saying "Hail HYDRA!"[1]


  • Master Spy: Kruger managed to infiltrate into the first Project Rebirth test posing as an United States State Department official by the name of Fred Clemson, mimicking a perfect American accent to match, and making nobody suspicious of him.



Kruger taking aim with a submachine gun

Other Equipment


Kruger piloting his submarine

  • Fieser Dorsch: Following his assassination of Erskine, Kruger attempted to escape from Steve Rogers in a miniature submarine. However, the newly enhanced Rogers intercepted him underwater and broke through the glass, taking him out.





  • In the comics, Heinz Kruger is a Gestapo agent working for the Nazi party instead of an agent of HYDRA, who was killed after accidentally grabbing a live wire during a confrontation against Captain America.

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