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"I will honor my sworn oath to protect this realm as its gatekeeper."

Heimdall was an all-seeing and all-hearing Asgardian who was the former Gatekeeper of Asgard and the guardian of its Bifrost. Despite vowing to obey the orders of Odin, Heimdall was prepared to commit treason if it meant protecting the Realms, as he allowed the Warriors Three to retrieve Thor from Midgard to defeat Loki and stop his plans to reignite the Asgard-Jotunheim War. Heimdall would later help in repairing the damaged Rainbow Bridge with the Tesseract so Asgard could restore order to the Nine Realms.

In 2013, Heimdall observed the Convergence's effects when Asgard fell victim to an attack by Malekith and the Dark Elves. The Dark Elves hindered Heimdall's omnisicent abilities, rendering him unable to protect his home. Burdened with failure, he agreed to help Thor on a secret mission against Odin's orders to free Loki from the Asgardian dungeons so they could hunt down Malekith. Despite Thor's victory, the events led to Loki impersonating Odin and usurping the throne. Under Loki's regime, Heimdall was charged with treason and negligence of duty, prompting him to flee before he could be placed on trial. Living on his own, Heimdall formed a sanctuary and had a son whom he named Astrid.

When Hela took control over Asgard in 2017, Heimdall sheltered fleeing Asgardian citizens from her and, with the help of Thor and Loki, helped evacuate them from Asgard before Ragnarök. En route to Earth seeking new refuge, their ship was attacked by Thanos and the Black Order, who overthrew the ship and slaughtered half the Asgardian refugees. Heimdall summoned the Bifrost to send Hulk to the New York Sanctum on Earth to forewarn the Masters of the Mystic Arts of Thanos' mission. As a result of his actions, he was murdered by Thanos, after which his soul entered Valhalla, the Asgardian afterlife. He later greeted Jane Foster when she died and her soul arrived in Valhalla, thanking her for saving his son and informing her that the Asgardians had deemed her worthy to join Valhalla.


Bifrost Guardian[]

Protector of the Realms[]

"I am bound by honor to our king."

Heimdall was an Asgardian blessed with sensory capabilities far beyond those of other Asgardians, letting him see nearly all things that happen in the Nine Realms.[3] He spent his life learning to maximize these senses to their potential, which required heavy concentration.[4] His near omniscience have been put to use placing Heimdall in the role of gatekeeper to Asgard at Himinbjorg on the Bifrost Bridge. Throughout his time as its guardian, Heimdall ensured that no enemies were able to get past his watch and enter Asgard, ensuring its safety throughout Odin's rule of King, whom Heimdall was fiercely loyal to.[3] Heimdall noticed seeds of greatness in Odin's son, Thor, at a young age despite Thor's arrogance. He saw that Thor cared deeply about his family, friends and Asgard. As Thor grew up, Heimdall noticed him starting to resemble his father.[4]

In November 1971, Odin's adopted son Loki was forced to visit Earth and pull off a heist aboard the Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 305 under the pseudonym of D.B. Cooper due to losing a bet with Thor. As Loki jumped off the airplane with a parachute, Heimdall transported Loki back to Asgard through the Bifrost Bridge, but this prevented the United States of America authorities from ever solving the case and caused Loki's alter ego and whereabouts to become one of Earth's many unsolved mysteries.[5]

Frost Giants Attack[]

"Heimdall, may we pass?"
"Never has an enemy escaped my watch until this day. I wish to know how it happened."
"Then tell no one where we have gone until we return."
Thor and Heimdall[src]
The Gatekeeper of Asgard

Heimdall guards Asgard from its enemies

Despite his own phenomenal ability, however, Heimdall was unable to perceive an intrusion by several Frost Giants when they broke into Odin's Vault in an attempt to reclaim the Casket of Ancient Winters. Despite the Frost Giants being stopped by the Destroyer, Heimdall was mortified to have failed to foresee this attack. This intrusion also sparked the ire of Odin's son Thor, who came to Heimdall, seeking access to Jotunheim in order to gain answers from the Frost Giants.


Heimdall sends Thor into Jotunheim

Despite Loki attempting to trick him into allowing them to go past, Heimdall made it clear that he understood why they had come to him, causing Thor to step forward and demand access to the Bifrost Bridge. Heimdall agreed to let Thor and the Warriors Three pass and accepted their request that he keep their movements secret. While he activated the Bifrost using Hofund, Heimdall warned he may be forced to not reopen the Bifrost if it proved too great a risk to the safety of Asgard.[3] He allowed them passage and watched as they fought, but did not put his focus on them, as he was distracted by the invasion.


Heimdall follows all King Odin's direct orders

Heimdall saw that Thor and his friends were in danger, so he reported to King Odin where they had gone. Odin asked why Heimdall allowed Thor to go and why he didn't tell him sooner, so Heimdall simply said he obeyed Thor's command and told Odin when the situation demanded it.[4] Odin ordered him to open the Bifrost, saving Thor and his friends from Laufey's army of Frost Giants. Seeing that Fandral had been injured during the Attack on Jotunheim, Odin ordered Volstagg and Hogun to get him to the healing room along with Lady Sif while he confronted Thor over his actions which had restarted the war against Laufey.[3] Heimdall stood to the side and listened as Thor and Odin argued about Thor's actions. Heimdall hoped Thor would try to appease his father while Odin stripped the prince of his power and banished him from Asgard. Heimdall turned to see Loki shocked and Odin angry.[4]

Loki Takes the Throne[]

HeimdallWatches image

Heimdall sees Thor's attempt to come home

"Did Odin ever fear you?"
"And why is that?"
"Because he is my king. And I'm sworn to obey him."
Loki and Heimdall[src]

With Thor gone, Odin later fell into the Odinsleep, which unnerved Heimdall. Hoping to see his friend, Heimdall stood on Himinbjorg and overlooked the Nine Realms, seeing Thor try and fail to lift up his own hammer Mjølnir, resulting in him failing to regain his former powers and return home to Asgard.


Heimdall confronts Loki over all his secrets

With Odin still in his Odinsleep, Loki placed himself on the throne as regent with the support of Queen Frigga. As the King of Asgard, Loki demanded Heimdall's loyalty, which he grudgingly accepted while he did not trust Loki's intentions. Heimdall later caught Loki returning to Asgard from Jotunheim, with Heimdall noting he had somehow been unable to see him there, causing his fears to be confirmed that it was Loki who brought the Frost Giants into Asgard and used his magic to enshroud them from Heimdall's sight. Loki, noting of Heimdall's suspicion, asked him if Odin had ever feared him due to his great power, and Heimdall told him that his former king did not due to his sworn allegiance to his king. Loki reminded him that he was his king now and ordered that the Bifrost Bridge to be temporally shut down.


Heimdall makes a deal with the Warriors Three

Now ordered not to allow anyone to leave Asgard for the foreseeable future, Heimdall became convinced of Loki's sinister plans. Upon hearing that Lady Sif and the Warriors Three were intending to go to Earth and save Thor, Heimdall ordered a member of the Einherjar to bring them to Himinbjorg. Once confirming that they intended to go against Loki, Heimdall expressed relief, but announced his refusal to directly disobey his king. He decided to walk outside of Himinbjorg and allow them to use the Bifrost themselves, with Fandral calling him a complicated fellow.[3]

Fighting Loki[]


Heimdall is furiously threatened by King Loki

"I say, for your act of treason, you are relieved of your duties as gatekeeper, and no longer citizen of Asgard."
"Then I need no longer obey you."
Loki and Heimdall[src]

Enraged, Loki marched straight into Himinbjorg where Heimdall was waiting for him, as he questioned exactly how Loki had allowed the Frost Giants inside Asgard in the first place. Furious, Loki dismissed Heimdall as his subject and charged him of treason, thus releasing the protector of the Bifrost Bridge from his vows. Heimdall responded with an immediate attack with Hofund, but Loki froze him in a block of ice with the Casket of Ancient Winters just before he could strike.[3] Heimdall watched helplessly as the Destroyer was sent to Midgard to fight Thor, who was nearly killed, but regained the power of Mjølnir.[4]


Heimdall betrays and is frozen alive by Loki

While Heimdall remained frozen in place, Loki proceeded to bring a small army of the Frost Giants, which included King Laufey, through the Bifrost and into Asgard. Locked in his icy prison, Heimdall remained completely helpless to prevent Loki leading one of them into the city and towards King Odin who was still in his Odinsleep, but Heimdall was soon galvanized by the calls of Thor who was still trapped on Earth and was demanding Heimdall's assistance.


Heimdall breaks free and kills the Frost Giants

Seeking to aid his friends to stop Loki's plans and defeat Laufey, Heimdall began gathering all of his strength to break free of his icy prison. Barely able to move, Heimdall listened to Thor's calls for aid as the ice around him finally began to crack under the weight of Heimdall's determination. Smashing free, he quickly cut down the two Frost Giants who had been left to guard him with Hofund, even throwing one of the Frost Giants off the rainbow bridge.


Heimdall helps to bring Thor back to Asgard

With what little strength he had remaining, Heimdall dragged himself back inside Himinbjorg where he managed to lift Hofund up and activated the Bifrost, allowing Thor and his allies to finally return to Asgard. Severely weakened, Heimdall could assist the adventurers no further as he collapsed from his wounds and had to be carried by Lady Sif and the Warriors Three from Himinbjorg to seek some kind of aid while Thor then furiously left to confront Loki.[3]

Losing the Bifrost[]

Broken Bifrost

Heimdall and Thor at the broken Bifrost Bridge

"So Earth is lost to us..."
"No. There is always hope."
Thor and Heimdall[src]

Eventually Thor had successfully defeated Loki in a final duel, at the cost of the Bifrost Bridge. The destruction of the bridge created a portal that Loki to an unknown area within space. Heimdall returned following the destruction of Himinbjorg and when Thor asked if passage to Earth was lost for all time, he showed him the Bifrost regenerating and replied, "No. There is always hope." When Thor asked Heimdall if he could see Jane Foster, Heimdall chuckled and told him that he could and that she was searching for ways to be reunited back with him.[3]

War Between Realms[]

Rebuilding the Bifrost Bridge[]

Heimdall Armor DW

Heimdall continues guarding the Nine Realms

"The Marauders amass near Vanaheim. Thor's destruction of the Bifrost continues to shift the balance of power across the Nine Realms... and into the worlds beyond Yggdrasil."

With there being no way for the Asgardians to go to other Realms to help protect them, the Nine Realms fell into chaos. To keep all the Asgardian leaders updated, Heimdall summoned Odin and Thor and warned them about the attack.[3] Around two years after the Duel at the Rainbow Bridge left the Bifrost inactive, Odin was forced to use dark energy to send Thor after Loki. With the help of the Avengers, Thor was able to arrest Loki and take him back to Asgard along with the Tesseract. Thor entrusted the Tesseract to Heimdall to repair the Bifrost Bridge.[6]

End of the Marauders' War[]


Heimdall overlooks all of the peaceful realms

"The universe hasn't seen this marvel since before my watch began. Few can sense, even fewer can see it. And while its effects can be dangerous... It is truly beautiful."
―Heimdall to Thor[src]

As Heimdall overlooked the Multiverse from Himinbjorg, he was joined by Thor, who had left the celebrations for his latest victories to speak with Heimdall. Together, they discussed the Convergence which once coming soon before they moved onto talk about Jane Foster, who Thor wanted to check on. However, to their shock, Heimdall had somehow lost track of her which was thought to be impossible, causing Thor to travel to London to check on her safety.


Heimdall welcomes Jane Foster to Asgard

Having discovered that Foster had now seemingly been infected by the long lost Aether, causing her body to be consumed with uncontrollable power, Thor decided that now his best course of action was to bring Foster to Asgard where their own doctors could examine her and try to remove the Aether. When Thor and Foster had come across through the Bifrost Bridge, Heimdall greeted them both and welcomed the utterly amazed Foster to Asgard.


Heimdall watches more Marauders brought into Asgard

Continuing his role of Asgard's watchman, Heimdall later witnessed the return of both Fandral, Volstagg and the Einherjar, who had finally returned home into Asgard having at last finished the fighting against the Marauders, bringing their captives with them to be taken into the Asgardian Dungeons to begin their sentence for their crimes against the Nine Realms. Among all the Marauders was Algrim who Heimdall watched as he was led towards the dungeons.[7]

Sacking of Asgard[]

HeimdallinObservatory image

Heimdall senses something passing him

"You're not in Odin’s war council?"
"The Bifrost is closed by your father’s orders. No one is to come or to go. We face an enemy that is invisible even to me. Of what use is a guardian such as that?"
Thor and Heimdall[src]

Simultaneously, as Algrim transformed into Kurse and conducted a prison break of the Asgardian Dungeons, Heimdall observed something strange and seemingly invisible flying past him while he stood at his post at Himinbjorg. Believing something was seriously wrong, Heimdall left his post on the Bifrost Bridge and chased it down, determined to discover the truth of what he was feeling.


Heimdall destroys the Dark Elves' attack ship

Discovering that it was the lead Dark Elf Harrow trying to invisibly pass him, Heimdall ran across the Bifrost Bridge, drawing two knives and leaped onto the side of the ship. Plunging his knives into the side of the ship, Heimdall managed to disable its cloaking capabilities, revealing the ship to the rest of Asgard. Heimdall then proceeded to throw a blade into the ship's engine, causing it to crashland while Heimdall was able to jump down to safety onto the bridge.


Heimdall witnesses Malekith's sudden attack

Having destroyed the ship, Heimdall briefly believed the threat was over, only to turn around and see the arrival of the Ark and even more Harrows flying towards the city, following the orders of Malekith who was seeking revenge for Svartalfheim's destruction. As Heimdall had watched on in horror while unable to assist, Malekith's ships aided in the Sacking of Asgard as Asgard's forces under Odin's instructions fought back in their Asgardian Skiffs against the Harrows.

Heimdall - Activating the Asgardian Shield

Heimdall activates Asgard's main defences

Seeking to end Malekith's attack before the royal family could then be endangered, Heimdall used Hofund to activate the shield around Asgard, causing several Harrows to crash and be destroyed by the defences. Despite Heimdall's efforts to protect the Royal Palace of Valaskjalf, the generator for the shield was found by Kurse who proceeded to destroy it, allowing for Malekith's own ship to enter the palace as all the Dark Elves began fighting the Einherjar inside the palace.


Heimdall attends Queen Frigga's funeral

In the wake of the battle, Heimdall was informed that Malekith had killed Queen Frigga while attempting to gain the Aether from Jane Foster. Sadden by the loss of his own Queen, Heimdall watched her funeral from Himinbjorg, seeing that King Odin and Thor were in attendance along with the Warriors Three and Sif. As Frigga's body was turned into pure light and sent up into Valhalla, Heimdall bowed his head in sadness and respect for his Queen.[7]

Committing Treason[]

Thor Heimdall

Heimdall and Thor discuss Malekith's attack

"You called me here on an urgent matter. What is it?"
"Treason, my lord."
Odin and Heimdall[src]

In the wake of Frigga's funeral, Heimdall was ordered by Odin that the Bifrost Bridge was to be shut down, and nobody was allowed to enter or leave Asgard for the foreseeable future. Now not needing to guard his post, Heimdall went to console Thor, who was sat inside an Asgardian bar. Thor noted that Malekith and his army of Dark Elves would return and attack Asgard for a second time, noting that Odin was blinded by his grief since Frigga's death, which Heimdall did not argue with.


Heimdall agrees to help with Thor's mission

While they spoke, Thor quietly asked Heimdall to side with him on his mission to secretly hide Jane Foster, who was carrying the Aether in her body and was therefore Malekith's target. Heimdall told him that he could not go against the orders of Odin, but Thor insisted that he did not have to directly disobey his King. Knowing that if he were to return, Malekith would undoubtedly destroy Asgard, Heimdall then reluctantly agreed to help with Thor's secret mission.


Heimdall stands behind Thor in the meeting

Joining Thor for a secret meeting with those who also desired to help him, it was noted upon that there was no way off of Asgard with the Bifrost Bridge closed and the Tesseract locked away in Odin's Vault. Heimdall explained that there were other ways off Asgard beside the Bifrost Bridge, which Loki was now the only one who could show them due to his previous journeys to Jotunheim, much to the horror of Volstagg. Heimdall listened while Fandral insisted that Loki would betray them if freed, but Thor insisted it was the only way, ordering Lady Sif to free Foster while the others aided in their escape.

Heimdall again

Heimdall surrenders himself over to King Odin

Seeking to distract him while the others could successfully break Loki out of the Asgardian Dungeons to make their escape, Heimdall called Odin to Himinbjorg, claiming he needed to discuss an urgent matter with his King. When Odin arrived, Heimdall confessed to treason and offered over Hofund. When Odin was told by Tyr that Foster was missing, Odin looked disappointingly at Heimdall before ordering the Einherjar to take Heimdall into their custody.[7]

Return to Observation[]

"We do not trust Kree. That is why I am here. When Heimdall saw that one landed on your world, Odin charged me with retrieving him."
Sif to Phil Coulson[src]

Heimdall was released from Odin's custody and expunged of treason after Thor managed to successfully defeat Malekith, and he was returned to his position as Gatekeeper. Heimdall during his watch saw a Kree arrive on Earth and, because of the enmity between the races, alerted the King. Heimdall opened the Bifrost Bridge and Sif was sent to investigate. After her assignment was completed, Sif called Heimdall to reopen the Bifrost so that she and the Kree Vin-Tak could return to Asgard and Hala respectively.[8]


Banished from Asgard[]

"Odin charged Heimdall with negligence of duty, but he disappeared before the trial. Hard to catch a guy who can see everything in the universe."

While Loki ruled Asgard behind the façade of his father Odin, Heimdall was exiled from the city for supposedly neglecting his duty of protecting Asgard. As a result, Heimdall was replaced with Skurge as Gatekeeper[9] as Heimdall fled into the mountains. He continued to watch over Asgard from exile, and observed as Thor defeated Surtur and returned the Crown of Black Fire to Asgard, outing Loki as having disguised himself as Odin in the process. He watched as Odin died and Hela appeared, destroying Mjølnir. He saw Loki call for Skurge to summon the Bifrost Bridge, knowing it to be a mistake. Heimdall watched as Hela arrived in Asgard and destroyed several Einherjar warriors, as well as Hogun, while remaining unable to see where Thor and Loki were.[4]

Stealing Hofund[]

Heimdall Hofund

Heimdall steals Hofund from Himinbjorg

"Sorry about that. These bloody things are everywhere. Come on. You'll be safe here."

Heimdall made a swift return to Asgard and established a refuge in an ancient Asgardian stronghold, where he began gathering refugees fleeing the city.[9] While navigating the city, Heimdall started talking with who he believed to be Odin about his concern for Thor and Loki. Heimdall shared his concern for Asgard as a butterfly flew past. He thought about the Frost Giants' infiltration of Asgard years prior and he and "Odin" talked about why he let Thor and his friends go to Jotunheim. Using his acute senses, he heard Hela address the Asgardian crowd. Heimdall talked to "Odin" about his choice further and asked who Hela was. "Odin" shared that she was his daughter in whom he conjured great power, but cut himself off and told Heimdall that he had to go. Heimdall rushed to the Himinbjorg to beat Hela and Skurge there. He found his sword, Hofund, in the observatory and took it before Hela and Skurge arrived, stopping them from using the Bifrost Bridge for Hela's own ends.[4]

Providing Safe Passage[]


Heimdall protects Asgardians from Berserkers

"You're talking about evacuating Asgard?"
"We won't last long if we stay. She draws her power from Asgard and grows stronger every day. Come on. Hela is ravenous. If I let her leave, she'll consume Nine Realms and all the Cosmos."
Thor and Heimdall[src]

As Hela tightened her rule on Asgard, Heimdall continued to protect his fellow Asgardians. The vision of Odin complimented his efforts, but Heimdall noted that Thor would have done the same. They came across a family running through the woods and rushed to help them as they were attacked by Berserkers. Heimdall destroyed the Berserkers and led them to the refuge he had set up. Heimdall told "Odin" that they needed Thor, and "Odin" simply assured Heimdall that his son would arrive. Heimdall went to help more people,[4] during which he was contacted by Thor, who was imprisoned on Sakaar. Thor sought to see what was transpiring on Asgard, and Heimdall used his powers to allow Thor to directly see what was happening.


Heimdall communicates with Thor on Asgard

Seeing Thor in front of him, Heimdall expressed his sight despite knowing that he is too far away. In an utterly dire situation, Heimdall was being forced to evacuate the Asgardians before Hela to imprison or execute them, having already slaughtered the Warriors Three while Thor had been gone. While Thor expressed his desire to return to Asgard, stop Hela, and keep the people safe, Heimdall further explained that Hela was planning to use her newly regained power to consume all the Nine Realms.


Heimdall telling Thor how to get out of Sakaar

Suggesting that Thor could possibly be able to get out of Sakaar, Heimdall told him that he needed to go through the many of the gateways that littered the sky. As Heimdall drew Hofund due to being attacked by Hela's Berserkers, Thor questioned which one of the holes to use to escape. Heimdall told him he was on a world surrounded by gateways, and he needed to take the largest one to get back to Asgard.[9] "Odin" again reached out to Heimdall, saying that he trusted Heimdall with the plan.

Heimdall called for the attention fo the Asgardians and told them that they would have to leave and go to the Himinbjorg, explaining that the Bifrost Bridge was their only hope for Asgard to live. An old man asked what Odin would think, so Heimdall explained that it was Odin's will. Another Asgardian asked about Thor, suggesting that he had come to only care about Midgard, angering Heimdall, who insisted they leave. "Odin" approached Heimdall and told him not to be angry, reminding Heimdall of a time when Odin also thought Thor abandoned Asgard. Heimdall told "Odin" that Bruce Banner was with Thor, and Odin assured Heimdall that there was a reason for Banner's appearance and the timing of Ragnarök occurring. "Odin" assured Heimdall that even Hela had a part to play in Ragnarök, but did not tell him what it was. He saw that Hela and Skurge were coming while "Odin" said it was natural for him to grieve.[4]

Fighting Hela[]


Heimdall senses Hela's arrival

"Asgard. She's here."
―Heimdall to Asgardians[src]

Eventually, Hela learned of Heimdall's refugees and set out to deal with them. Sensing her approach, Heimdall informed them that she was coming. He then began evacuating the Asgardians from the Hidden Stronghold with the intention of sending them across the Bifrost Bridge so they could flee Asgard.[9] Heimdall looked for a sign of hope, but found none. He hesitated in the stronghold and asked his vision of Odin if the Allfather had truly died. He at first thought "Odin" had asked if he could truly die, but eventually realized he had asked it himself, realizing that Odin may not have been present the time they were talking. Heimdall realized how Odin had come to die and urged the Asgardians to keep moving. They were ambushed by Berserkers, but Heimdall defeated them before realizing he could no longer see Hela and Skurge. He thought about "Odin's" assurance that Thor would come and found Hela, realizing that Thor was confronting her.

He noticed a young girl urging others to move, so he told her to help keep the line moving. He told the Asgardians that they were within reach of the Himinbjorg and that they needed to cross the Rainbow Bridge. He told them to leave no one behind, and the girl echoed him, followed by the rest of the people. They reached the end of the bridge and noted a lack of Berserkers. He started on their path, and the girl asked if they would make it. Seeing in the girl's expression that she understood the reality of the situation, he assured the child that they would try. As they reached the center of the bridge,[4] they were confronted by Fenris and the Berserkers.


Heimdall leads the Asgardians to safety

As Fenris charged towards them, Heimdall attempted to retreat, but he found his way blocked by Skurge and a horde of Berserkers. Skurge called out to Heimdall and ordered him to hand over Hofund in exchange for the safety of the Asgardians. Knowing that Hela would have access to the Nine Realms if he relinquished Hofund, Heimdall began fighting against the Berserkers. As Fenris lunged towards the Asgardians, Heimdall, armed with Hofund, prepared to fight back.[9] Suddenly, a ship arrived, and Heimdall recognized Bruce Banner and a Valkyrie inside it.[4]

Heimdall vs

Heimdall prepares to battle against Fenris

Before Heimdall could attack Fenris, Banner hit the bridge in front of him, which made Fenris pause and sniff at Banner's unmoving body to see if he was dead or alive. Seeing no signs of life, she continued lunging towards the rest of the Asgardians as Heimdall officially prepared himself to attack the wolf. Before he could attack, Heimdall and the rest of the Asgardians were suddenly saved by Hulk, who dragged Fenris back by her tail to prevent her from attacking.


Heimdall is saved by Korg

Heimdall continued fighting against the Berserkers in the Battle for Asgard with Hofund while Hulk fought against Fenris. Heimdall was eventually pinned down by the Berserkers and almost killed by one until he was suddenly saved by Korg. Korg and Miek then introduced themselves to Heimdall before pointing him in the direction of the Statesman, which was being piloted by Loki and the Sakaaran Rebellion, which would evacuate them off Asgard.

Heimdall & Loki (Ragnarok)

Heimdall is reunited with Loki

Heimdall then reunited with Loki as he noted that he had seen him coming to Asgard. Standing alongside Loki, Korg, Miek, and the rest of the Sakaaran Rebellion, they then began fighting against the Berserkers as the Asgardians were evacuated to the Statesman.[9] He heard a scream come from the palace and turned toward it, seeing that Thor was missing his eye. He urged the Asgardians to move.[4] The Asgardian and Sakaaran warriors eventually found themselves being overwhelmed until suddenly, Heimdall witnessed a massive lightning blast destroy much of the Royal Palace of Valaskjalf.

Bifröst battle

Heimdall fights alongside his allies

Much to the surprise of Heimdall, out of the lightning came Thor, who charged through the Berserkers army and aided his allies, all while Hulk fought with Fenris, giving Heimdall and the others a clear advantage. After battling against the Berserkers, Heimdall began evacuating the Asgardians on board the Statesman while Thor, Loki, and Valkyrie prepared to confront Hela, in which the Goddess of Death still managed to subdue the two Asgardians.[9]

Destruction of Asgard[]


Heimdall witnesses Asgard's destruction

"What have I done?"
"You saved us from extinction. Asgard is not a place... It's a people."
Thor and Heimdall[src]

Heimdall listened[4] as Thor directed Loki to unleash Ragnarök by reuniting Surtur's crown with the Eternal Flame to defeat Hela. While Thor and Valkyrie fought against Hela, Thor told Heimdall to go ahead and board the Statesman with the rest of the Asgardian refugees. Before they could take off, however, Hela launched several massive Necroswords out from the water which pierced the underside of the Statesman.

Thor Ragnarok-ThorSittingintheThrone

Heimdall stands by Thor's side on the Statesman

This ended up preventing them from escaping as it caused the ship to be unable to leave as even more Berserkers then began attacking.[9] Heimdall was locked in his own combat,[4] but watched as they were all then saved by Skurge, who began gunning down the Berserkers and destroying the Necrosword, allowing Heimdall and the people to successfully escape Asgard before being killed by Hela. Thor, Hulk, and Valkyrie successfully managed to board the Statesman as Heimdall then watched as Surtur fulfilled Ragnarök and destroyed Asgard, killing Hela.[9]

Heimdall saw Thor putting on his eyepatch and realized how much Thor reminded him of Odin. Heimdall noted the losses they suffered, but Thor assured him that they could not have done more. Thor said that Odin would have been proud of Heimdall, and Heimdall replied that Odin was proud of Thor.

Heimdall came across the young girl who helped evacuate the people, who assured him that she and her family were well. She asked about the Grandmaster, saying that Korg had mentioned him. Heimdall suggested they ask Korg to tell them his stories and said that she was one of the bravest Asgardians she had met. She returned to her family, saying she would look for him. Heimdall laughed and said he would be easy to find. Heimdall then came across Loki, who immediately flung himself against a wall and offered an explanation. Loki believed Heimdall to be angry about getting banished, but Heimdall assured Loki that he was not. Loki hesitantly believed him, offering a handshake, but Heimdall told him not to press his luck and walked away.[4]


Heimdall asks Thor where they should go

Some time later, Thor officially became the King of Asgard aboard the Statesman, and he was given a throne. Heimdall then asked Thor where their next destination was. Initially, Thor thought of the Asgardians settling in Miek's home world, who was believed to have been dead by Korg. After Miek regained his consciousness, Thor announced that the New Asgard would be Earth as Heimdall stood by his King's side.[9] Heimdall then went to his room and contemplated what he do without needing to be the Gatekeeper of Asgard. He heard bits of conversation from around the ship and started meditating, focusing on space, which had a silence he appreciated.[4]

Infinity War[]

Encounter with Thanos[]

Avengers Infinity War 12

Heimdall asking to be given the dark magic

"Allfathers, let the dark magic flow through me one last time."

In his quest to obtain the Infinity Stones, Thanos and the Black Order attacked the Statesman to acquire the Space Stone, which was in the possession of Loki after Hela's defeat during Ragnarök. Heimdall was incapacitated during the assault, and his sword, Hofund, was left broken and unusable as a weapon. Heimdall was helpless to watch as Thor was tortured with the Power Stone by the Mad Titan to lure Loki into relinquishing the Tesseract, which he stole from Odin's Vault prior to the Destruction of Asgard.

Heimdall's Last Act (Bifrost Bridge)

Heimdall uses the Bifrost Bridge to save Hulk

With Thor restrained and Thanos in possession of the Space Stone, Heimdall witnessed Thanos soundly defeat Hulk in a fight, throwing him to the ground. In order to save Hulk's life, Heimdall asked the Allfathers to bestow upon him dark magic to harness the Bifrost Bridge one last time, which he used to send Hulk to Earth, specifically to the New York Sanctum. This heroic action saved Hulk and allowed him to warn Earth of Thanos' conquest.


Heimdall is stabbed in the heart by Thanos

Noticing the Bifrost whisking Hulk to safety, an angered Thanos made his way to Heimdall. Taking Corvus Glaive's glaive, Thanos informed Heimdall that his actions were a mistake and proceeded to stab Heimdall in the heart for saving Hulk. With one final look at his king who was in anguish after having witnessed the fall of Asgard and the slaughter of his people, Heimdall took his last breath and died.[1]


Thor's Vengeance[]

"Best friend?"
"Stabbed through the heart."
Rocket Raccoon and Thor[src]

As Heimdall was Thor's best friend, Thor took his death the hardest out of the deaths of the Asgardians, surpassed only by the grief he felt for Loki, who died soon after Heimdall. Thor even vowed to kill Thanos after the latter killed Heimdall, despite having been incapacitated. Loki and Heimdall's deaths would lead Thor to forge Stormbreaker to kill Thanos. Thor was nearly successful, gravely injuring Thanos in the Battle of Wakanda but stopping short of killing him, as Thor wanted to gloat to Thanos first that he got vengeance for the deaths of Heimdall and Loki. However, having retained enough strength to snap his Gauntlet hand's fingers, Thanos was able to wipe out half of the universe before Thor could stop him.[1]

Heimdall was ultimately avenged when Thor killed Thanos on the Garden planet.[10]


Residing in Valhalla[]

Heimdall in Valhalla (2)

Heimdall welcomes Foster to Valhalla

"You are very welcome here to the land of the gods. Welcome to Valhalla."
―Heimdall to Mighty Thor[src]

After his death, Heimdall ascended to Valhalla, an Asgardian afterlife. Later, when Mighty Thor died, she ascended to Valhalla. Heimdall welcomed her and thanked her for helping to save his son.[11]


"You would defy the commands of Loki, our king? Break every oath you have taken as warriors, and commit treason to bring Thor back?"
―Heimdall and Sif[src]

Heimdall was a strong and loyal warrior, with a high sense of honor. Although being extremely powerful, even for an Asgardian, he loyally served Odin, having swore an oath of faith to his king. However, his true loyalty mainly lied with the throne of Asgard, rather than Odin personally, as such when during Loki's reign, he did not personally let Sif and the Warriors Three pass onto Earth, but he secretly gave them his blessing by leaving the Bifrost Bridge open to them. Heimdall was loyal enough to inform Odin of his own treason of helping Thor escape with Loki and Jane Foster and he surrendered Hofund to his King. Heimdall is perceptive with his heightened senses as he was able to swiftly evade Loki's deception when he was approached by him at Himinbjorg, and he discovered Loki's plans to bring the Frost Giants into Asgard even with Loki's increased efforts to conceal himself from Heimdall. Heimdall uncovered Loki's sinister plans and showed great reluctance in serving him. After Loki found out, he announced Heimdall as a traitor and no longer a citizen of Asgard. As a result, Heimdall attacked Loki, declaring that he was no longer bound to serve him. Heimdall's motives and actions primarily were driven by his altruism for the safety and good of Asgard to the point where he would even betray the throne of Asgard if he felt it was necessary to protect his people. Even though Loki was the King of Asgard, he attacked him after he uncovered Loki's harmful plans for the kingdom. Heimdall even betrayed Odin by committing treason to go through with Thor's plans of protecting Asgard which left Odin staggered. He even personally led revolt against Hela, even after she usurped the throne and made herself queen, to protect the citizens of Asgard by ushering them into safe keeps and nobly fighting against Hela's forces to escort the Asgardians off of Asgard in an attempt to escape her reign.

Heimdall was a great friend of Thor and showed much care over him as he watched over him when he was banished to Earth and used all his force to summon him back to Asgard to stop Loki's schemes. He would meet with Thor where they would discuss the state of the Nine Realms, and Heimdall would update Thor with how Jane Foster was faring and he welcomed her when she was brought Asgard. Heimdall even spoke with Thor through his powers and alerted him on how to get back to Asgard when he was stranded on Sakaar, showing his loyalty to Thor as a friend. Heimdall was a considerate and compassionate person as he comforted Thor when he lost access to Jane Foster by telling him that she was searching for him and he informed him of how she was doing, and he would directly help many Asgardians to safety during Hela's wrath and assured them that they would be okay. He also showed no remorse or hostile feelings towards Loki even after Loki's past actions against him and personally welcomed him back home to Asgard when he returned. Heimdall was most notably a very brave warrior as he lunged onto a Dark Elf Harrow and destroyed it before it could reach the rest of Asgard and was prepared to fight Fenris with only his sword, Hofund. Heimdall had the nobility to selflessly make an ultimate sacrifice by summoning the Bifrost in front of Thanos to save Hulk. Heimdall was ultimately philanthropic as he would put his people and his allies before himself through his efforts to defy a bloodthirsty Hela to protect his people, and he stayed behind when Thanos attacked their ship to put his life before and protect any Asgardians by remaining to assist Thor. Heimdall ultimately made the great sacrifice to save Hulk so that he could warn Earth of Thanos' incoming conquest which ended up costing him his life. Heimdall chose to sacrifice his life for a greater purpose of warning people of the incoming danger and made a final stand to protect his allies, showing his selflessness as he died and took his place among Asgard's most noble warriors.

Powers and Abilities[]


"You have great power, Heimdall."
Loki to Heimdall[src]
  • Asgardian Physiology: As an Asgardian, Heimdall possessed all of the various superhuman attributes common among his people, including superhuman strength, durability, speed, agility, stamina, reflexes, healing, and was extremely long-lived.
    • Superhuman Strength:

      Heimdall breaks free from being frozen

      Like all Asgardians, Heimdall possessed great superhuman strength, numerous times stronger than any normal human being. He was able to break free from being frozen by Loki with the Casket of Ancient Winters and to lift a Frost Giant with his sword. He also destroyed a Dark Elf Harrow using only his sword and defeated several Berserkers. However, Heimdall was still no match for Fenris, with the former showing visible signs of fear when cornered by the massive beast on the Rainbow Bridge.
    • Superhuman Durability: Heimdall's body was numerous times more resistant to physical and energy damage than any normal human being. He was capable of being frozen by Loki and showing no signs of injuries afterward. He also jumped from a great height after defeating a Dark Elf Harrow, he got up quickly after this. However, he couldn't withstand Thanos spearing his chest with Corvus Glaive's Glaive.
    • Superhuman Speed:
      Bifrost Crack

      Heimdall keeping up with a Dark Elf Harrow

      Heimdall could run and move at great superhuman speed, much faster than any normal human being. He managed to chase a flying Dark Elf Harrow, and quickly destroyed it. He also ran towards a group of Asgardians and saved them from the Berserker Army.
    • Superhuman Agility: Heimdall naturally possessed far greater agility than humans. He easily leaped onto a Dark Elf Harrow that was high above the Rainbow Bridge.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Heimdall's advanced musculature could endure more energy during physical activity than any normal human being. His endurance allowed him to exercise his maximum capacity for an extremely long period of time without tiring at all.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Heimdall could react and dodge objects traveling at high speeds, much quicker than any normal human being. He was able to defeat both Frost Giants and Berserkers while dodging their strikes.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Despite his body's resistance, Heimdall could still be injured like any other Asgardian. However, his wounds were able to be healed very rapidly.
    • Longevity: Heimdall, like all other Asgardians, was not truly immortal. It was possible to kill an Asgardian and other beings in the Nine Realms. More accurately, Asgardians were extremely long-lived beings, Heimdall aged at a pace far slower than any normal human being, being able to live for thousands of years. Even though he was more than a thousand years old, Heimdall still looked like a middle-aged man by Earth standards.
"Did you think you can deceive me? I, who can sense the flapping of a butterfly's wings across the cosmos? Or can hear a cricket passing gas in Niflheim?"
  • Absolute Senses:

    Heimdall overlooking all of the Nine Realms

    Heimdall possessed tremendous sensory capabilities far beyond that of any Asgardians, which made Odin appoint him the Gatekeeper to Asgard. His sight itself extended to all of the Nine Realms, and his hearing was so sharp and precise that he heard the Warriors Three and Lady Sif conspiring against Loki from his post. Heimdall was able to hear other Asgardians calling him from other world and realms, such as Midgard, Jotunheim, Vanaheim, or Sakaar. When he used his incredible perception, his eyes turn bright orange. Indeed, Heimdall himself claimed to see 10 trillion souls from Asgard,[7] and Volstagg has stated that the former was able to see a single drop of dew fall from a blade of grass a thousand worlds away, followed by Fandral satirizing that he was able to hear a cricket's flatulence in Niflheim; under his breath, Volstagg assured Heimdall his friend meant no offense. Heimdall may see across the universe, but some thing can still be obscured from him.[12] Despite his phenomenal ability, however, his senses have been deceived to a degree by Loki and the Dark Elves, as he was unable to see into Svartalfheim.
    • Shared Vision:

      Heimdall communicating with Thor

      When Heimdall was called upon by Thor from Sakaar, he was able to allow Thor to temporarily see his own surroundings on Asgard, and to thus communicate with him telepathically as if they were in the same place. When doing so, Thor's eyes turned orange like Heimdall's.
  • Dark Magic: Heimdall possessed dark magic which allowed him to channel an esoteric energy to summon the Bifrost and transport others across the universe, which he used to teleport Hulk to Earth when confronted by Thanos and the Black Order in order to have him warn Earth due to the Rainbow Bridge being destroyed.


  • Master Combatant:
    Thor Ragnarok Teaser 62

    Heimdall fighting against Berserkers

    Heimdall was a highly skilled and formidable hand-to-hand combatant, having received extensive training in unarmed combat and swordsmanship as well as having centuries of combat experience, making him one of the most powerful and best warriors in Asgard. While normally using his sword to open the Bifrost Bridge, when using it in combat, Heimdall was powerful enough to defeat two Frost Giants when in a weakened state, an entire Dark Elf Harrow with relative ease when at his prime, as well as a horde of Berserkers.
  • Sword Mastery: Heimdall was extremely skilled at using his sword in combat, being able to take down multiple Frost Giants and Berserkers at once. With his sword, he is also able to open the Bifrost Bridge, thus making him the Guardian of the Bridge.
  • Bilingualism: Heimdall was fluent in his native Asgardian, as well as English.



  • Hofund:
    Thor Ragnarok Teaser 38

    Heimdall wielding Hofund

    Heimdall mainly uses his sword for opening the Bifrost Bridge, but the sword is also powerful enough to pierce the skin of a Frost Giant and the hull of a Dark Elven ship. During Hela's return, Heimdall absconded with Hofund while Skurge was occupied.

Other Equipment[]

  • Helmet: Heimdall wore a helmet during his service as Asgard's Gatekeeper, designed to resemble an immovable bull. He stopped wearing the helmet after he was relieved of his duty.
  • Asgardian Armor
    • First Set: Heimdall's original armor was a gold metal chest plate that extended into shoulder guards over ox leather clothing. He also had a golden horned helmet. He wore black pants and gold boots and arm-bracers.
    • Second Set: Heimdall's second armor was far more ornate with an illustration of Yggdrasil on his chest plate. His sleeves are gold and brown leather. He wore a gold and brown skirt over brown pants and detailed golden boots. Heimdall still wears a helmet that is the same shape as the first one but with patterns etched onto it.
    • Third Set: Heimdall's third armor was a more clothing accessory compared to his previous armor, having brown pants and red sleeveless shirt while wearing a brown leather cape.


  • Statesman: While Loki prepared to unleash Surtur on Asgard, Heimdall and the rest of the Asgardians evacuated onto the Statesmen, from which they watched Asgard get destroyed, and Thor became King of Asgard. Thanos later attacked the Statesmen killing everyone including Heimdall, who survived long enough to send Hulk to Earth.


  • Himinbjorg: As the Gatekeeper of Asgard, Heimdall was posted at Himinbjorg to regulate and monitor use of the Bifrost Bridge.
  • Hidden Stronghold: Heimdall hid the Asgardian population in a stronghold on Asgard, and worked to keep the people safe. However, Hela and Skurge found the stronghold, forcing Heimdall and the others to flee.






Appearances for Heimdall


  • In the comics, Heimdall and Sif are brother and sister, and members of the Vanir. Although this relationship has not been explored in the movies, concept art exists portraying Sif as black, confirming that this relationship was originally propped for Thor.[13]
  • In Viking mythology, Heimdallr guarded the Bifrost, which the Vikings believed rainbows came from. Heimdall was predicted to kill Loki and be killed by Loki during the doomsday scenario of Ragnarök. Heimdallr has golden teeth and blonde hair and beard. Heimdallr is also known as the whitest of gods, with the title 'The White God' yet the actor that plays him has dark skin. Heimdallr is worshipped as the God of Foresight, Foreknowledge, Survaillance and Order and he is the youngest son of Oðin and the Nine “Waves” Mothers/Daughters of Ægir and Rán.
  • Heimdall's armor design in Thor: The Dark World is meant to represent his watch over the Nine Realms. The tree represents Yggdrasil and the amber jewel, being the same color of his eyes, represents him looking over the realms.[14]
  • In the movies, he has golden eyes and dark skin and hair.

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