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"It was the dragon. Shou-Lao. I could feel his eyes watching me. His fire burning inside of me. And I welcomed him. All of his... all of his anger, his power... and his rage. And when the dragon was really with me it felt good. It felt like I could break the world."
Danny Rand to Ward Meachum

Heart of the Dragon is the fifth episode of the second season of the television series Iron Fist.


There's a new Iron Fist in town, and he's itching to make his presence felt. Meanwhile, Ward calls in a favor, and Joy considers her options.


In flashbacks, Davos recovers from his fight with Rand, and his distant relationship with his mother, Priya, is explored.


Davos uses his newly-gained Iron Fist powers to rescue a man threatened by Golden Tigers for not paying his protection money. He asks the man where he can find more Tigers and is directed to a club where they hang out.

Misty Knight and Colleen Wing worry about Danny Rand, ever since the dropped call that suggested Mary Walker was attacking him, even though Mary does not seem like the violent type. Knight starts working the disappearance like a detective, since Mary called the apartment and they can backtrace the call and left prints on a piece of artwork she left.

Meanwhile, Walker releases Rand on the street, and films him. She then heads to Joy Meachum to show her the video of Rand's plight. Joy wants to watch it later, but Walker says that will not work for her – Joy has to watch it now, then she erases it. Joy will message Walker when her money is ready, but Walker gives her some advice for free – do not trust Davos.

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Wing and Knight meet Ward Meachum to trace Mary's fingerprints, reasoning that Rand Enterprises could do it faster than the New York City Police Department. It also had the benefit of keeping Rand's name out of an public inquiry, so Ward agrees to put corporate security on the task.

Ryhno and members of his gang find Rand injured on the street. He is easily captured and taken to their hideout where they intend to ransom him to the Tigers.

Davos takes down Tigers at their club, including their leader, Ho. Chen Wu shifts his allegiance to Davos saying that he could be very useful to him. Davos agrees and tells him to meet him in two hours with a list of criminals or he will face the same fate as Ho.

Wing and Knight continue to look for Rand while he is held captive by Ryhno's gang. Rand tries to persuade BB to call Wing, noting that if Rand dies, he has to live with it.

Davos and Joy meet; Joy wants to make it clear that their partnership is at an end since nothing Davos does can blow back on what she is trying to build. They united to take down Rand, and that is all. Davos wants Joy at his side to help him destroy the crime in New York City. Joy says she will consider it; Davos tells her that every decision from now on has a consequenece.

Knight takes Wing to the crime scene where Davos killed the Tigers in the club. While there, Wing gets a call from BB telling her Rand's location. They rescue him from Ryhno's hideout, and he tells them about losing the Iron Fist. Rand insists on no doctors, so Ward gets Bethany to treat him at Chikara Dojo. Ward brings everyone up to speed on Mary Walker – she's a former special ops soldier with a heavily redacted file. Knight and Wing head off to make sure Joy is safe.

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Joy brings Walker to the apartment for her money, but wants to hire her as protection from Davos as well. Wing and Knight arrive and find both in the apartment and take them back to Rand's. Joy admits to being part of Davos' plan to hurt Rand and tells him that he is not finished yet.


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  • "Heart of the Dragon" is the title of Marvel Premiere Vol 1 #16. It is also Danny Rand's catchphrase in the comics.
  • The "6-1-6" police radio call for superhuman abilities is a nod to Earth-616, the main Marvel Universe.


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