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"You've been given something we all want. More time."
Frank Dean to Calvin[src]

The Healing Gloves are a pair of glowing gloves with the ability to heal. The gloves were given by Jonah to Frank Dean.



Preacher healing a ailing boy

The Healing Gloves were based on the Gibborim technology. While passing as a religious leader, Magistrate used the gloves to heal people in his congregation and thus creating new followers.[1]

A Gift for Frank Dean

"What other choice did we have, once Frank killed Victor with his magic mittens?"
Tina Minoru[src]

Due to the decrease of his acting career, Frank Dean struggled to climb the ladder within the Church of Gibborim. He underwent a ceremony to ascend to the rank of Ultra, but failed. When he discussed about it with Jonah during the PRIDE gala, Jonah assured Frank that he had gone Ultra.[2] In order to gain Frank's trust, Jonah gave him healing gloves for Frank to use on seriously ill people in the care of the Church of Gibborim.

Frank got a first chance to use the gloves on Calvin, an elderly member of the Church who was dying of illness. Frank told Calvin's children to briefly leave the room and then put his gloves on Calvin's body, which successfully cured him of his deadly condition. Leslie Dean then confronted her husband about the use of the gloves, expressing fear at the idea that people would consider Frank a healer. However, Frank replied that this was precisely what he wanted.[3]

Frank Dean attempts to save Victor Stein

When Victor Stein was shot by his wife Janet, Leslie called Frank to heal a comatose Victor. Frank attempted to use his healing gloves on Victor, but this time, the healing process failed and Victor was subsequently declared clinically dead, prompting Tina Minoru to mock the gloves.[4]