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"I'm not frustrated. I'm not. I'm tired, okay? We've all lost so much. And I'm not sure there's anything left worth fighting for."
―Hawkeye to Black Widow[src]

Clinton Francis "Clint" Barton, also known as Hawkeye, was a member of the Avengers and one of the last surviving humans on Earth.


Age of Ultron

Defeated by Ultron


In 2015, Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff , alongside the other Avengers, launched a final mission in an effort to stop Ultron, who had successfully acquired a vibranium body powered by the Mind Stone and was attempting to acquire the nuclear codes of every nuclear weapon state.

Splitting into two teams, Barton and Romanoff were charged with disabling the satellite network in orbit using the Quinjet as a secondary fallback plan, while Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, and Thor confronted Ultron directly at the NEXUS Internet Hub at Oslo, Norway to stop the rouge AI. Despite fighting valiantly, the strike team failed and were systematically killed. Now unopposed, Ultron used his full power to gain access of the nuclear codes and proceeded with launching every nuclear weapon on Earth.

Safely aboard the Quinjet in the upper atmosphere as countless missiles began bombarding the surface, Barton and Romanoff realized they were too late to stop Ultron, with Barton only managing to mutter the name of his wife with the knowledge that she and his family would perish with countless billions in the nuclear holocaust unfolding planetside.[1]

Surviving the Apocalypse

Hawkeye fighting the Ultron Sentries

"That’s not cool, guys."
―Hawkeye to Ultron Sentries[src]

Following Ultron's decimation of humanity and its civilization, Barton and Natasha Romanoff would use the Quinjet to return to Earth. Sometime after, Barton would lose his right arm through undisclosed means, replacing it with a robotic prosthesis. Barton and Romanoff eventually resolved to traveling to Russia in search of a means to defeat Ultron and his Sentries.

While in route to Moscow, they were attacked by Ultron Sentries. Barton, on look out on top of a destroyed building and equipped with his bow and arrows, invisibility cloak, and daggers, fought against them. After a Sentry fired his robotic prosthesis off, he was then knocked off the ledge and fell to the ground below. Romanoff then rescued him using her motorcycle and returned his prosthetic arm to him. Barton reattached it and walked with Romanoff back to the Quinjet.[1]

Search for Arnim Zola

Hawkeye looks through boxes at the KGB Archive Building

"Sorry to break it to you, Nat, the Death Star plans are not in the main computer."
"We're gonna find it. It just takes time."
"What are we going to avenge when we’re 90?"
―Hawkeye and Black Widow[src]

Barton and Romanoff would eventually reach the destroyed St. Basil’s Cathedral, and used a elevator to reach the KGB Archive Building beneath it, which had been spared from destruction by the nuclear missiles. The duo proceeded to spend the next several hours rummaging through every box in the archive for a file on Arnim Zola that Romanoff wanted.

After several fruitless hours of finding anything useful, Barton sat down on the floor in defeat. Romanoff then jokingly showed him a shield that she had found to cheer him up, but Barton told her that this was no time for jokes, explaining that he was flatlining on his will to live due to the recent events, their losses, and the near insurmountable odds of defeating Ultron. Romanoff nevertheless urged him to fight on and as he sat on the floor, she pulled back a box that he had previously looked at and pulled out the file on Zola they were looking for. Romanoff then told Barton that this was what they was looking for, much to Barton's frustration as he had looked at the box earlier.[1]

Arrival in Siberia

Hawkeye and Black Widow listening to Arnim Zola's analog

"But why, pray tell, would you think that my strategic objectives would ever align with yours?"
"Because you’re the last surviving Zola copy left on Earth. And I’ve ruined a lot of laptops this way."
Arnim Zola and Hawkeye[src]

Having located the necessary file, Barton and Romanoff flew the Quinjet to Siberia and landed outside the HYDRA Siberian Facility. The two then walked inside the facility and soon found Zola's computer base. Zola identified the two of them, before being asked to assist them, having been informed by the duo of Ultron’s destruction of the planet.

When Zola refused to help, Barton threatened to pour water on the computer to destroy it, informing him he was the last surviving copy. Following this, Zola agreed to help and the three formulated a plan of uploading Zola into a Ultron Sentry so he can connect to the Sentries’ Hive Mind. As Romanoff broadcasted their position to attract Sentries to the Siberian Facility, Barton transferred Zola's analog consciousness into one of his arrows before setting fire to his computer mainframe.[1]

Ambush at the Siberian Facility

"I told you, I don't wanna fight anymore."
―Hawkeye to Black Widow[src]

Once the Sentries arrived, Romanoff ambushed them using Red Guardian’s shield while Barton fired the arrow containing Zola's consciousness into one of the Sentries. Zola quickly assumed control of the Sentry’s body, with Barton and Romanoff dragging the Zola Sentry into a secured chamber. As the horde of Sentries attempted to breach the chamber, Zola tried to use his power to connect with the hive mind, but unexpectedly failed due to the it being out of range, despite the Sentries capability of interstellar communication. The Sentries then broke inside the chamber forcing Romanoff and Barton to flee. As they climbed the large platforms upwards, Barton used his arrows to create a force field, temporarily blocking the Sentries from advancing.

Hawkeye sacrifices himself to destroy the Ultron Sentries

Despite this, the Sentries sheer numbers saw the force field progressively fail, with several managing to force their arms through and open fire upon the group, one shot resulting in Barton falling from a platform only to be grabbed by Romanoff. Realizing they had little time before the field broke, Barton told Romanoff that he didn't want to fight anymore and let go from her grasp, sacrificing himself to buy Romanoff and Zola time to escape. As the field broke, allowing the horde of Sentries through, Barton aimed at an incoming Sentry with an rocket arrow, the resulting explosion killing Barton but successfully destroying all of the advancing Sentries.[1]


"Come on. Don't try to make this fun, Nat. My will-to-live meter is flatlining, okay?"
―Hawkeye to Black Widow[src]

After losing his family to Ultron's nuclear holocaust, Barton fell into a deep depression, one which Natasha Romanoff's cheery attitude wouldn't be enough to drag him out of. Thus, he has a tendency to give up even in dire situations, like when he gave into his sense of hopelessness while browsing the KGB Archives for hours for Arnim Zola's file, unaware that the box he was about to search contained said document.

Even though he was suicidal, he remained mindful of his best friend, performing an act of sacrifice so that Romanoff could safely escape the HYDRA Siberian Facility.

Powers and Abilities


  • Cybernetic Enhancement: During the Age of Ultron, Barton lost his arm and it was replaced with a cybernetic arm in which he uses to hold his bow to shoot and destroy the Ultron Sentries.
  • Invisibility: Barton had an invisibility cloak which he used to hide from Ultron Sentries. However, only his cybernetic arm not invisible.


  • Master Marksman:

    Hawkeye shooting at Ultron Sentries

    Hailed as the world's greatest marksman, Barton is an outstanding all-around marksman, tremendously skilled in wielding both conventional firearms and archery bows with unerring accuracy due to his keen eyesight and impeccable hand-eye coordination. He was able to use his bow and arrow to destroy Ultron Sentries and he has never missed a shot.
  • Master Martial Artist: Barton is an enormously skilled master hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist, having been extensively trained in various forms of martial arts as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.
  • Master Acrobat: Barton is highly athletic and agile, capable of complex acrobatic maneuvers.
  • Master Spy: Barton is one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s greatest spies, being highly skilled in espionage, intelligence gathering, stealth, infiltration, and sabotage.
  • Master Assassin: Barton is one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s greatest assassins. He was able to destroy many Ultron Sentries with ease.



  • Hawkeye's Bow and Quiver: Barton was a master assassin trained to use a bow and quiver to kill his enemies as he used it to destroy Ultron Sentries.
  • Trick Arrows: Barton uses his arrows with his bow and quiver. He uses them to shoot down the Ultron Sentries.

Other Equipment


  • Quinjet: When Ultron destroyed Earth, Barton and Romanoff where in a Quinjet so they survived extinction.


  • KGB Archive Building: clint and natasha looked for the arnim zola file in the KGB archive building.
  • HYDRA Siberian Facility: clint and natasha went to the HYDRA siberian faciliity to find arnim zola but where ultron sentries attaked them and clint ended up sacrificing himself blowing him and sentries up.






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