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Hawkeye's Blades are weapons used by Clint Barton, holstered on his right leg during missions, usually used for close-quarters combat.


Specialized Dagger

Being proficient in multiple forms of weaponry, Hawkeye would often use various forms of blades while on missions with S.H.I.E.L.D.. Hawkeye had a specialized dagger made by knife manufacturer Busse, with an arrow and bullseye symbol designed on it.[1]

Attack on the Helicarrier

Hawkeye attempted to stab Black Widow

When Hawkeye attacked the Helicarrier to rescue Loki while being mind controlled, he equipped his Busse Dagger along with his other weapons. While making his way through the Helicarrier, Hawekeye was confronted by Black Widow. During their heated fight, Hawkeye pulled out his Busse dagger and attempted to kill Black Widow. However, before he could stab her, Black Widow bit his arm, forcing Hawkeye to drop the dagger, allowing Black Widow to defeat him.[1]

Avengers Civil War

Hawkeye's throwing knife holstered on his leg

Once he was called by Steve Rogers to rescue Wanda Maximoff from the Avengers Compound, Hawkeye equipped a throwing knife and holstered it on his right leg. However, when he faced off against Vision, he wouldn't use the throwing knife. When Hawkeye participated in a fight between the Avengers, he continued to possess his throwing knife, but because he was not trying to severely injure or kill his opponents, Hawkeye did not use the throwing knife.[2]

Ronin's Campaign

Once his entire family was killed during the Snap, Clint Barton went under a samurai-inspired guise named Ronin. Along with this guise, Ronin used an assortment of weaponry, similar to that of a samurai, including a dagger, which he would use when going around killing criminals who survived the Snap.[3]

Time Heist

Hawkeye's dagger holstered on his right leg

When Hawkeye rejoined the Avengers to assist in the Time Heist, he kept his dagger while travelling to Vormir with Black Widow in 2014. Later, when the Avengers prepared to reverse the Snap, Hawkeye suited up and eqiupped his weapons, including his dagger, holstered on his right leg. Hawkeye kept the dagger holstered while being chased by the Outriders, and later during the Battle of Earth.[3]


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