Hawkeye's Baton was a weapon used by Clint Barton as a last resort to fight the Vision when breaking into the New Avengers Facility to rescue Wanda Maximoff.


Rescue of Wanda Maximoff


Hawkeye prepares to fight against the Vision

When Hawkeye was asked by Steve Rogers to rescue Wanda Maximoff from the New Avengers Facility, he found his initial trap to fail when Vision broke free and attacked Hawkeye. When Vision knocked Hawkeye away, causing him to lose his bow, he pulled out his collapsible baton, using whatever he could to fight off the far superior android. However, Vision blocked Hawkeye's attack, and when he struck Vision's face with the baton, it broke. Hawkeye then threw away the baton, and he was saved by Maximoff.[1]

Time Heist

Hawkeye's Baton Endgame

Hawkeye's baton holstered on his right leg

When Hawkeye returned to the Avengers in 2023 to participate in the Time Heist, he equipped himself with a new baton when he travelled to Vormir in 2014; but never used it. When Bruce Banner reversed the Snap, Hawkeye, along with the other Avengers, suited up, and he continued to possess the baton, and later fought in the Battle of Earth, still holstering it, as it was his last resort weapon.[2]


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