"Actions have consequences!"
"A lesson Maximus is about to learn."
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Havoc in the Hidden Land is the seventh episode of the first season of the television series Inhumans.


The Royal Family returns to Attilan and comes face-to-face with Maximus. Can a truce be reached or is all-out war inevitable?…


Following Gorgon's death, the Inhuman Royal Family struggles to figure out what to do next. Black Bolt and Karnak advocate for an open conflict with Maximus while Medusa is in favour of a more peaceful solving. When Black Bolt orders Karnak to snap Auran's neck as a warning for Maximus, Medusa strongly disagrees. They decide to nefotiate with Maximus: Crystal teleports to Attilan with Lockjaw to request a parley and brings back Auran and her team as a gesture of good faith. Maximus agrees to meet with his family. After Crystal returns to Oahu, Black Bolt reveals that Triton is alive and that he knew that Maximus was preparing a coup d'état. Together, they teleport into the Royal Bunker in Attilan, a place Medusa did not know of. She confronts her husband about it and tells him that he cannot leave her in the dark anymore.

Auran eventually wakes up and finds Maximus beside her. She confesses to Maximus that she is somewhat disappointed by the fact that the whole uprising was plotted so that Maximus could undergo a second Terrigenesis. Maximus angrily rebuffs her, stating that he will become a powerful Inhuman able to lead the other Inhumans to Earth. However, for that he needs Evan Declan, who the Royal Family has taken to the Royal Bunker as well. Maximus goes to the Great Hall and delivers an eulogy for Gorgon before leaving to meet his family for parley.

Havoc in the Hidden Land 8

The Inhuman Royal Family joins the parley

Black Bolt, Medusa and Maximus meet and begin to negotiate. Black Bolt suggests that Maximus will be granted a second Terrigenesis and will be pardoned for his treason if he agrees to surrender the throne of Attilan. At first, Maximus agrees, but once his guards take Declan away, he goes back on his word, stating that he only agreed to rescue Declan. Black Bolt swears to kill his brother before departing with the rest of the Royal Family. Maximus and Declan discuss the former's upcoming Terrigenesis when Auran informs Maximus that malfunctions occur throughout Attilan, prompting Maximus to go further in his plans.


Auran and Karnak try to revive Gorgon

Back to the Royal Bunker, Karnak asks for the authorization of performing a second Terrigenesis on Gorgon's body, believing that it can revive his cousin, but Black Bolt and Medusa refuse. Nevertheless, Karnak decides to do it all the same and finds Auran in the Control Room. After defeating her guards, Karnak tells Auran that he knows she regrets having backed Maximus and that she can redeem herself by helping him. Indeed, Karnak intends to use Auran's DNA containing the key to her regenerative healing factor in his attempt to bring Gorgon back to life. Together, they put Gorgon's body in a Terrigenesis Chamber and initiate the process, but it apparently fails. As guards are approaching, Karnak and Auran leave on different paths.

Maximus and Declan arrive and discover Gorgon's body. As Maximus progressively loses control over Attilan, he decides to investigate further and leaves Declan near the Terrigenesis Chambers. Maximus is ultimately captured by Triton and Black Bolt and brought to the Royal Bunker. There, he reveals that he initiated a protocol that will lead to the complete destruction of Attilan if he is killed. In the meantime, Gorgon ultimately wakes up from his second Terrigenesis and spots Declan with an angry look.


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Blow Up the Outside World
(Soundgarden cover)
Alex Clare The Royal guards rush to get Maximus back to his royal quarters. Triton takes out Maximus' guards then tracks down Maximus and the two ensue in a battle.



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