"Damn you, Ray. You bring this into my house? My home?"
Tammy Hattley to Ray Nadeem[src]

Hattley Residence is a house owned by Tammy Hattley's family.


"Sorry about the mess. My contractor promised he would be done months ago."
Tammy Hattley[src]

One day, Tammy Hattley explained her daughter, Allison, about danger of her work as the FBI agent. Allison was completely terrified and did not let her mother to leave the house, fearing for her life. She even laid across the front door and cried until Hattley took the day off.[1]

Receiving information about Benjamin Poindexter, Ray Nadeem arranged meeting with Winn and Hattley in her home. Upon arriving, Winn asked Nadeem why they could not do this at the office and Nadeem answered that he will understand, once Nadeem explains everything to him and Hattley. Hattley then let them through into the house. Allison then asked for Hattley before she asked to give her some time to speak with her colleagues. Also, Hattley reminded her to make sure that her father signed papers before Allison left the house.

Nadeem, Winn and Hattley then went to a kitchen where all furniture was covered in plastic wrap. Hattley apologized, noting that contractor promised her to finish work months ago. She then poured a cup of coffee for Winn before he put a recorder for Nadeem's statement. On the record, Nadeem told everything he knew about criminal conspiracy planned by Wilson Fisk who managed to manipulate FBI into becoming his unwitting accomplice.

Despite Winn's skepticism, Nadeem informed them that Fisk managed to corrupt Benjamin Poindexter who have perpetrated the attack at the New York Bulletin Building. As an evidence, Nadeem explained that he was pursuing those suspicions in his apartment before he was shot by Poindexter. Nadeem stated that Office of Professional Responsibility needs to start an internal investigation into Fisk and Poindexter. He then took full responsibility for recent events, noting that this should not fall on Hattley.


Winn executed by Tammy Hattley

Hattley informed Nadeem that she have to placing him on administrative leave immediately. Nadeem understood and turned his gun and badge, assuring her that he will cooperate fully. Winn decided to call an ambulance for injured Nadeem before Hattley took a several shots in Winn from his gun and made it looks like that Winn was killed by Nadeem. Stopping record, Hattley furiously damned Nadeem because he brought all of this into her house and ordered him to sit. They then were visited by Felix Manning who handed gun with Nadeem's fingerprints and the recording, making clear that Hattley was corrupted by Fisk. Hattley then assured Nadeem that now he works for Fisk before returning him his badge.[2]


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