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"Why was he a target?"
"No idea. He was... unremarkable."
Yo-Yo Rodriguez and Damon Keller[src]

Harold Simcoe was a man infected with a Shrike that threatened humanity. He was stabbed and killed by Sarge just as the parasite started to form mineral protrusions in self-defence.


Hunted by Sarge

"I've been looking all over for you."
Sarge to Harold Simcoe[src]

Harold Simcoe used to live in Sacramento with his family, but eventually got infected by a parasite which caused him to leave both his family and job. A week after his disappearance was reported by his family, Simcoe was in Reno and intended to take a bus to South Sioux City. However, he was soon confronted by Sarge's Squad, who hunted him down. Upon noticing Jaco and Pax menacingly coming towards him, he attempted to flee, but was found by Snowflake and Sarge himself.

Claiming to have been looking for Simcoe, Sarge shoved a knife down into Simcoe's stomach, which caused Simcoe to die while the parasite inside him manifested mineral protrusions due to the attack.[1]


"His body is flooded with a neurotoxin, possibly secreted by that alien critter. It's inert but highly combustible. Nasty stuff."
Marcus Benson[src]

Simcoe's corpse was discovered by Reno Police Department who contacted S.H.I.E.L.D. and informed agents about the situation. Simcoe's was taken to the Lighthouse where Marcus Benson studied him, assisted by Yo-Yo Rodriguez and Damon Keller. Benson noted that there were minerals protruding out from all areas of the body. During the autopsy, when Benson removed the knife that was still lodged inside him, the parasite was revealed to still be alive. It flew out and eventually caused the death of Keller.[1]