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For Jessica Jones' brother, see Phillip Jones

Harold Proctor is a Westview resident and a piano trainer, who portrayed the role of Phil Jones, the former employee at Computational Services Inc., in the "sitcom world" of Wanda Maximoff.


Early Life

Harold Proctor married Sarah Proctor and had a daughter. Proctor is a piano teacher and searched for students, until in 2023, he became a part of the Hex.[2]

Westview Talent Show

Jones being fired

"Jones" was first seen fired by his boss Arthur Hart at Computational Services Inc..[1] The next day, "Jones" attended the Westview Neighborhood Watch meeting, at the Westview Public Library. They were joined by Vision who discussed ideas with them. "Jones" later participated in the the Westview Talent Show, performing with his grandmother's piano. The piano turned flat due to Wanda Maximoff and Vision's magic act, Jones complained about it.[3]

Life in Suburbia

Proctor is asked by his wife if she looks fat

"Jones" was reading the newspaper when his wife wondered if her earrings made her look fat, but luckily the lights went off. Jones was relieved that his opinion wouldn't be necessary anymore.[4]


Proctor chokes due to Wanda Maximoff’s powers

Later, "Jones" was awakened by Agatha Harkness and was one of the many citizens who confronted Wanda Maximoff at the town square. While begging to be freed Proctor was unintentionally hurt by Maximoff's powers, although Maximoff was able to control herself and release Proctor and others.

Proctor sees Wanda Maximoff leave

After the Hex was down, Proctor reunited with his wife and watched as Maximoff left Westview.[5]








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