"10-13. Harlem. Women's Clinic. 10-13. Shots fired."
Misty Knight[src]

The Harlem's Women Clinic is a women clinic located at Harlem, New York City.


Attack on Luke Cage

As Luke Cage was heavily wounded by Diamondback, Claire Temple got him to a women clinic where Temple tried to remove the Judas Bullet from Cage's stomach. Using an ultrasound, Temple discovered that the bullet had exploded inside him and the shrapnel was unable to remove due to Cage's unbreakable skin. Cage then was called up by Misty Knight who demanded him to come into the 29th Precinct Police Station, explaining that Cottonmouth was killed and they needed to take a statement.

Cage said Temple to hang up, noticing that the NYPD was trying to trace the call. Testing Cage's blood, Temple noticed that his powers healed him and trapped the shrapnel at the same time. Knight then appeared at the clinic to speak with Cage and Temple, however, she was called by Mark Bailey who informed her that the NYPD found evidence that Stokes was killed by Cage. Knight then pulled out her sidearm and demanded Cage to give up.

Temple soon noticed that Diamondback was taking aim at Cage, and told him to get down as they avoided another shot, which exploded into the wall. While Knight fired back and went to investigate, Cage and Temple were attacked, with Temple stabbing Diamondback in the arm while Cage threw him through the window. Diamondback managed to punch him in his gunshot wound, forcing Cage onto his knees from the pain before Cage threw Diamondback through yet another window.


Misty Knight is captured by Diamondback

Having discovered his gun was out of Judas Bullets, Diamondback struck Cage multiple times in his wound, knocking him down before Diamondback then turned around to leave. On his way out, Diamondback then took Knight as his hostage, shooting Cage in the stomach before making his escape. Outside, Diamondback began to mock Knight, holding her own gun to her head. Knight refused to beg for mercy and prepared to be killed by Diamondback. But rather than executing her, Diamondback explained that he wanted to make Cage suffer, as he knocked her out before he escaped.

Meanwhile, Temple helped Cage to get back to his feet as they discovered Knight had been left alive but knocked unconscious outside the building while Diamondback had escaped through Harlem. Leaving Temple to care for Knight's wounds, Cage went after Diamondback to end their fight.[1]


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