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―Zombified Happy Hogan[src]

Harold Joseph "Happy" Hogan was the personal bodyguard and chauffeur of Tony Stark and one of the survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse who later got infected with the Quantum Virus.


Zombie Apocalypse

Surviving the Apocalypse

Hogan in Peter Parker's video

In 2018, a virus known as the quantum virus spread throughout the United States of America causing those infected to become zombies. Hogan was one of the sole survivors of this virus and groupted together with the other survivors, including Peter Parker, Bucky Barnes, Sharon Carter, Hope van Dyne, Kurt Goreshter, and Okoye. They remained in a base made up of six train cars tied together by Parker's webs above New York City. Along with Barnes, Carter, and Goreshter, Hogan helped Parker make a zombie survival guide video. After Bruce Banner joined them, they received a hexagonal coded message with a location that Carter deduced to be coming from Camp Lehigh, New Jersey.[1]

Ambushed By Hawkeye

Hogan speaks with Okoye

"Were you saying blam?"
"Was I?"
Sharon Carter and Happy Hogan[src]

Hogan drove the group via one of Hope van Dyne's shrunken vehicles to the Grand Central Terminal. Along the way, Hogan explained to Okoye what his job was after she had misunderstood. Once they reached the Grand Central Terminal, a zombie peered inside the vehicle prompting a frightened Hogan to press the button to enlarge the van, causing the zombie to explode.

Hogan is paired up with Sharon Carter

Inside the Terminal, Hogan put on Iron Man's repulsor. Despite Parker advising them not to split up, Hogan paired up with Sharon Carter and explored a section of the station, looking out for zombies. After a flock of birds startled Hogan, he used the repulsor to shoot at them, yelling "blam, blam", which seemingly irritated Carter.

Hogan is attacked by zombified Barton

Before Hogan could respond, he was shot by one of Clint Barton's weapons and dragged away. However, as he aimed his repulsor at Barton, it proved no use and he was turned into a zombie. He appeared a moment later and approached Carter in order to infect her, but she was quicker and pushed his repulsor back at him, killing him.[1]

Powers and Abilities


  • Zombie Physiology: Hogan was infected with an encephalopathic virus that overloaded his brain's limbic system, turning him into a zombie.
    • Infection: Like any zombies, Hogan was capable of spreading encephalopathic virus to others by biting or scratching which would turn them into zombies.
  • Iron Man Gauntlet Capabilities: With one of Tony Stark's armored gauntlets, Hogan was able to use its repulsors to fire energy blasts. These blasts are capable of disintegrating Sharon Carter's handgun with a single blast.


  • Combatant: Hogan was a skilled boxer.
  • Marksman: Hogan possessed keen aim with one of Tony Stark's gauntlets. He retained this ability as a zombie, being able to score a direct hit on Sharon Carter's handgun.






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