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"Glory to Hanuman."

Hanuman is a gorilla god worshiped by the Jabari.


In Jabari folklore, Hanuman is the divine benefactor of the Jabari Tribe. After refusing to submit themselves to the rule of Bashenga, Wakanda's first king, the Jabari retreated into the mountains. Hanuman provided for them, giving them a unique variety of tree of exceptionally strong wood, which the Jabari were able to use to build their own city.

The Jabari continue to worship Hanuman, in contrast to the other Wakandan tribes, who revere Bashenga's benefactress, the panther goddess Bast. Images of Hanuman are prominently displayed throughout Jabari territory.

Before his ritual combat against Prince T'Challa, M'Baku wore a gorilla mask and praised the superiority of his god over Bast.[1]


  • In the comics, Ghekre the Ape God is the central figure of the White Gorilla Cult, a religion banished from Wakandan society but still practiced among the Jabari and led by M'Baku. Historically, Ghekre is a Baoulé deity worshipped in West Africa.
  • Historically, Hanuman is a Hindu god, depicted as a humanoid monkey or ape.

Behind the Scenes

  • All references to Hanuman were censored from screenings of Black Panther in the Republic of India.[2]


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