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"Say hi, Hank."
"Hi, Hank."
Kilgrave and Hank[src]

Hank was a paid bodyguard of Kilgrave.


Protecting Kilgrave

Hank worked for a security firm that Kilgrave hired to protect him in case his power of mind control was ever compromised. He was made the leader of the detail Kilgrave procured after the last had a run-in with Jessica Jones and Will Simpson.

While protecting Kilgrave in the Jones Residence, he was asked to greet Jones but since Kilgrave used an imperative, Hank was automatically enthralled and did exactly as commanded. He was then told to frisk Jones for hypodermic needles or anesthesia; Hank found Jones' phone and handed it to Kilgrave. Everywhere Kilgrave went, Hank followed to assure his employer's safety.

Later as Jones and Kilgrave had dinner, Hank stood over Kilgrave's shoulder. Jones complained that he was there, so Kilgrave dismissed him.

Jones told Kilgrave that a bomb was in the basement of the house and Hank was told to find it. He did so and described that the bomb had a remote detonator, and since it was connected to the house's gas line, an explosion would have levelled the house and been hard for firefighters to detect later. Kilgrave sent Hank to fire the security team since they were too lax, allowing Simpson entry to place the device.

The next day, Hank saw Jones carrying Kilgrave's unconscious body from the house; at gunpoint, he demanded that she halt. Jones told him that though he was paid, Kilgrave cannot be paying enough for Hank to ignore the crimes of his employer; Hank refused to listen, citing that he had legal right to kill Jones. Suddenly, a bullet cut Hank down fired by Simpson.[1]







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