"There was a ceremonial knife in his office. I recognized it because men from the Hand used one like it."
Danny Rand to Colleen Wing[src]

The Hand Ceremonial Knife is traditional weapon carried by the Hand to act out punishments.


Attack on Harold Meachum

"Vando, he was a fool once, too. Twice, actually. But he has a constant reminder of his failure. The fingers were because he screwed up. The tongue, because he lied about it."
Alexi to Harold Meachum[src]

When Hand soldiers Alexi and Vando were tasked by Madame Gao to punish Harold Meachum. Alexi brought the knife with him to use on Harold. After Harold denies knowing Danny Rand, Alexi pulled out the knife and Vando held Harold's hands on the table and Alexi told Harold about how Vando was punished by losing some of his fingers and his tongue. When Rand came into the room, Alexi and Vando spotted him and Harold grabbed the knife from a distracted Alexi and stabbed him and later sliced Vando's throat with it.[1]

Assassination of Harold Meachum

When Harold's son, Ward was done disposing of Alexi and Vando's corpses he told Harold how he didn't want to be his partner anymore, Harold, in anger kneed Ward in the stomach. After that Ward snapped and grabbed the knife, when Harold turned around Ward stabbed him multiple times with the dagger, killing him.[1]

Bakuto's Collection

After Bakuto was finished having a talk with Danny Rand and Colleen Wing, Wing mentioned that Bakuto had a Hand Ceremonial Knife and she knew this because she saw men from the Hand use it to carry out punishments.[2]


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