"Zip, while you're up there, get me my key. You know the one I'm talking about."
Diamondback to Zip[src]

The Hammer Industries Grenade Launcher is a handheld grenade launcher developed by Hammer Industries.


"Here's the key you asked for, boss man."
Zip to Diamondback[src]
During their hostage situation at Harlem's Paradise, Diamondback ordered Zip to collect a specific key. When he and Shades moved to the kitchen door where they met up with Zip, who then presented Diamondback key in the case that he had asked for which contained a special grenade launcher developed by Hammer Industries. While Shades questioned what such a weapon was for, Diamondback ignored the question as he loaded the gun and joked that this was the moment when the panties dropped. He then fired a single shot into the kitchen, destroying the door into the kitchen and the fridge that Cage had been using to block it with a large fireball, while debris flew towards the group.[1]



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