"The police continue to search for McIver, also known as Bushmaster, who escaped police custody three days ago after setting off an explosive device inside a police armored van. Three officers were severely injured in the blast, but McIver's body was never recovered."
Thembi Wallace[src]

The Hammer Industries Explosive Charges is a remote explosive devices designed by Hammer Industries.


"I used one of these before. You might want to leave."
Bushmaster to Luke Cage[src]

Mariah Dillard owned a case with explosive devices designed by Hammer Industries. Stylers obtained all Hammer weapons and one of them find the case. He took one of charges and accidentally activated it. Sheldon managed to deactivate charge saving them from explosion.

While being taken away by the New York City Police Department, Bushmaster revealed that he has hidden one of explosive charges. The explosion stopped the van and killed several police officers. McIver was grievously injured by the explosion, but he managed to escape.[1]

After an confrontation at Yangsi Gonshi Warehouse, Bushmaster decided to use explosive charge to destroy warehouse. Luke Cage did not agreed because explosion would kill all Yangsi Gonshi members. Bushmaster put charge on Cage and escaped. Cage contained explosion but it was strong enough to knock him over.[2]


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