"This the kind of shit that could blow a hole in a battleship. But it's light enough to hold in your hand. Trust me, Domingo. You can brighten someone's day permanently with this shit. Top of the line. The creme de la creme. This that grade A, military, Justin Hammer-level shit."
Cottonmouth to Domingo Colon[src]

The Hammer Industries Assault Rifle is a semi-automatic assault rifle developed by Hammer Industries.


Black Market

A shipment of these weapons supplied by Willis Stryker to Cornell Stokes was going to be sold to Domingo Colon's organization. One of Stokes' employees, Dante Chapman, organized a robbery with his friends Shameek Smith and Chico Diaz during the exchange, taking the money but leaving the weapons behind. The weapons were taken by the New York City Police Department as evidence.[1]

However, Detective Rafael Scarfe managed to obtain the weapons, with the intention of selling them back to Stokes for $100,000.[2]

New York City Police Department

The New York City Police Department received a shipment of these assault rifles, capable of firing Judas Bullets, in order to deal with Luke Cage during a hostage situation inside Harlem's Paradise. Under Lieutenant Mario Green's orders, they stormed into the club, warning Cage that they would use their lethal rounds, so he surrendered after saving Candace Miller.[3]

The officers kept Cage in custody until he escaped from the convoy carrying him. Officers tried to stop him, firing their weapons, though Cage managed to avoid the bullets, which caused explosions as they hit the walls.[4]

Lieutenant Mario Green and other officers went to threaten him in an attempt to arrest him right after he defeated Diamondback, but Misty Knight convinced him to stand down.[5]

Arturo Rey III's Attack

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Behind the Scenes

  • The prop used for the assault rifle is a mixture of SIG P556 SWAT pistols fitted to SIG SG 550 series lower receivers.



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