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"I'd say most countries, five, ten years away. Hammer Industries, twenty."
Tony Stark[src]

Hammer Industries is a weapons manufacturer company founded by Justin Hammer.


Competition with Stark Industries

"I love Tony Stark. Tony loves me. We're not competitors. Him being out of the picture created tremendous opportunities for Hammer Industries, you know?"
Justin Hammer to Christine Everhart[src]

Once Tony Stark officially shut down the weapons manufacturing division of Stark Industries, Hammer Industries received the weapons contract for the United States Armed Forces. After Stark became publicly known as Iron Man, the scientists of Hammer Industries attempted to replicate the Iron Man armor but failed. The test pilot in the Hammer suit barely survived being twisted one-eighty degrees around.

The footage of this incident was shown publicly by Stark during his hearing with United States Congress, to prove that there was no need for him to hand over the Iron Man armors to the United States Government. Afterwards, Hammer Industries' military contract was terminated.

From 2009-2010, Natalie Rushman interned at Hammer Industries.

Hammer Industries sponsored a driver for the race at the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique. Opponents during the race included Stark Industries and Roxxon Corporation.

Hammer was so jealous of Stark that he broke Ivan Vanko out of a Monaco prison after he attempted to kill Stark at Circuit de Monaco.

Justin Hammer's presentation at Stark Expo

Hammer asked Vanko to improve battle armor designed by Hammer Industries so that he could upstage Stark at the Stark Expo. However, Vanko instead re-built the armors to the remote-control drones. Together with Hammer Industries' engineers, Hammer supplied the drones with the heavy weaponry and presented the drones at the Stark Expo. Hammer stated that the Drones are able to replace the various divisions of the United States Armed Forces and also presented James Rhodes with the War Machine Armor improved by Hammer.

However, Vanko took control over the Drones and ordered them to attack Iron Man, as well as the attendants of the Stark Expo. While Hammer tried to help Pepper Potts to fix it, Black Widow and Happy Hogan broke into the Hammer Industries Headquarters where Romanoff defeated all Hammer Industries security, however, Vanko managed to escape. As Stark and Rhodes defeated Vanko, Hammer was arrested by NYPD[1] and imprisoned in the Seagate Penitentiary.[2]

Chitauri Tech

Following the Battle of New York, Hammer Industries recovered some Chitauri technology and used it to create special bullets to use against enhanced individuals.[3]

Weapons Black Market

Hammer Industries weaponry owned by Diamondback

"This that grade A, military, Justin Hammer-level shit."

A large amount of modified Hammer Industries weaponry have been acquired by Diamondback who set up a deal with the Stokes Crime Family to sell the weapons in Harlem. Cottonmouth organized a deal with the Colon Crime Family to sell them numerous Hammer Industries Assault Rifles, however, the deal went wrong and the weapons were confiscated by the New York City Police Department.[4]

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