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"We know better than most, sometimes a criminal's a freedom fighter."
―Hamid Madani to Farah Madani[src]

Hamid Madani is an Iranian doctor and the father to Dinah Madani.


Life in New York

In 1979, Hamid Madani and his wife Farah left Iran and moved to the United States of America. Living in New York City, they had a daughter named Dinah.[1] While his wife worked as a psychologist, Madani became a successful surgeon and they lived in expensive penthouse. For 40 years, Hamid have poured a glass of wine for his wife over dinner every night but never joined her.[2] When Dinah was 21, Madani bought her 1968 GT Ford Mustang as a present.[3]

Unexpected Patient

"I need your help. He needs your help."
"Please, he's barely breathing."
"Who is this man?"
"I'll explain it later."
Dinah Madani, Micro and Hamid Madani[src]

Carrying a severely injured Frank Castle, Dinah Madani and David Lieberman reached her parents' apartment and hurried her father to begin patching Castle the best of his ability. During the examination, he conversed with Farah Madani in their native tongue over operating on a city-known suspect.[4]


"Every night, I drink a glass of wine over dinner with your father. He usually pours it for me. And not once in almost 40 years has he joined me. His faith is as strong as my lack of it. I sometimes ask him, "How can a surgeon believe in God?" He says he would go mad if he couldn't see some kind of guiding principle in the world."
Farah Madani to Dinah Madani[src]

Both religious and a professional doctor, he hasn't a problem in treating a wounded Frank Castle despite knowing how wanted the man is; with another reasoning for this being that he can sympathize with rebels whom fight for righteous causes.


"I think he has a broken rib that has punctured his lung. It causes tension pneumothorax. If we don't treat it, your friend will die."
―Hamid Madani to Micro[src]
  • Expert Physician: Hamid Madani was shown to have great knowledge in providing medical care for patients with traumatic areas on their bodies. When his daughter Dinah walked in the house with Micro carrying Frank badly beaten by Rawlins, Hamid agreed to help treat his injuries by taking him in the next room. He used a stethoscope to check Frank’s heartbeat and realize his rib cage was impaled which would kill him if he doesn’t breathe properly, so he inserts a catheter into the left side of his chest to then use a syringe to absorb the blood pressure out causing the puncture to ease away from Castle's respiratory system. Then Dr. Hamid used Liberman’s whose blood is a universal donor to transfer to the Punisher that allowed his condition to make full recovery successfully saving his life.





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