"The result of illegal genetic and cybernetic experiments on a lower life form."
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"Halfworlder" is the label given to a caste of lower lifeforms that have been artificially augmented at the location known as Halfworld.


Halfworld, a planet located within the Keystone Quadrant, is the location of a series of experiments on animals. The experiments involved the animals undergoing extensive genetic and cybernetic augmentation. These beings are more widely known as Halfworlders.

One Halfworlder, a raccoon-like being named Rocket, became a freelance mercenary alongside the Flora colossus known as Groot, and later a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.[1]

Characteristic Traits

Halfworlders are animals that have gone over extensive genetic and cybernetic augmentation. These experiments left them with more enhanced intellect, strength, durability, agility, and senses than their regular animal counterparts.

Known Halfworlders


  • In the comics, Halfworlders are a species of artificially-engineered animals created by an alien species on the planet Halfworld.


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