"He's been in there for over an hour. Either he's waiting for a drop or he's getting drunk off his ass."
Melinda May to Phil Coulson[src]

The Halfway House Cafe is a restaurant off the highway in Delaware.


"Why was Creel at the bar?"
"He was waiting for someone."
Antoine Triplett and Melinda May[src]

Carl Creel traveled to the Halfway House Cafe in Delaware, that had been designated as the primary drop site to meet with his HYDRA contact Sunil Bakshi to hand him the Obelisk in case he managed to obtain it from the Government Storage Warehouse.

Unbeknownst to him, Melinda May managed to follow Creel unnoticed in order to learn the identity of Creel's HYDRA contacts, and waited outside the establishment as Creel entered the Café and waited for Bakshi.

Inside the Café, Creel realized that his arm unintentionally absorbed the properties of the Obelisk after taking it, despite thinking he was isolated from the artifact, having transformed his arm into rubber.


The waitress friendly approached Creel to ask if he was waiting for a friend, but as she went to clean the table, the waitress accidentally touched Creel's arm and winced in pain, feeling a shock she attributed to static electricity. She apologized to Creel for letting the glasses fall, and quickly cleaned the table. However, as she approached the counter, she started to feel sick, with Creel knowing she probably would suffer the same effects he witnessed on Isabelle Hartley.

Outside the Cafe, May briefed Phil Coulson about Creel's status, who had been waiting inside the establishment for an hour, theorizing that he could be waiting for a drop, or maybe just getting drunk. Suddenly, May heard a scream from inside and ran to the cafe, informing Coulson that she was going to enter.


May found the waitress was slowly turning into stone, with the Bartender informing May that the only thing the waitress did was to touch Creel, but he was gone. The waitress begged for help, but nothing could be done to save her life.

The authorities quickly arrived and sealed the establishment, and May briefed Coulson about the news, who theorized that as Creel absorbed the properties of whatever he touched, he must have absorbed the properties of the Obelisk too, but killing the waitress was not intentional, and he could be losing control like the first time S.H.I.E.L.D. came across him.

May regretted having let Creel escape, as he could have engaged him before arriving to the drop site, but Coulson said that in that case she would be dead too, and if someone must be blamed it was him. May acknowledged that being Director does not mean he is responsible for everything, though Coulson admitted that was precisely what it meant, and ordered her to return to the Playground as soon as she could.[1]

Behind the Scenes

  • The Halfway House Cafe is a real restaurant in Santa Clara, California and is a frequent location for filming.


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