Halfnut was a member of the Ravagers who sided with Taserface and against Yondu Udonta. He was eventually killed by Yondu during his former captain's escape.


Attack on Berhert

Halfnut was one of the Ravagers who were hired by the Sovereign to kill the Guardians of the Galaxy. Once on Berhert, Halfnut killed a spider-like alien and ate it. Soon after, one of Rocket Raccoon's booby traps were activated and Halfnut was struck with a tranquiliser dart.[1]

Taserface's Mutiny

Taserface rebelled against Yondu Udonta, so Halfnut decided to side with him, executing any Ravagers still loyal to Udonta causing Kraglin Obfonteri to refuse to help them anymore.[1]

Escape from the Eclector


Halfnut's Death.

Yondu Udonta, Groot and Rocket Raccoon escaped from their cell and arrived into the hanger bay of the ship, Yondu's Yaka Arrow slaughtered the Ravagers, Halfnut included.[1]





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