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"Benevolence is not enough. Your charisma and empathy is only gonna get you so far. I don't lose sleep at night worrying about the difficult calls. I do what's necessary. And, yes, sometimes, people have to die. But I'm willing to pull the trigger."
―Hale to Phil Coulson[src]

Brigadier General Hale was a high-ranking officer of the United States Air Force and the last surviving HYDRA leader, who had also been previously tasked by Daniel Whitehall to birth the future leader of HYDRA. While she raised Ruby Hale, she witnessed the Destruction of HYDRA and tried to push Project Destroyer of Worlds into its final stages, despite fearing her daughter was not ready. Having made a deal with the Confederacy to save humanity from an alien invasion, Hale had attempted to recruit S.H.I.E.L.D. into her current mission to obtain Gravitonium. However, this only drew a wedge between Hale and her daughter. When Ruby was killed by Yo-Yo Rodriguez, Hale had attempted to recruit Qovas to get revenge, only to inadvertently cause Glenn Talbot to absorb all the Gravitonium, allowing him to become more powerful than Hale could handle. Talbot then murdered her in revenge for the suffering she caused him.


Early Life

Agent of HYDRA

"You're just jealous."
"Of you being a teacher's pet? They've got you better trained than any of our mutts."
"You're jealous because I am going places."
―Hale and Jasper Sitwell[src]

While still studying within HYDRA's secret school, Hale became acquainted with fellow students Jasper Sitwell and Wolfgang von Strucker. While being friends with Sitwell, Hale despised the young and arrogant von Strucker, who, despite being less brilliant than Hale, was promised a better future due to being a male as well as being part of the von Strucker family. All of Hale's hard work and dedication to HYDRA had soon developed a reputation of being a teacher's pet, which she did not object to being called, believing that she would land a high-level position within HYDRA.[2]

Daniel Whitehall's Visit

"We're not gonna find it by digging up our history. Instead, we should look to where the Tesseract came from to find new materials."
"Outer space."
"Finally! Some forward thinking."
―Hale and Daniel Whitehall[src]

Hale prepares for another day at school

Every morning, Hale would awake within the HYDRA Preparatory Academy where she would put on her uniform and greet the dog she had been given to train, with the knowledge that she would be expected to kill the dog to prove this was not a weakness. Her room had also been adorned with HYDRA posters and models to remind her of her goal to work within the United States Air Force while still working undercover for HYDRA. Before long, Hale came one day before her graduation and awaited finding out if her desire to be placed within the Air Force would come true or not.

Hale and Jasper Sitwell discuss the lecture

While going through the corridors of the Academy, Hale entered the cafe and sat down next to Jasper Sitwell as they discussed their excitement over graduating, with Sitwell noting he looked forward to not having to sit through lectures ever again. Hale and Sitwell then discussed their guest speaker, with Hale noting he had reportedly reversed the aging process by using alien DNA. Sitwell teased Hale by pretending to fall asleep and calling her a teacher's pet before Hale teased him over her belief that she would be rising in the ranks while Sitwell would likely be stuck in middle management.

Hale listening to Daniel Whitehall's lecture

As the bell rang, Hale and Sitwell gathered their things and went to a class where Steger had reminded the class of their upcoming final examination before he introduced Daniel Whitehall who would speak to them about another post-graduation opportunity. Having noted that there would be many ways they could all serve HYDRA once they had all graduated, Whitehall then showed the class the designs for the Particle Infusion Chamber which Whitehall explained could create the most powerful man on Earth, with Hale still enthusiastically taking notes while Whitehall was speaking to their class.

Hale makes a suggestion to Daniel Whitehall

During Whitehall's lecture, he opened the floor up to the students to make suggestions for some improvements, turning to Wolfgang von Strucker who suggested that they could use the Tesseract which had been used by Red Skull during World War II, noting that it was the most powerful weapon HYDRA ever held. Hale, however, noted that this was a foolish suggestion as they would never be able to get it away from S.H.I.E.L.D., noting that instead, they should be looking to outer space where the Tesseract had come from, with Whitehall then complimenting Hale on having some forward-thinking ideas.

Hale is pranked by Wolfgang von Strucker

Hale, however, was unaware that her statement had greatly angered Strucker who felt humiliated by having Whitehall praise Hale's suggestion over his own and began plotting his revenge. While Hale was working out with the other students inside the Academy's gym, Strucker instructed two of his friends to wait for her to be lifting weights and add considerably more weight than she could handle. Despite barely being able to keep the weight from crushing her, Hale was still able to mount all of her strength and threw the weights off her while struggling to catch her breath from the ordeal.

Hale angrily attacks Wolfgang von Strucker

Fully aware that it was Strucker who had put the other two up to the task, Hale walked over to the two friends who had added the weights and laughed in their faces. However, she then turned and furiously punched Strucker in the face, knocking him to the floor before Hale continued furiously attacking him until she was finally pulled off by two other students while still screaming at Strucker. The news of the incident was quickly spread across the school while Hale ended up with a bruised face having been hit by Strucker and some of his loyal friends in revenge for the sudden violent assault against him.[2]

Whitehall's Mission

Hale attempts to disguise all of her bruising

"You're the only candidate left with the other... necessary qualifications."
"You want me to be..."
"Artificially inseminated. It's quite exciting, yes? You should be honored. You will give birth to our new leader."
Daniel Whitehall and Hale[src]

On the day of the graduation from the HYDRA Preparatory Academy, Hale did as she had been instructed to do and killed her dog before getting herself ready for her final day at the Academy. Once she was dressed in her uniform, Hale examined the bruise which had been given to her by Wolfgang von Strucker in the mirror before collecting her dog's collar and leaving her room, hoping to be told where she would then be placed undercover following her graduation.

Hale and Jasper Sitwell discuss the prank

Entering their cafe, Hale immediately noticed that Strucker and his friends were already reading their acceptance letters and learning where they would be placed undercover, with Stucker clearly being satisfied. Hale then sat down next to Jasper Sitwell who informed her that he was being placed undercover within S.H.I.E.L.D., although Sitwell was clearly greatly shaken from killing his own dog. Sitwell then confronted Hale over her decision to punch Strucker in the face, noting that he was the future leader of HYDRA and therefore she had possibly put her entire career with HYDRA into serious risk.

Hale being brought before Daniel Whitehall

Hale and Sitwell were then interrupted by Steger who then informed her that Daniel Whitehall wanted to speak with her. Speaking to him in private, Hale was complimented by Whitehall who noted that she was one of the only females to have made it this far within HYDRA's training before confirming that she had completed her final test by killing her dog. Whitehall informed Hale that she had been selected for his own program, delighting Hale as she promised she had many ideas for improving the Particle Infusion Chamber, only for Whitehall to note that Strucker would be in charge of the Chamber itself.

Hale agrees to Daniel Whitehall's demands

Whitehall explained that as HYDRA's leadership was impressed by her strength of character following her fight with Strucker, they had recommended her to engineer the perfect specimen for the Chamber. When Hale noted that she was not a biologist, Whitehall explained that as she was the only female graduate, they intended for her to be artificially inseminated with HYDRA's future leader. Whitehall still confirmed that Hale would be placed undercover within the United States Air Force, provided she obeyed the call when HYDRA required her to be impregnated, which Hale reluctantly accepted.[2]

Serving HYDRA

Raising Future Leadership

Hale is pictured with her daughter, Ruby

"Hold on. I happen to think that Air Force is a very good placement. You get to see combat, flight training. You could even become an astronaut. That's why I joined."
"An astronaut? Why didn't you ever tell me? That would've been so cool. You would've been like ten times cooler."
"Maybe. But I wouldn't have had you."
―Hale and Ruby Hale[src]

Hale moved up the ranks of the United States Air Force, eventually becoming a General while she dreamed to become an astronaut, however she followed Daniel Whitehall's own instructions and her pregnancy later prevented her to accomplish her goal as she gave birth to Ruby.[2] Some years later, Hale visited Wolfgang von Strucker to have a discussion, while Ruby stayed to play with von Strucker's son, Werner. At von Strucker's residence, Ruby injured herself by hitting her head onto the kitchen counter, resulting in von Strucker brutally beating his son in front of Hale and Ruby as his punishment.[3]

Hale and Steger discuss Ruby Hale's skills

Following the death of Whitehall, Hale continued having Ruby trained for leadership at the HYDRA Preparatory Academy where Ruby had proved herself to be an exceptional student, being knowledgeable in the classroom as well as being a formidable opponent in physical training. While Ruby was training, Hale and Steger watched on, with Hale praising Ruby while Steger noted that she was still flawed. Hale questioned what HYDRA's leadership planned for Ruby, noting that Whitehall intended her to lead them, although Steger reminded Hale that Whitehall's opinion no longer matters following his death.

Hale eats and spends time with Ruby Hale

Once Ruby had completed her combat training for the day, she sat down with Hale to enjoy eating lunch together as Ruby questioned where the HYDRA leadership had decided to send her, with Hale confirming that it was still under discussion. When Ruby expressed a desire not to be placed within the Air Force as she had believed it to be boring, Hale argued that from that position she could see combat and had a chance to become an astronaut. When Ruby questioned why she had not continued to try and go to space, Hale noted that if she had, then she would have never given birth.[2]

Destruction of HYDRA

Hale learns Gideon Malick was kidnapped

"S.H.I.E.L.D. captured Gideon Malick."
"Is he talking?"
"It's bad. We have to move fast."
Fischer and Hale[src]

Both Hale and Steger were soon alerted to a serious problem which was currently happening within HYDRA as she was forced to go and see Fischer, who she had found desperately shredding his paperwork. Hale was then informed by Fischer that S.H.I.E.L.D. had successfully managed to capture Gideon Malick. Instead of explaining what Malick had said while he was in custody, Fischer then ordered Hale to find a secret device hidden within the HYDRA vaults.

Hale and Glenn Talbot discussing HYDRA

Telling Hale that she was now in charge of communications, Fischer informed her that following the Battle of New York, they managed to use Chitauri technology to make contact with the Confederacy. Just before Fischer could explain the situation further, however, Glenn Talbot burst inside the room and ordered Fischer to surrender, recommending that Hale step away as he was unaware that Hale was also a member of HYDRA. Before Fischer could be taken into custody, however, he swallowed his Cyanide Pill and was immediately taken to get medical attention by Talbot's soldiers.

Hale returning back inside her HYDRA base

Following Fischer's suicide, Hale's cover remained intact as she then returned back to the HYDRA Preparatory Academy where she found Steger having an argument with Ruby Hale where he was demanding that Ruby finish her training by killing her pet dog. Despite Ruby arguing that there was nobody else left at HYDRA so she should not have to follow their strict rules to graduate, Steger insisted that she should not question HYDRA's traditions. Hale then watched this argument unfolding as Ruby claimed that Steger's strict devotion to HYDRA's old rules was why their organization was now being wiped out.

Hale calmly shooting and executing Steger

Seeing more potential in Ruby's way of thinking, that it would be a blind faith in tradition and following orders without question was a greater weakness, Hale decided that she and Ruby stood a greater chance of survival on their own rather than following Steger's beliefs. When Steger had aggressively grabbed ahold of Ruby's arm and insisted that following these rules gave their life control and survival, Hale responded by shooting Steger dead in front of the horrified Ruby. With Steger dead, Hale then calmly informed Ruby that now they alone were the final surviving members of HYDRA.[2]

Contacting Qovas

Hale making contact with the Confederacy

"After New York, my predecessors made contact with life beyond the solar system. They gave us this to travel to the stars and meet with them. Face to face. I learned my predecessors hadn't just made contact. They had struck a deal for protection."
―Hale to Glenn Talbot[src]

Following the suicide of Fischer as well as the subsequent complete Destruction of HYDRA, Hale followed his final orders as she returned to the HYDRA Preparatory Academy where she had eventually tracked down the device Fischer had wanted her to find within their vaults. Upon touching the device, Hale found herself transported across the galaxy and made contact with the alien races that HYDRA had since discovered during the Battle of New York's fallout from the experiments on all of the Chitauri technology.

Hale being brought to meet with Qovas

Hale found herself face to face with Qovas who informed her of the intergalactic war coming to Earth and then offered his protection in exchange for weapons for the planet's Inhumans.[2] Following all of Qovas' direct instructions, Hale later learned of the Principia which had been discovered floating thousands of feet in the air within the clouds due to the Gravitonium onboard being struck by lightning. Having taken the Gravitonium from the ship, Hale chose not to destroy it, fearing that they still did not know how all the remaining Gravitonium would react if it had been completely destroyed.[3]

Capture of Glenn Talbot

Hale visiting Glenn Talbot's hospital bedside

"I didn't choose HYDRA. I was born into it. Just like you were born and raised and indoctrinated under the Stars and Stripes."
"Indoctrinated? No. I wasn't. I am not some wing nut, and I stand by my red, white, and blue."
"No. You stand by a country founded in oppression."
―Hale and Glenn Talbot[src]

Following the attack against Glenn Talbot which resulted in him being shot the head,[4] Hale stayed close by while he made a slow recovery, recommending to Carla Talbot that he be moved to a different facility to get more treatment, as his temperament was getting difficult to control, which Talbot inadvertently demonstrated when he snapped at George Talbot while playing games to test his brain's abilities, resulting in Talbot's wife agreeing.

Hale greeting Glenn Talbot inside her base

Hale, however, had Talbot transferred to the remains of the HYDRA Preparatory Academy where she had Ruby Hale ignore and annoy Talbot in order to put him off balance. Hale entered the room just as Ruby had knocked Talbot to the floor by twisting his arm, with Hale then introducing Ruby as her daughter, much to Talbot's surprise. Talbot demanded to know where he was and became enraged as Hale had refused to answer him, with Talbot insisting that this was not how she should address her Air Force superior while he became considerably more aggressive towards Hale and demanded answers.

Hale making her first offer to Glenn Talbot

In order to stop Talbot from continuing to rant at her mother, Ruby responded by holding her Chakram up to Talbot's throat while Hale reminded Talbot of how his career within the Air Force was over and his wife and son were now afraid of him due to his unpredictable temper. When Talbot questioned why Hale was telling him all of this, Hale then noted that there had been a time in her own life, referring to the Destruction of HYDRA, when she had felt like everything was out of control and she needed a new purpose. Hale offered Talbot the chance to allow her to help him in finding a new purpose.

Hale shows Glenn Talbot her current plans

Hale showed Talbot the device which Fischer had put her in charge of moments before his suicide, with Hale noting that she did not know exactly what it was, but knew it had been used to move ships through the galaxies. Hale went on to explain how it had helped her make contact with Qovas, noting that her predecessors had struck a deal with the Confederacy for the protection of the Earth. As Talbot questioned why he was not told of this, Hale confessed that it was not an Air Force mission and then also revealed that she was also a member of HYDRA. While Talbot questioned her patriotism, Hale had noted that she never chose HYDRA but had been born into it.

Hale is forced to take Glenn Talbot hostage

As Hale then tried to claim that Daisy Johnson had shot Talbot, he furiously argued that the attack had not been done by Johnson herself, believing that Anton Ivanov's Life-Model Decoys were likely to blame while Hale argued that S.H.I.E.L.D. was still to blame. Hale demanded every weapon she could get ready for this upcoming fight which Talbot refused to hand over, insisting that he would rather die than serve HYDRA. As a result, Hale had Talbot restrained and taken away in order to be tortured for the next few months, despite Talbot insisting that Phil Coulson would soon come to his aid.[2]

Hunting S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents

Hale introduces herself to Agent Leo Fitz

"Is that why they left you behind? For you to take the blame?"
"No, they wouldn't leave me. They wouldn't... I'm done."
"You're done when I say you're done. If you don't cooperate, you're gonna be here for a very long time."
―Hale and Leo Fitz[src]

United States Air Force tasked Hale to replace comatose Glenn Talbot as the Brigadier General. As Daisy Johnson had been seen to be the one to have shot Talbot, Hale ordered that all S.H.I.E.L.D. agents be arrested. Once Leo Fitz had been found alone and was arrested at Rae's Restaurant and brought to the Blue Raven Ridge for interrogation, Hale soon joined his interrogation along with Lucas and Evans, demanding to know where all of the other agents had gone to.

Hale begins interrogating Leo Fitz

When Hale noted what Johnson had done to Talbot, Fitz claimed that Johnson was not to blame as a Life-Model Decoy had shot Talbot while disguised as Quake, explaining that this was a robot that had been built by an android named Aida.[5] Although Fitz confirmed that Aida had killed Holden Radcliffe,[6] he confessed that he had been responsible for the death of Director Jeffrey Mace.[7] Hale suggested that S.H.I.E.L.D. left Fitz behind to take the blame, but Fitz insisted that this was not true and tried to leave, only for Hale to order him to remain seated, refusing to allow him to go until he helped them.

Hale agrees to Leo Fitz's personal requests

Dissatisfied with his answers, Hale ordered him to be imprisoned and submitted to a Lie Detector, where he insisted that he did not know where Phil Coulson or any of the other agents were, claiming that he desperately wanted to find them to ensure their safety. Hale feared Fitz was clever enough to beat the machine, but Lucas suggested that they let Fitz help them finding the other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, also noting that he was the smartest man they had. Hale agreed to provide Fitz with what he needed, with Evans explaining that he only required paper, pens, books and a television in order to watch soccer.[5]

Leo Fitz's Escape

Hale furiously confronting Leo Fitz

"All right, that's it. We're done with you. No more books, no more television. You've wasted our time. You're gonna grow old and die alone in that cell."
―Hale to Leo Fitz[src]

For the next six months, Leo Fitz theorized if his experiences within the Framework could have caused memory trauma along with other theories, with his only request being that his letters to a soccer fan magazine be posted. As Fitz could not come with a reliable theory, even suggesting aliens had abducted them, Hale grew wary of his failed attempts and ordered him to be locked in his cell without anything to work further, promising that he would grow old and die alone inside his cell.

Hale learns of Leo Fitz's escape

However, before Fitz could be taken away, Lance Hunter, posing as Fitz's attorney, arrived and then demanded to speak with Fitz alone. However as it turned out, Hunter had read Fitz's letters in the soccer magazine and managed to break him out of Blue Raven Ridge with the aid of Rusty Peltzer. Examining the hole which Hunter had used to escape with Fitz, Hale ordered Lucas and Evans to follow him and let him lead them to the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. When her subordinates told her about the existence of a child who could see the future, Hale then ordered them to go find and bring her, but they failed.

Hale coldly executes both Lucas and Evans

Following yet another failure of both Lucas and Evans when Fitz and Hunter had successfully managed to infiltrate the Blue Raven Ridge and stole Zephyr One and a Cryo-Freeze Capsule from under their noses, Hale brought them both before her and demanded an explanation. Hale noted that she was sorry that it had to end this way following them letting her down once again and, while Evans simply believed they were being demoted, Hale then executed them both in cold blood before placing her gun on the table and then calling for a cleaning crew to dispose of Evans and Lucas' bodies.[5]

Offering Some Advice

Hale speaks with Ruby Hale in her bedroom

"This is my assignment, okay? And in the adult realm, we all have to answer to someone. Even me. I do what I must–"
"What I must to build a better world for the downtrodden citizens."
"For you, Ruby. I do this for you, okay? So try to remember that."
―Hale and Ruby Hale[src]

Hale went to visit Ruby inside of her room, finding Ruby listening to her music in bed. Removing Ruby's headphones, Hale confronted her over skipping class while Ruby insisted that she simply had not been in the mood for class, noting that her mother had always told her to be true to herself and that her true self could not care less. Upon being threatened to lose her phone, Ruby relented and apologized to her mother, promising to return to class, with Hale offering to take her for breakfast which Ruby refused.

Hale explaining her mission to Ruby Hale

Just as Hale prepared to walk out of her room, however, Ruby then questioned if her mother was, in fact, a good person or not, noting it was not too long ago that S.H.I.E.L.D. were considered heroes and now Hale was hunting them down. Hale noted how obsessed Ruby was with Daisy Johnson and explained that her orders were to find and capture her, with Ruby questioning if she had been ordered to kill Johnson. Hale explained that these were her orders and even she had people she needed to answer to, promising that she was doing all of this for Ruby and all the other downtrodden citizens.[8]

S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Return

Building a Team

Hale is told that S.H.I.E.L.D. has returned

"I told you I'd find you once S.H.I.E.L.D. showed up again."
"I told you, I'm not interested in being the government's hired gun. I'm done with that. Didn't do Talbot any good."
"I'm not interested in a hired gun. I'm putting together a team."
―Hale and Carl Creel[src]

While walking across her facility's hallways, Hale was then greeted by Candice Lee, who noted looked like she was ready for battle. Lee informed Hale that S.H.I.E.L.D. had seemingly just resurfaced, having been contacted by Piper who was using the Kree Orb to draw them out, as well as Officer A. Kennedy who had seemingly had Daisy Johnson arrive at his police station to bail out Deke Shaw. Upon hearing this, Hale ordered Lee to ensure that the agents were kept where they were until they could be captured.

Hale confronts Ruby Hale over her actions

Hale, however, was told that Ruby had chosen to lead the team of robotic soldiers to confront S.H.I.E.L.D. and, disobeying Hale's direct orders, had used her Chakram to slice off Yo-Yo Rodriguez's arms and allowed the agents to escape. Upon hearing all this, Hale went to Ruby's room and awaited her return in order to confront her. Ruby insisted that she had just forced S.H.I.E.L.D.'s hand, leading to Hale questioning if Ruby viewed this situation as nothing more than a joke, as Ruby claimed that as they needed to get medical attention to Rodriguez's injuries they could soon find and capture them.

Hale leaves Ruby Hale alone in her bedroom

Although Hale insisted that they had already had them where they wanted them, Ruby noted that Quake had not been there, noting that Hale had promised that Ruby could capture Quake. Hale pointed out that Quake had not shown up to which Ruby claimed that if she had continued cutting off all her friend's arms, then eventually she would appear. Hale furiously called all Ruby's work sloppy and incomplete, noting that the Kree Orb which was armed with a bomb was merely a prop before then claiming that Ruby was a disappointment to her as Hale walked out and had her soldiers lock the door.

Hale recruiting Carl Creel onto her team

Seeking to enhance her own strength before going back into conflict against S.H.I.E.L.D., Hale then tracked down Carl Creel was he was jogging through Philadelphia. Although Creel reminded Hale that he had previously informed her that he no interest in being a hired gun for the government, noting that his past work had not done Glenn Talbot any good when he had been shot, Hale simply informed Creel that she also did not want to use him as a hired gun. Instead Hale told Creel that she was putting together her team to go against S.H.I.E.L.D., which Creel reluctantly agreed to join.[8]

Tracking Deke Shaw

Hale and C. Wellins discuss Daisy Johnson

"You got something?"
"I don't know. Thinking Deke Shaw could possibly be an LMD, I ran a genetic profile to see if he was biologically linked to anyone."
"And it came up with a match?"
"No. It came up with two."
―Hale and Candice Lee[src]

Investigating a tip-off they had received, Hale and Candice Lee then traveled into River's End Police Station where they met with the local Chief C. Wellins who had gotten in contact with them when Daisy Johnson had seemingly come into the station to bail out an inmate the day before. However, Wellins himself remained somewhat unconvinced that this really was Johnson who had come into the station, noting that Officer A. Kennedy was the one who had believed the person looked like Johnson, despite Hale showing him a photograph of Johnson to help him remember better.

Hale learning why Deke Shaw was arrested

Hale then requested any of the security footage their station might have of the recent encounter in order to see for herself if it really was Johnson before she then asked about Deke Shaw, the man Johnson had broken out of prison, with Wellins explaining that Shaw had been arrested for being drunk and disorderly while at Mike's Beer. Wellins explained to Hale that they had been unable to find any evidence of Shaw on the system, with no fingerprints or passport details, so Hale told Lee that she wanted Shaw's prison cell to be examined, noting there was a chance that Shaw could lead them to Johnson.

Hale reads Fitz and Simmons' personal files

Having examined the cell, Lee confirmed that there was no record of Shaw, leading them to believe he could be a Life-Model Decoy. Now believing the entire situation could have been a deception, noting that Johnson might be on her way to Canada now, Hale ordered Lee to pack up as Lee noted there were still getting similar sightings of Johnson elsewhere. As Hale prepared to leave, Lee informed her that they had just found a genetic match with Shaw's DNA, which had matched him to Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons, with Hale and Lee believing this may have confirmed Shaw to indeed be an LMD.[9]

Recruiting Werner von Strucker

Hale personally greets Werner von Strucker

"I don't want anything to do with my father or his name or HYDRA."
"HYDRA. Such a boys' club. So much testosterone."
Werner von Strucker and Hale[src]

Having learned that Werner von Strucker had been placed inside of a mental hospital has been suffering from detailed memories, Hale had him brought into Blue Raven Ridge and ordered Ruby to entice him to their side. This resulted in Strucker taking Ruby hostage and demanding that Hale come to him, which had been planned as Hale arrived with Sleeper Mechs who aimed their guns at Strucker.

Hale reading Werner von Strucker's files

Hale ordered Strucker to let Ruby go, warning that their Mechs would kill him if he did not obey her. Hale then explained that since he had attacked Levi Van Kempen, the hospital had chosen to lobotomize him. Strucker then let Ruby go free as she watched Hale greeting him while Strucker insisted that he had now wanted to be known as Alex Braun and not Strucker as he wanted absolutely nothing to do with his father, Baron Strucker's legacy in HYDRA. Hale then clarified that her operation did not actually have anything to do with HYDRA, insisting that she had always hated Baron Strucker.

Hale and Ruby Hale standing close together

With Strucker still demanding an explanation, Hale informed him that he gained if enhanced memories since[3] being shocked by Lincoln Campbell while he was in the Memory Suppressing Machine,[10] which had allowed Strucker to realize that Hale wanted his memories of his father's work within HYDRA, with Strucker soon working out that all she wanted was to use all of the memories he had to use Strucker's research for her own purposes. Hale, however, insisted that what she was building was nothing like what Baron Strucker had built up with HYDRA, expressing her own desire to build a better world.

Hale giving Ruby Hale all of her next orders

Strucker then finally dropped his knife and told Hale to go to hell, not wishing to help her build her better world. Although Strucker refused to help them and requested death from the Sleeper Mechs, Hale refused to have him killed and instead had him sent back to his own room, promising he could go free the next day, even insisting that she would have her soldiers take Strucker wherever he wanted to go. Once they were alone, Hale ordered Ruby to gain Strucker's trust by any means so they could learn all of the secrets he held, suggesting that Ruby seduce Strucker if that's what it would take.[3]

Ruby's Success

Hale being updated on S.H.I.E.L.D.'s actions

"Nice work. How did you convince him to stay?"
"I told him the truth."
―Hale and Ruby Hale[src]

While walking down the corridors of Blue Raven Ridge, Hale was then greeted by Candice Lee who informed her that the Sleeper Mechs which had been left onboard Principia had just reactivated, indicating that the Gravitonium had been found and taken. While Lee noted that they should have destroyed the vessel years earlier, Hale insisted that this would have too risk as she feared the Gravitonium could have caused a nuclear disaster when Lee then questioned who was responsible, Hale claimed S.H.I.E.L.D. was likely to blame for all this.

Hale complimenting on Ruby Hale's success

General Hale later reunited with Ruby and soon discovered that she had successfully managed to convince Werner von Strucker to stay at the facility and join their side. While Strucker was still exploring the base and had also taken a look at the Absorbing Man while he was undergoing tests, Hale came up to Ruby and congratulated her on completing her mission as she had been instructed to do. When Hale questioned exactly how Ruby had managed to convince Strucker to stay with them, Ruby would only tell her that she had told Strucker the truth which had finally convinced him to remain there.[3]

Captured and Interrogated

Hale being driven to the base by Carl Creel

"You're the leader of a domestic terrorist organization. I'm just trying to bring you to justice."
"I missed the part where bring to justice and blow up with beacon bombs are analogous."
"I have orders not to let you escape by any means."
―Hale and Phil Coulson[src]

Believing that her phone was at risk of hacking, Hale then had herself drove by Carl Creel, who had been disguised as one of the Sleeper Mechs, ready unleash her back up plan. While driving down the roads, Hale spoke with Qovas as they discussed the timetable for their current schemes, with Hale still insisting that she was not making excuses for their delays as she promised Qovas that they were close to their completion in spite of everything setting them back.

Hale is found and captured by S.H.I.E.L.D.

However, while they were driving Hale suddenly found the car had gone up a ramp into the invisible Zephyr One where it crashed, due to Piper having gone against Hale and giving her allies Hale's phone to track. Before she could react, Hale's window was then smashed as all the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. proceeded to throw gas canisters into the car which had caused Hale to lose consciousness before she or Creel could get out of the car. While the unconscious Hale was taken into custody, Creel was left inside the car, still being mistaken for a Sleeper Mech just as Hale had planned.

Hale is personally held inside Zephyr One

Hale was then taken inside of the interrogation room where she was eventually joined by Phil Coulson, with Hale pointing out all his techniques to put her on edge. While Hale questioned where her drive was, Coulson instead questioned why Hale had now declared war on S.H.I.E.L.D., to which she insisted that as a General of the United States Air Force, it was her duty to bring in all the agents from a domestic terrorist organization like them, dismissing Coulson's question about putting a bomb in the Kree Orb to try and assassinate them by then claiming that she had to stop their escape in by any means.

Hale is closely interrogated by Phil Coulson

Unsatisfied with this response, Coulson then looked Hale in the eye and questioned why[1] Yo-Yo Rodriguez had her arms cut off during a sudden ambush by Hale's Sleeper Mechs.[8] Hearing this, Hale apologized by claiming that during their mission Ruby became a bit overzealous, comparing this[1] to Daisy Johnson previously having shot Glenn Talbot in the head,[4] despite Coulson still insisting that it was a Life-Model Decoy and not the real Daisy Johnson. Hale then claimed that Coulson was still being the protector and insisted that they needed more than loyalty to achieve what she wanted.

Hale explaining the situation to Phil Coulson

Hale claimed what she wanted was to prevent the Earth's extinction, with Coulson questioning her need for Gravitonium which had been onboard the Principia, however, Hale got back to her feet, insisting that she did not trust Coulson enough yet. Hale then began insisting that she was willing to do whatever needed to be done to protect the world, questioning if Coulson would be so brave. Hale then asked Coulson to come with her so he could see the work she was doing and so he could see first hand what they were going up against, which Coulson refused, claiming not to take orders.

Hale regains control of the current situation

With this, Hale smiled as she then finally revealed the truth to agent Coulson about the entire situation, telling him that she had always been in control of the situation as allowing Piper to hack into her own phone and then getting captured had merely been a deception to get her a face to face with Coulson. While this was happening, Hale's plan was revealed outside as Piper and Melinda May had both discovered the Absorbing Man was, in fact, the driver before Creel revealed the C4 Hale had ordered him onto strap to his chest in order to gain complete control over the Zephyr.[1]

Regaining Control

Hale alongside Carl Creel and Anton Ivanov

"If you thoughtless of me, I wouldn't be here."
"You're here because the Confederacy allows it. You want a seat at the table, you must prove you are deserving of it."
"I've secured what I believe to be the final piece."
―Hale and Qovas[src]

Having taken complete control of Zephyr One, Hale ensured her own freedom before allowing Anton Ivanov to arrived onboard having flown a Quinjet onto the plane. Hale then arrived with Carl Creel where she was then confronted by Phil Coulson over having joined sides with the Ivanov, who he claimed was a terrorist, also claiming that it was the Superior who had been responsible for the shooting of Glenn Talbot, which Creel insisted was not the case. Hale, however, pointed out that Ivanov himself was an android built from Leo Fitz's designs, offering to take him apart to prove it.

Hale convincing Coulson to come with her

Having proven that Coulson could not prove that Daisy Johnson was not responsible for Talbot's shooting, Hale noted that there was now much that still needed to be explained, offering again for Coulson to come with her to see for himself. Despite Melinda May insisting that Coulson would not be going with her, Coulson himself chose to agree to Hale's offer to join her provided that she ensured that the other agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. were kept safe from harm. Despite all of May's protests as she believed the entire situation was a trap, Coulson got onboard the Quinjet with Hale, much to her satisfaction.

Hale flying the Quinjet back to her own base

Once onboard the Quinjet, Hale took the controls while the Superior ordered Coulson to put on a mask and hand over his own prosthetic hand to be scanned for weapons. Hale listened as Coulson tried to convince Creel that he was on the wrong side before turning back to the Superior and questioning why his Sleeper Mechs did not have his face. Coulson theorized that when Aida was killed, the Superior had lost the ability to make more Life-Model Decoys. When Coulson had claimed Hale must have something on him, she confessed that she had possession of the Superior's severed head and brain.

Hale is given some of the Odium by Qovas

With Coulson now as her prisoner, Hale met with Qovas and updated him on the new situation, with Qovas noted that she was still empty handed and questioning if she was being inept, noting she was only still alive because the Confederacy allowed it. When Hale insisted that she had their final piece and claimed she would not fail, Qovas presented her with the Odium in case she ever failed and needed to die in a blaze of her final fury and utter glory. Qovas then claimed to hope fortune went Hale's way and gave the HYDRA salute before he then left her stood alone still holding the Odium in her hand.[1]

Capturing Phil Coulson

Hale visits Phil Coulson inside his prison cell

"I'd like to tell you my story, and I think you'll know it's time."
"Time for what?"
"It's time for S.H.I.E.L.D. and HYDRA to finally unite."
―Hale and Phil Coulson[src]

Hale had Phil Coulson taken into the HYDRA Preparatory Academy where he was blindfolded and taken into his room before Hale joined him. As Hale promised that all his questions would be answered the next morning, Coulson, however, revealed that he had already figured most things out, noting that Hale had the Gravitonium, as well as both Anton Ivanov and Carl Creel now under her payroll. Coulson concluded that this was likely not an United States Armed Forces operation due to the lack of oversight.

Hale suggests S.H.I.E.L.D. and HYDRA unite

As much of what Coulson was saying was correct, Hale confirmed that the operation was not run by the Air Force and was instead being run by HYDRA, much to Coulson's surprise due to his belief that HYDRA had been wiped out, noting that HYDRA had returned in the same way that S.H.I.E.L.D. had previously returned from being put in the grave following the HYDRA Uprising which had previously destroyed their organization. Hale then promised to tell Coulson her story of how they got there, noting that she hoped he would see that it was time for S.H.I.E.L.D. and HYDRA to unite together.

Hale offering to show Phil Coulson her work

Despite Hale using her usual technics of putting her hostages off guard by sending Ruby Hale to distract and annoy them, Coulson was not bothered and merely returned to his room with cereal, forcing Hale to come to him. Coulson then questioned if Ruby had maimed Yo-Yo Rodriguez during their previous encounter, with Hale confirming that it was indeed her and that Ruby was also her own daughter. When Coulson noted that Ruby's presence was not helping to convince him to work alongside HYDRA, Hale responded by offering to show Coulson exactly what she had already been working on.

Hale leaves with Phil Coulson to visit Qovas

Hale showed Coulson to alien teleport, which he claimed was a bad idea to use, pointing to the Kree writing on the side. While Coulson remained skeptical, Hale activated the device to teleport them across space in order to meet the Confederacy. As Hale noted that Coulson should elevate his vantage point, she then invited him to take ahold of the device, with Coulson briefly refusing to do so as he noted he had already been to space. As Hale insisted that Coulson needed to see this for himself, he agreed and took ahold of the device which then teleported both of them instantly across deep space.

Hale introduces Phil Coulson to Qovas

Arriving on the mysterious alien ship across deep space, Hale then introduced Coulson to Qovas, who demanded to know why Hale had brought Coulson there uninvited. Hale then introduced Coulson as the shield of humanity and one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Hale had then convinced Qovas to show Coulson the wisdom of serving the Confederacy as Qovas vowed to ensure Earth's survival for a price, noting that it was a price worth paying to keep the Earth from being invaded by alien races, with Qovas showing Coulson a vision of the massive alien fleet which was making its way towards Earth.[2]

Coulson's Objection

Hale discusses her own dealings with Qovas

"We've been searching for an old Whitehall program. It's a Particle Infusion Chamber. It's designed to create the most powerful man."
"Like Captain America."
"Better than that. Personally, I'd like to see the most powerful human not be a man."
―Hale and Phil Coulson[src]

Returning to the base, Hale revealed that Qovas had agreed to save the Earth in exchange for Gravitonium and their Inhumans. With everything in consideration, Phil Coulson then questioned if Hale had considered the possibility that Qovas and his own allies were, in fact, manipulating them to leave them all defenseless. When Coulson suggested that they fight against their Confederacy, Hale confessed that this had always been her goal which was why she had wanted both S.H.I.E.L.D. and HYDRA to unite.

Hale and Phil Coulson discussing Ruby Hale

As they walked down the HYDRA Preparatory Academy's hallways, Hale and Coulson discussed how to show their strength against the Confederacy, noting that the Confederacy believed the Humans had no alternative but to work with them which they intended to prove them wrong about. When asked about her plan, Hale questioned if Coulson knew of Daniel Whitehall, learning that it was Coulson who had killed Whitehall himself. She then went on to explain they were searching for Whitehall's Particle Infusion Chamber which she noted was designed to create the most powerful man on Earth.

Hale suggests on experimenting with Quake

Hale explained the chamber was designed to make someone better than even Captain America, with Coulson deducing that she intended to put Ruby into the chamber. Despite explaining that Ruby was the perfect fit as all her physical biometrics were optimized for particle infusion as Whitehall had previously designed, Hale revealed that she feared Ruby did not have the temperament for the experiment and instead suggested using Daisy Johnson, noting that Coulson had now transformed Johnson into a perfect soldier who had been willing to sacrifice her own beloved boyfriend for the greater good.

Hale has Phil Coulson locked away in a cell

Hale suggested that they infuse Quake with the Gravitonium in order to make her the ultimate weapon, noting that she would become powerful enough to destroy all of Qovas' ships. However when Hale noted that she Johnson would be worthy of Whitehall's code name for the project "Destroyer of Worlds", Coulson was suddenly horrified and insisted that Hale stop. Coulson explained that his team had been sent to the future and seen the Destruction of Earth and warned that it would be Hale's actions which caused this. Insulted by the accusation, Hale ordered her Sleeper Mechs to take Coulson away to be locked in his cell until Hale came to speak to him again.[2]

Final Tests

Testing Gravitonium

Hale speaking with Ruby Hale and Carl Creel

"Why not talk to Coulson about it? He has experience with it. And I think after two days in isolation, maybe an olive branch–"
"We've done the olive branch. We stick the screws to him now. A week without sleep and food, we'll see what he has to say."
Ruby Hale and Hale[src]

Hale had Phil Coulson locked back inside his of prison cell with no access to food, water or basic comforts like a bed. While Coulson remained defiant, Hale watched in on a screen before speaking with Ruby and Carl Creel who were waiting to begin their next experiment, promising that Coulson would pay for what happened to Glenn Talbot once he handed over his Inhumans to them. Hale then turned Creel's attention to the Gravitonium which was being prepared for him to absorb for Hale's experiment to better understand how the material worked.

Hale and Ruby Hale discussing Carl Creel

While Creel expressed his excitement over the test, he questioned what Hale had wanted him to do with this, to which Hale then noted how Daniel Whitehall, Baron Strucker and even Talbot had wanted Creel's compliance while she was offering to transform him into a hero, which had seemed to excite Creel. When Ruby had questioned Hale's motives in giving Creel the Gravitonium as Talbot had already surrendered the Particle Infusion Chamber's location, to which Hale reminded Ruby that Werner von Strucker was still figuring out how to put it together which was taking some time.

Hale watching the experiment on Carl Creel

Hale noted that Creel would give them answers, noting the one man who knew enough about Gravitonium was Ian Quinn who had been in hiding for several years, dismissing Ruby's suggestion of asking Coulson when Ruby pushed to know if the plan was still to infuse her own cells with the Gravitonium as Project Destroyer of Worlds had always planned. Hale then began the experiment, watching as Creel placed his hand into the Gravitonium, only to suffer from shocking visions before being lifted into the air. As Sleeper Mechs pulled him free, Creel told Hale that the Gravitonium was somehow alive.

Hale speaking with Carl Creel in his room

While Creel suffered from the side effects of placing his hand inside of the Gravitonium, finding he could not shake visions of the final moments of Franklin Hall. Hale, however, suggested Creel's suffering was more losing his footing when the former HYDRA was destroyed, although Creel insisted that his creation by HYDRA was never his own choice. Hale claimed that Creel had a choice now, but he questioned if it was really a choice he could make or what Hale wanted, to which Hale simply informed him that another test would shortly be conducted and invited Creel to be a part of it.[11]

Prisoner Break

Hale learns that her prisoners are escaping

"Who the hell do you think you are?"
"I'm the Destroyer of Worlds."
"Then go get them."
―Hale and Ruby Hale[src]

While going through her facility, Hale was alerted as all of the alarms across the base were set off. Charging into Werner von Strucker's room, Hale immediately informed Ruby that Carl Creel had turned against them and broken Phil Coulson and Glenn Talbot out of their cells as they tried to escape. Hale ordered Ruby to gear up and stop them while ensuring that Strucker remained secured within his room, insisting that while Coulson and Talbot were not important, they needed Creel alive.

Hale manages to recapture Absorbing Man

The decision to send Ruby after the escapees soon proved to be a risky one, however, as Hale had found her daughter attempting to kill the Absorbing Man with her Chakram, only for Hale to stop her in time. When Ruby still tried to kill Creel, with Creel saving his own life by absorbing the properties of wood just in time, Hale had furiously confronted her daughter and demanded to know who she thought she was. When Ruby responded that she was the true Destroyer of Worlds, Hale accepted Ruby's answer and ordered her to hunt down Coulson and Talbot and end their lives once and for all.[11]

Hale watches Ruby Hale defeated by Quake

Hale traveled through her teleportation device and caught up with Ruby just as she was defeated in combat by Quake who knocked her out with her Inhuman power. While Deke Shaw then arrived and tried to take Quake to safety, Hale fired at them and managed to shoot Shaw in the chest while Quake took him to safety. While Hale and her team of Sleeper Mechs took control of the scene and ordered an extraction team, Ruby regained consciousness as she got back onto her feet and looked at her mother, seeing her great disappointment in Ruby's failure to defeat Quake or capture Coulson and Talbot.

Hale furiously scolding Ruby Hale yet again

Returning back to their facility, Hale then commented on how Ruby should put ice on her injuries claiming that she needed her at her best. Ruby, however, complained that she could have defeated Quake if Hale had not forced her to run, although Hale argued that Quake had an unfair advantage and promised that once they had finished their objective with Project Destroyer of Worlds she would be able to defeat Quake with ease. Ruby told Hale to move up their timetable which Hale refused as she wanted Carl Creel to tell them more about the Gravitonium before ordering Ruby to return to her room.

Hale orders Ruby Hale to return to her room

Ruby furiously objected to being locked away yet again, despite Hale then reminding her over how she went against her orders and tried to murder the Absorbing Man. Hale then noted how both Creel and Ruby were out of her control and, as Ruby had tried to walk away, Hale aggressively shoved her against a wall and threatened to force her. Ruby reluctantly agreed and returned into her room, discovering that Hale had taken down all of her posters and decorations, leaving the room completely bare. Before Ruby could object, the door was then locked behind her, leaving her trapped inside her room.[12]

Ruby's Betrayal

Hale is given an update from Candice Lee

"I have great plans for you."
"Like Whitehall had great plans for you? You have always said that you wanted a choice, but you've never given me one."
"I know that I've demanded a lot from you recently, but I–"
"No, Mom, you've demanded the impossible!"
―Hale and Ruby Hale[src]

Hale called up the Superior for his report on whether he had located the Particle Infusion Chamber, which he confirmed he had as he and his team of Sleeper Mechs were guarding it. While Hale confirmed Ivanov would get his chance to step into the Chamber, an explosion was heard as Ivanov hung up to investigate. Hale and Candice Lee then walked through her facility together, discussing if Ivanov was trustworthy, with Hale noting their interests were the same.

Hale speaking to Ruby Hale inside her room

Hale then told Lee to focus on ensuring that Carla Talbot sent out the Faustus message to Glenn Talbot when he tried to contact her before noticing that Ruby's bedroom door was now open. Finding Ruby was still inside, Hale noted her surprise that she had not left with Werner von Strucker to which she claimed she could never run away from her own mother, noting that Hale had made her obedient. Hale told Ruby she had great plans for her, to which Ruby noted that Daniel Whitehall had once had great plans for Hale, and, while Hale always wanted a choice, she hypocritically never provided Ruby with one.

Hale seeing Ruby Hale's mental breakdown

Ruby began crying as Hale acknowledged that she had been asking a lot from her recently, to which Ruby claimed that she had been asking the impossible. Ruby tearfully confessed that she had done everything within her own power to be what Hale wanted from her, including eliminating her weaknesses while passing every test and yet she still was not enough, reminding Hale that she had called her a disappointment following a previous mission. Hale listened in dismay as Ruby continued telling her how she had continued trying in order to please her mother, before calling Hale her one weakness.

Hale is subdued and locked up by Ruby Hale

Upon hearing this confession, Hale sorrowfully took Ruby in her arms and embraced her. However, this proved to be exactly what Ruby had planned as she noted that she was also Hale's only remaining weakness. With Hale defenseless in their embrace, Ruby launched her over her shoulder and slammed her against the ground, before grabbing her Chakram and Combat Armor before walking out the door. As Hale begged her to stop, Ruby promised that she would make her mother proud before locking the door behind her, trapping Hale inside the room with no possible exit available for her.[12]

Recaptured by S.H.I.E.L.D.

Hale is freed from the room by Candice Lee

"Stop! Stand down! That's an order! I surrender."
"And we totally believe you."
"There's no time for us to fight each other, I need your help. We all need to leave right now."
―Hale and Quake[src]

Hale was eventually released by her aide Candice Lee, as Hale had expressed her great annoyance at Lee for taking far too long to free her. As they walked through the hallway, Lee informed her of Ruby Hale's escape with Werner von Strucker and the Gravitonium. Hale demanded to speak with the Superior but was informed that he was dead before Lee then showed Hale images of Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons as they had come into contact with the Sleeper Mechs which had eventually resulted in the Superior being killed.

Hale checking Carl Creel's current condition

Determined to stop Ruby's plans before she could infuse herself with Gravitonium and potentially be killed by it, Hale commented that they had both seen what the Gravitonium did to Carl Creel, as she also questioned Lee on Creel's recovery, as Lee informed Hale that Creel was not doing any better but was actually getting worse. Hale and Lee went to see Creel inside his cell, who was still suffering from the voices of Franklin Hall and Ian Quinn who he kept hearing inside his head, with Hale questioning how they could help while Creel insisted there was nothing that anybody could actually do to help him.

Hale watching as Carl Creel harms himself

Hearing Creel's complaints, Hale learned that Hall and Quinn had been consumed by the Gravitonium which was why Creel could hear them inside his head. When Lee expressed her concern over what would happen to Ruby if she infused herself with the Gravitonium, Creel became angry and furiously demanded that they should focus on doing something to help him, causing Lee to draw her weapon at Creel. Enraged by everything that had happened to him, Creel then absorbed the properties of a concrete wall before banging his head against it to make the voices leave, leaving Hale heavily worried.

Hale orders her HYDRA team to stand down

Before Hale could try to find Ruby, however, the HYDRA Preparatory Academy had come under attacked by S.H.I.E.L.D., as Hale and Lee were almost knocked off their feet when S.H.I.E.L.D. had fired their missile directly into the facility's roof into order to give their agents away inside from the Containment Module, with Lee questioning with some horror what was happening. As they made their way through the base, Hale and her men encountered Quake and Melinda May as Lee and the other HYDRA agents drew their weapons at the agents, however, Hale ordered them all to stop and lower their guns.

Hale surrendering herself over to S.H.I.E.L.D.

Much to the considerable surprise of everybody there, Hale had then immediately held up her hands and surrendered herself to Quake and May, with Quake expressing her doubt that Hale was being genuine in her surrender. Hale, however, claimed that they had no time to fight each other and explained that Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons were both in danger in the HYDRA Herefordshire Facility, noting how Ruby had taken the Gravitonium which she intended to infuse herself with, noting that this would finally allow Ruby to become the Destroyer of Worlds, noting that Ruby intended to kill Fitz and Simmons.

Hale making a new deal with Daisy Johnson

Quake and May agreed to take Hale to the Zephyr One and they had quickly traveled to the HYDRA facility. Before entering, Hale listened to Quake giving her briefing to the agents about what to expect once they were inside. Once agent May removed her handcuffs, Hale had expressed her own admiration at Quake's leadership skills, while also commenting that Phil Coulson had trained her well, before requesting that Quake not kill Ruby during the mission. She expressed doubt at the idea of making Ruby a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent as Quake had actually suggested, as Hale promised to do her best to talk her down.[13]

Losing a Daughter

Hale finding Ruby Hale screaming in agony

"All I ever wanted was for you to reach your true potential. I'm sorry. I pushed you too hard."
"Mom, this was a mistake."
"No. My daughter is not a mistake."
―Hale and Ruby Hale[src]

Hale, while alongside both Quake and Melinda May had then entered inside the HYDRA Herefordshire Facility and had immediately begun exploring the base; however, upon hearing Ruby Hale's voice as she screamed in pain, Hale rushed into a room and found the Particle Infusion Chamber which her daughter was using to infuse herself with all of the Gravitonium, which was currently causing her incredible agony.

Hale discovers all Ruby Hale's new powers

Finding Werner von Strucker in a state of panic, Hale had desperately ordered Strucker to shut down the device and watched in anxiety as Ruby lay motionless inside the chamber, with Leo Fitz explaining that she had only actually absorbed eight percent of the Gravitonium. As Hale looked on in complete terror, the chamber finally reopened as Ruby calmly opened her eyes and levitated out of the chamber and then rose several feet above everybody watching her due to her new power gained from the Gravitonium now inside her body, much to the complete amazement of everybody who was in the room.

Hale desperately trying to help Ruby Hale

Once Ruby then fell on the ground, Hale had tried to comfort her but she was pushed back by Strucker, who tried to help Ruby who was complaining that she could hear Ian Quinn and Franklin Hall as they screamed in her head, which Carl Creel had also heard after coming into contact with the Gravitonium. Hale then watched on in complete horror as Strucker was accidentally killed by Ruby, who discovered her new found powers and crushed Strucker's skull, before openly weeping at his corpse. Terrified, Ruby insisted that she did not mean to kill Strucker and begged for the voices to stop screaming.

Hale witnesses Ruby Hale's new strength

Terrified over what to do, Hale watched as Ruby begged to be put back in the machine before she launched Jemma Simmons and Fitz backward with her powers, pinning them against the wall until Hale managed to get through her and convinced Ruby to put them down. As Ruby cried and explained that there was something really wrong with her head, the nervous Hale had tried to keep her calm by promising that she and S.H.I.E.L.D. were trying to figure out a way to help her, while telling Ruby that she needed to stay calm, as Ruby panicked, her powers became even more uncontrollable.

Hale tries to get Ruby Hale to focus on her

With Ruby in a complete state of panic, Quake then attempted to get through to her as she noted that she had gone through this following her Terrigenesis which gave Quake her Inhuman powers, promising that Ruby would be able to overcome this experience eventually; however, this had only caused Ruby to become even angrier at Quake, seemingly accusing Hale of always putting her attention of Quake over her. As Hale watched on in horror, Ruby used her powers to drag Quake over to her until Hale had convinced her daughter to let Quake go, as Quake insisted that she did not want to fight.

Hale watches as Ruby Hale tortures Quake

Hale watched on as Ruby then began crushing Quake's insides with her powers, as Hale ordered her to stop, insisting that Quake was on their side, to which Ruby let Quake go and furiously questioned why Hale was never on her side. When Ruby claimed that she was never good enough for her mother, Hale insisted that this was not the case and promised that all she wanted was Ruby to reach her potential, before apologizing for pushing Ruby too hard. As Hale insisted that Ruby was not a mistake, she watched in horror as Ruby continued screaming in agony due to Quinn and Hall's voices in her head.

Hale catches Ruby Hale as she bleeds out

Desperate to help her daughter's suffering, Hale promised that they would get through this situation together, while Ruby claimed that Quinn and Hall's voices were getting louder in her head. However, as Hale tried to help her, Ruby suddenly threw her head back and then revealed that her throat had been cut by Yo-Yo Rodriguez using one of her own Chakram, with Rodriguez wanting revenge for Ruby having previously maimed her. Horrified at what she was seeing, the distraught Hale then caught Ruby in her arms and could no nothing to help as her daughter bled out and died right in front of her.

Hale locking her eyes with Yo-Yo Rodriguez

With Ruby now lying dead in her arms, Hale opened wept over her daughter's death before looking up at Rodriguez, filled with hatred for the woman who had murdered her daughter. Before Hale could do anything, however, they all witnessed Ruby's corpse floating up into the air due to all the Gravitonium still inside of her body. While everyone looked in confusion, all of the remaining Gravitonium then exploded out of Ruby's lifeless body, with the shockwave knocking everyone off their feet. Hale managed to regain consciousness from the blast first and had then made her escape from the facility.[13]

One Last Stand

Hale tells Qovas the Gravitonium's location

"You need to take a deep breath and calm your mind, Glenn. You know what's best. It's best if you comply."
"Compliance will be rewarded."
"That's right."
"And so will your betrayal."
―Hale and Glenn Talbot[src]

Having escaped, Hale returned to the HYDRA Preparatory Academy and used the Phase Harmonic Teleportation Device to then teleport herself inside of the Confederacy meeting room despite not having an invitation to do so, where she had then informed Qovas that S.H.I.E.L.D. had just successfully reclaimed the Gravitonium. When Qovas then asked her whether she would try to stop him from killing them, Hale replied that she no longer had reason to do so.[13]

Hale being visited by Phil Coulson in her cell

Hale remained on Qovas' Ship, where she waited for the outcomes of telling Qovas the location of the Lighthouse. After their failed attack to regain the Gravitonium, she was visited by Phil Coulson, who consoled her for the loss of her daughter. Hale, in turn, replied it was all her own fault as she was so blindly following HYDRA's ideals that she forgot she had a daughter and failed as a mother. Coulson asked her to help him sort out the situation and Hale replied she could not help in any way, although Coulson insisted and revealed that Glenn Talbot had infused himself with the Gravitonium.

Hale joining forces with Coulson and Talbot

Hale and Coulson joined Talbot and Qovas and Hale told about the races that formed the Confederacy. Hale recalled that they had strike a deal with the Confederacy to protect the Earth in return for resources comprising of Gravitonium and Inhumans. Talbot decided to go and meet the Confederacy to inquire about their plans and left Coulson in charge. While Talbot was away, Hale watched the space from the window and admired the view of stars, conveying to Coulson she always wanted to become an astronaut. When Coulson asked her why she did not join Gideon Malick's Project Distant Star Return, she answered that she was chosen for other plans by the leadership.

Hale and Coulson wait for Talbot to return

They were soon joined by Talbot who informed them about the attack by the forces of the Mad Titan Thanos. He also shared that he made a deal with Taryan, a Kree and a member of the House of Kasius to obtain more untapped reserves of Gravitonium and become invincible to protect Earth. Coulson desperately argued that Taryan could not be trusted as his descendant was their enemy and ruler of remains of the Humanity in the future. Hale witnessed as Talbot and Coulson argued, which led to Talbot forcing Coulson to kneel before him. Hale stood as Talbot claimed that he gained knowledge of untapped reserves of Gravitonium from Ian Quinn who was present in his head. They were suddenly informed of the arrival of a hostile aircraft. Talbot realized S.H.I.E.L.D. had arrived and angrily demanded to know who contacted them. Hale blamed Coulson in order to save her own life and witnessed the control room being stormed by Daisy Johnson and Melinda May.

Hale is crushed and killed by Glenn Talbot

When Talbot levitated Coulson in the air and ordered them to surrender, Hale saw that the situation was going out of control. Thus, she attempted to activate the Faustus programming on Talbot by reciting the trigger words. The plan seemingly succeeded when Talbot put Coulson down. However, to her horror, Talbot revealed he had broken out of her programming by replying she would be rewarded for her betrayal after which Talbot started to use his powers. Hale's body parts were crushed by Talbot's gravity powers and she was killed.[14]


"I've been angry for so long. You know, every time I got passed over, ignored, talked down to, I just swallowed it. I told myself I'd make it better for Ruby, but that anger was just always there the hatred. In the end, all I did was carry out HYDRA's agenda. I never even took a breath, stop to think about the gift that life had given me."
―Hale to Phil Coulson[src]

Hale was an extremely ruthless and dedicated agent to HYDRA. At a young age, she desired to become an astronaut until Daniel Whitehall forced her to bear the perfect warrior for Project Destroyer of Worlds, who became her daughter Ruby. She had a rivalry with Wolfgang von Strucker, the two of them continuously batting heads and getting into fights in their academy days. Hale even expressed contempt for Strucker in her adulthood saying she hardly stood to bear him, but she apparently respected his intellect.

Unlike most other HYDRA leaders, her past and role were more tragic, as she was forced to bear a child for Whitehall, completely stripping away what she truly wanted for her future. Much like Grant Ward, she felt remorse for having to kill her pet dog for her graduation.

Hale and Ruby used to be on good terms, eating lunch together and Ruby doing her best to make her mother proud. However, following the fall of HYDRA, the stress of having to lead the remnants of the organization caused Hale to become cold, ruthless and pragmatic. She killed her colleague Steger when he started to get hostile with Ruby, and she made no attempt to hide her disappointment of Ruby when she purposely failed to capture the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, calling her as such right to her face in anger. She brutally executed her subordinates Lucas and Evans in cold blood for their failure in recapturing Leo Fitz, showing no tolerance for failure.

Hale was shown to give barely any mercy to her prisoners. She only agreed to meet Fitz' demands if he helped her find the missing agents, and was quick to take away his privileges when he no longer seemed useful. She tortured and brainwashed Glenn Talbot into telling her the location of Strucker's Particle Infusion Chamber, and left him mentally broken. After Phil Coulson disagreed with her plan on using the chamber to fuse Daisy Johnson with Gravitonium based on what he saw in the year 2091, she locked him in his room without a bed and food. It was implied that she would never have allowed Werner von Strucker to leave the facility, as she still needed the information in his head for her plan.

She distrusted the Confederacy despite becoming a pawn to them, and was under the impression that they would turn around and enslave Earth as soon as they got what they wanted, which Taryan, a Confederacy member, eventually confirmed. To this, she offered an alliance to Coulson and S.H.I.E.L.D. to stop the invasion, showing that for all her villainous nature, she still desired to keep the world safe.

Despite the ruthlessness of her character and her affiliation with HYDRA, Hale still tried to be a good mother to Ruby. She did not want to put her in the chamber based on her instability and agreed to help her enemies find Ruby to ensure her safety. She and Johnson tried to work together to talk Ruby down after she went mad from infusing a small portion of the Gravitonium and was utterly devastated when Yo-Yo Rodriguez killed her, so much she gave up S.H.I.E.L.D.'s location to Qovas as vengeance for those responsible for killing her daughter. However, she eventually adopted a similarity to Gideon Malick, as when they both lost their daughters, they became a reluctant ally to Coulson and S.H.I.E.L.D. in order to help stop the bigger threat to humanity (Hive for Malick, the Confederacy for Hale).

Hale was capable of expressing regret for actions she caused, apologizing to Coulson for getting Rodriguez's arms chopped off, and later expressing regret for all of her actions as HYDRA's minion following Ruby's death, knowing that she had a choice to have her and Ruby lead a normal life, but instead chose to continue serving her loyal cause, which ended up ruining her life and leading to her own inevitable death. Hale is probably one of the less extremists HYDRA members, despite his fault and following HYDRA's philosophy to the letter.


  • Expert Marksman: As a military and a HYDRA officer, Hale was trained to use various firearms. She accurately killed both Evans and Lucas with precise shots to the forehead. She also shot Deke Shaw in the shoulder during the Escape from the HYDRA Preparatory Academy, heavily wounding him and nearly killing him, and shot and killed Steger.
  • Expert Tactician: To be added



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"What is this contraption?"
"To be honest, I have no idea. They use it to move ships through the galaxies."
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  • HYDRA Preparatory Academy: Hale was trained to become a high-ranking HYDRA officer in the organization's academy, where she was notably selected by Daniel Whitehall to give birth to the main subject of the Project Destroyer of Worlds. Years later, following the fall of HYDRA, Hale returned to the HYDRA Preparatory Academy and turned it into her secret base of operations, is responsible for the last incarnation of HYDRA. She held Glenn Talbot prisoner in this facility, where she also took Werner von Strucker and Carl Creel in an attempt to gather a team to take down S.H.I.E.L.D.. Eventually, the facility was compromised by S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Blue Raven Ridge: Hale had Leo Fitz held in Blue Raven Ridge, where he was consistently questioned about the whereabouts of his friends and killed the two soldiers who failed to get the information.






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  • In Rise and Shine, Glenn Talbot angrily calls Hale a Kraken upon learning of her allegiance to HYDRA. This is an indirect nod to the comics, where Daniel Whitehall was a legendary HYDRA operative known as the Kraken; Whitehall is Hale's mentor in the MCU.

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