Hajo was one of the gladiators of Sakaar. He died during the Battle of the Rainbow Bridge while trying to save the people of Asgard.


Gladiator in Sakaar

Hajo was a gladiator fighting in the Grand Arena. He watched the duel between Thor and the Hulk, chanting Thor's name with the others as he seemed to gain the upper hand over the Grandmaster's Champion.[1]

Joining the Rebellion

Valkyrie provided the gladiator Korg with weapons and disabled the Obedience Disks of the gladiators, initiating the Sakaaran Rebellion which Hajo joined. He and his fellow gladiators made their way to the Grandmaster's garage where they accepted Loki's leadership and stole the Statesman.[1]

Death in Battle

Hajo getting overwhelmed by the Berserkers

The rebels flew the Statesman to Asgard, near the Rainbow Bridge. While the Asgardians boarded the ship to evacuate, Hajo joined the battle against Hela. However, he was slain by several Berserkers shortly after beginning the fight, when his center was exposed and he was stabbed while fighting off a particularly large adversary.[1]






Behind the Scenes

  • Hajo was named after Stellan Hajo, one of Taika Waititi's best friends.[3]
  • Shane Rangi portrayed the character through motion capture and his likeness was used for his central head.
  • Waititi modeled Hajo's left head through motion capture while the right one is modeled after Chris Hemsworth.


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