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"I'm still that skinny kid from Brooklyn, now just in a big metal suit."
"You're more than the suit. The suit is nothing without the man inside. You're my hero, Steve. I mean, you're a hero."
―Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter[src]

Steven Grant "Steve" Rogers is one of the agents of the Allied powers recruited into the Strategic Scientific Reserve during World War II. In order to join the war efforts, Howard Stark created a suit of armor for him, dubbed the HYDRA Stomper by Dum Dum Dugan.


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World War II

Attack on SSR Brooklyn Facility

Rogers joins Project Rebirth

Like his main counterpart, Steve Rogers joined Project Rebirth to become the first super soldier. Before the process begun Rogers asked Peggy Carter if it was all necessary, which Carter told him how more places would fall by the Third Reich without a super soldier. Rogers got in the Vita-Ray Chamber to be injected with the Super Soldier Serum when Heinz Kruger detonated an explosive causing chaos around with Kruger blowing up Abraham Erskine, shooting Chester Phillips dead, and attempting to steal the serum.

Rogers witnesses the explosion

Rogers tried to help but was shot by Kruger. However, Carter was able to kill Kruger and tried to help Rogers. When John Flynn ordered Rogers or Howard Stark to take the serum, Carter knew they had to hurry so she told Rogers she'll be back before taking the serum herself. When she emerged from the chamber, Rogers along with Stark was amazed by Carter's new physique, with Stark saying the project was a success.[1]

Comforting Carter

Rogers speaks with Peggy Carter

John Flynn however saw the Project Rebirth as a failure and sidelined Peggy Carter along with the recovering Rogers. While Rogers was trying to recover on walking, he saw Carter was letting her anger out by tossing dumbbell disks at the wall saying as she wished to do that to Adolf Hitler. Rogers told Carter that at least she wasn't being forced into doing USO tours, selling war bonds, and being told to smile all the time. Rogers told Carter how he never could dance with someone, while Carter noted that he never had the right partner.

Rogers then noticed some troops marching out the window and lamented how his friend Bucky Barnes' troop had been missing for some time. Carter, Stark, and Flynn later found a group of HYDRA soldiers escorting Arnim Zola and the Tesseract from Tønsberg with Flynn denied retrieving, causing Carter and Stark to go behind his back and send the newly minted Captain Carter to successively retrieve both. Stark later used the Tesseract to power an armored suit designed by him, summoning and asking Rogers if he was ready to join the war effort.[1]

Presumed Dead

Rogers, Captain Carter, and the Howling Commandos were sent on a mission to intercept the Schnellzug EB912, which the Red Skull was on. As needed on the mission, Rogers needed a confirmation that the HYDRA leader was indeed on the train, so he broke the hull of the train to gain a visual. This was when Rogers learned that the train was full of explosives. He attempted to signal the rest of the crew before the explosives detonated, presumably taking Rogers down with the train. Broken by the turn of events, this fueled Carter even more to put a stop to HYDRA.[1]

Captured by HYDRA

Rogers armors up to fight HYDRA

Presumed dead by his allies and Peggy Carter, Rogers was captured by HYDRA along with his armor. Rogers was left on the floor, while his armor was presumably being inspected and experimented on. Later on, Captain Carter and the Howling Commandos attacked the castle Rogers was being kept. Rogers was found by Bucky Barnes and insisted that he needed to once again don the HYDRA Stomper armor so he can join the fight against HYDRA.[1]

Aiding Carter

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Final Promise

"I have to. I can end this."
"You owe me a dance lesson."
"Yes, Saturday night."
Captain Carter and Steve Rogers[src]

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Powers and Abilities

HYDRA Stomper Armor Capabilities

Support Powers

  • Superhuman Strength: To be added
  • Flight: To be added

Defensive Powers

  • Superhuman Durability: The HYDRA Stomper was durable enough to handle bullets from planes to tanks. Rogers was even able to survive a train explosion with no damage.

Offensive Powers

  • Repulsors: To be added


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  • In the Bullet Points series, set in an alternate timeline of the Marvel Comics, Steve Rogers became Iron Man and was surgically drafted to a armor suit by the American Government, because Abraham Erskine was killed before he could create perform his experiments with the Super Soldier Serum.


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