The HYDRA Quadcopter is a large vehicle dedicated to the extraction and capture of Inhumans. Equipped with an Extraction Claw, the QuadCopter was capable of securing and transporting Inhumans quickly.


In response to Gideon Malick's desire to build an Inhuman army for Hive, HYDRA developed the QuadCopter as a tool for capturing Inhumans. After receiving reports of Inhuman activity in Bogotá, Colombia, a QuadCopter was dispatched to retrieve the powered persons. The rotorcraft arrived at a station of the National Police of Colombia and deployed an Extraction Claw, using it to drill through the roof. The craft captured Lucio in its cargo bay and returned to Gideon Malick's Headquarters.[1]

While monitoring emergency response lines, HYDRA was alerted to Edwin Abbott, a man who claimed to have a vision in which he would be killed by HYDRA. Believing this to be an Inhuman occurrence, HYDRA sent a HYDRA QuadCopter to investigate. Upon arriving in Dyker Heights, New York City, the craft was spotted and fired upon by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. The QuadCopter fired its missiles as a distraction and destroyed several police cars before killing Abbott with its minigun. The craft focused its attention to Charles Hinton, the target Inhuman. The QuadCopter deployed its Extraction Claw, captured Hinton, and flew off to Gideon Malick.[2]

With the fall of HYDRA, Hive possessed many of HYDRA equipment, including the QuadCopter. After he was caught by S.H.I.E.L.D., Hive's servants, Giyera and Hellfire, used the QuadCopter to reach his location in the Playground. They released the Absolution Virus inside the Playground form the QuadCopter,[3] and then landed in the base's hangar, where they rejoined with Hive.[4]

Years later, Ruby Hale and Werner von Strucker used a HYDRA QuadCopter to journey to a facility in England where the Particle Infusion Chamber was kept by HYDRA.[5]


HYDRA QuadCopter-Spacetime

The HYDRA QuadCopter shooting

The HYDRA QuadCopter is an advanced quadrotor VTOL aircraft designed for the quick capture and transport of Inhumans. It possesses four large rotors, one on each wing, for propulsion and takeoff/landing. To secure its targets, the craft will hover over the area and deploy an Extraction Claw, which retrieves and returns the victim to the QuadCopter. For offensive purposes, the QuadCopter is armed with various missile pods built into the hull of the craft as well as a GAU-17/A Gatling Gun mounted on the underside of the cockpit.


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