HYDRA Head 2 was a member of the Inner Circle of HYDRA. She remained one of the final surviving leaders of HYDRA after Malick's betrayal, so she and the others volunteered to undergo Holden Radcliffe's experiments for Hive in order to become Inhumans and join his army. However the experiment was a failure and she died a horrifically painful death.



As a member of HYDRA's inner circle, HYDRA Head 2 presumably focused much of her life into HYDRA's most ancient goal, to return Hive, the God of the Inhumans, back to Earth from his exile on Maveth.[5]

Meeting Hive

"Your ancestors started HYDRA, you fought to bring me back yet are the only faithful to evade being captured after Gideon Malick's spineless betrayal."
Hive to Kirk Vogel[src]

HYDRA Head 2,Gideon Malick,Stephanie Malick and the other HYDRA agents meet.

HYDRA Head 2 and the rest of the inner circle of HYDRA were summoned to the Malick Mansion by Stephanie Malick for an unknown but highly important reason. Once they arrived, Vogel spoke with the other HYDRA leaders while they awaited news as to why they had been gathered, as Vogel expected it to be another ceremony to choose a new sacrifice to their Inhuman leader. The leaders of HYDRA were eventually greeted by Gideon Malick who explained to them that they were not there for another sacrifice but rather they were there for a celebration. HYDRA Head 1 and HYDRA Head 2 listed particularly hard to his words. However Malick was interrupted when Hive stepped forward, revealing he had been freed from Maveth. Hive went on to prove his identity as the God of the Inhumans by revealing his true tentacled form to the group.[5]

Failed Experiment

Failed Experiments 6

HYDRA Head 2 with the last surviving heads of HYDRA

Together with two of the last surviving members of the inner circle of HYDRA after Brigadier General Glenn Talbot had launched the Destruction of HYDRA due to Gideon Malick giving up key information about their organization to S.H.I.E.L.D., HYDRA Head 2 was invited to visit Hive at Union City. Here, she listened to Hive's origin story and how he was turned into one of the first Inhumans before he went on to tell them that they will be rewarded by re-creating the Kree experiments on them.

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HYDRA Head 2 is killed during the experiment

HYDRA Head 2 and the other two volunteers agreed to be put through the test and received a mixture of ingredients including Hive's Inhuman DNA from Grant Ward's body made by Holden Radcliffe. Since the mixture was missing the DNA of a living Kree, the experiment failed and the three had a terrible reaction to the mixture. She, HYDRA Head 1, and Kirk Vogel screamed in agony as her flesh and bones melted away before Hive's eyes.[6]




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