"Herr Doktor Reinhardt, Red Skull has fallen. He's dead. The Allies approach."
HYDRA Fortress Officer to Werner Reinhardt[src]

The HYDRA Fortress Officer was a Lieutenant of HYDRA during World War II.


Werner Reinhardt had discovered that a Chinese woman could touch the Obelisk without becoming petrified, when this officer came into the room and announced the death of the Red Skull and the need for evacuation.[1]


  • Uniform: During World War II, the Officer wore the black Waffen-SS Panzer uniform with the rank insignia of Obersturmführer (Senior Storm Leader/Lieutenant). Like Reinhardt, his officer cap also had the HYDRA badge instead of the SS Totenkopf badge. His uniform had the HYDRA badge instead of the SS rune patch on the right side of the collar.





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