"Mr. Carson introduced me to these fine gentlemen here, they're representatives of HYDRA. They’re not what they were, they’re doing some interesting work."
Darren Cross to Hope van Dyne[src]

The HYDRA Buyer was an operative of HYDRA and the Ten Rings. His attempt to buy the Yellowjacket Suit with Mitchell Carson was thwarted when Ant-Man intervened, the buyer was knocked out.


Yellowjacket Suit

Ant-Man 10 Rings 4

As a member of both HYDRA and the Ten Rings, HYDRA Buyer was contacted by Mitchell Carson who attempted to strike a deal with Darren Cross, in order to obtain the Yellowjacket Suit. The suit, created by Cross Technologies, would provide access to the shrinking technology Carson wanted from Hank Pym decades before. Cross, deranged due to the neurotoxic effects of the Pym Particles, made a deal with Carson and his HYDRA agents: they would kill Pym and pay Cross double for the suit, however, they were interrupted by Hope van Dyne and Scott Lang.[1]







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