"He had two men with him. My experience is limited but I'd say they were professionals."
Andrew Garner[src]

The HYDRA Arsonist was one of Grant Ward's operatives until he was killed during a mission by his target Andrew Garner.


Attack on Andrew Garner

Lash's Retaliation

Under the orders of Grant Ward, the HYDRA Arsonist joined another agent and Werner von Strucker in cornering Andrew Garner in a store. While Strucker spoke to Garner, the HYDRA Arsonist locked the door and began pouring gasoline over the floor ready to burn the shop down.[1]


The Arsonist is killed by Lash

Before Garner could be killed, a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent tried to defend him, only to be gunned down by the HYDRA Assassin. To their shock, Garner then transformed into his true Inhuman form of Lash and proceeded to kill his attackers, blasting a hole in the HYDRA Arsonist's chest and killing him instantly.[2]


  • Expert Marksman: The HYDRA Arsonist's training gave him a large knowledge of how to use firearms, with Andrew Garner being able to identify him as a professional based his killing of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent.





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