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"HYDRA. Hitler's very own Supernatural Sciences Division."
Peggy Carter to John Flynn[src]

HYDRA was an authoritarian paramilitary-subversive terrorist organization bent on world domination formerly led by Johann Schmidt.


World War II

Destruction of Castle Rock Tower

Johann Schmidt finds the Tesseract

During World War II, Johann Schmidt, German SS officer and leader of HYDRA, organized an incursion in Norway searching for the Tesseract. Following its trails until reaching a church full of Viking warriors entombed within its walls, Schmidt interrogated the Church Keeper, who tried to make Schmidt cease his search, claiming the Tesseract was a simple myth. Finding a hidden button on a Nidhogg depiction, he found the Tesseract as the Church Keeper was promptly killed by HYDRA soldiers.[1]

Assassination of Abraham Erskine

Heinz Kruger kills Chester Phillips

As Steve Rogers was being set up for the Super Soldier Serum experiment, Peggy Carter decided to go with Rogers instead of staying in the observation room. As Erskine was explaining how the experiment worked, Carter noticed Heinz Kruger, who was about to activate a bomb within a case next to Erskine. Carter rushed to stop him, but she was too late as the bomb went off. Heinz killed Chester Phillips and shot Rogers in the gut, though he was killed by Carter. Due to this predicament, Carter underwent the experiment and became a super soldier.[1]

Capture of Arnim Zola

HYDRA tries to stop Captain Carter

For her first mission, Captain Carter was sent to Berlin in order to capture Arnim Zola, who was being escorted in a convoy. She took the escorts down, though more reinforcements came. After Carter took them down, she was confronted by Brick, though he was beaten down and knocked out. Afterward, Carter found Zola in one of the trucks and took him in.[1]

Liberation of Allied Prisoners of War

HYDRA is attacked by Captain Carter again

Captain Carter then went to the Austrian HYDRA Weapons Facility in order to find Bucky Barnes and invaded the facility. During her incursion, she came across some POWs, including Dum Dum Dugan, and freed them from their cells. Leading them, Carter, Barnes, and the other POWs escaped from the facility with assistance from Rogers, who became the HYDRA Stomper.[1]

Attack on HYDRA Facilities

Johann Schmidt kills Roeder

Following the liberation of the POWs, Peggy Carter, Steve Rogers, and Bucky Barnes formed the Howling Commandos and went on a campaign against HYDRA, taking down their bases and other facilities. Enraged at HYDRA's failure, Roeder and his soldiers went to the Castle de Krake on behalf of Adolf Hitler and confronted Schmidt. Roeder reprimanded Schmidt on his failures, but was shot by Schmidt as Schmidt revealed his true self before Roeder died.[1]

Attack on the HYDRA Train

One of the missions of the Howling Commandos involved the assassination of Johann Schmidt on the Schnellzug EB912. As Steve Rogers slowed down the train, the Commandos landed on the top of the train, though Bucky Barnes nearly fell off. Rogers told Captain Carter that he was heading inside the train, though once inside, he discovered that the locomotive was rigged with explosives, which went off and destroyed the train. With the train destroyed, the Commandos believed that Rogers was dead, though HYDRA found Rogers and the HYDRA Stomper Armor, transporting them both to the Castle de Krake and torturing Rogers.[1]

Attack on Castle de Krake

Red Skull getting crushed by his Champion

For their final mission, the Howling Commandos planned out an attack on the Castle de Krake in order to save Steve Rogers as well as stop Johann Schmidt from unleashing the Champion of HYDRA. As the Commandos invaded the castle, they split up as Bucky Barnes' group went to save Rogers while Captain Carter and Howard Stark went to stop Schmidt. As Schmidt activated his device, it opened up a wormhole, which unleashed the creature. Schmidt tried to control the creature, but was unable to, resulting in his death. The creature grabbed onto other HYDRA scientists and personnel that were in the room as Carter tried to hold it back. The two were joined by Barnes' group as well as Rogers as they fought against the creature, though the fight only ended when Carter sacrificed herself. In the aftermath of the fight, the Castle de Krake was destroyed and HYDRA was seemingly defeated.[1]


Name Position Status
Johann Schmidt Leader Deceased
Arnim Zola Scientist In Custody
Heinz Kruger Spy Deceased
Brick Soldier Unknown




  • Luger P08: While supplanted by the Walther P38, the venerable old Luger is still shown being used by HYDRA Assassin Heinz Kruger during his botched theft of the Super Soldier Serum.
  • Mauser C96: Johann Schmidt's pistol of choice. He used this weapon once, to kill Roeder following a conversation that ended in bad blood between the two.
  • MP40: The standard-issue submachine gun of the Wehrmacht during World War II, the MP40 is also seen being heavily utilized by HYDRA soldiers in every theater and battlefield they appear in as their primary weapon of choice.
  • Gewehr 43: The soldiers tasked with guarding Arnim Zola during the transport of the Tesseract to Berlin were armed with Gewehr 43 semiautomatic rifles, though they switch to MP40s when attempting to kill Captain Carter.
  • MG34: These vehicle-mounted general-purpose machine guns were shown mounted on BMW R75 motorcycle and sidecar combos, and are used against Captain Carter during her first combat mission in Berlin. A few are also mounted in the Tiger I tanks also used by them.
  • MG42: Supplanting the MG34 as the standard general-purpose machine gun, these newer machine guns were among the weapons used by the garrison in the Austrian HYDRA Weapons Facility. They're later used to defend Castle de Krake from the Howling Commandos.
  • Custom automatic rifle: A new weapon introduced late in the war, these new, customized rifles were wielded by some HYDRA soldiers during Captain Carter's and the Howling Commandos' assault on Castle de Krake. Sgt. Barnes and some of the Howling Commandos would switch their Thompson submachine guns for this weapon after either running out of ammo or finding the weapon better.


  • Schnellzug EB912: This vehicle was an advanced train built by HYDRA to act as a mobile base and transport for HYDRA soldiers in Europe. It was destroyed after a HYDRA trap, which lured Steve Rogers, was activated.
  • BMW R75: A motorcycle and sidecar combination used by the Wehrmacht, HYDRA can be seen utilizing them against Captain Carter during the retrieval of the Tesseract in Berlin, as part of the convoy escorting Arnim Zola. A version without the sidecar mounted is commandeered by Captain Carter from a HYDRA soldier in order to enter the Austrian HYDRA Weapons Facility.
  • Opel Blitz: The standard transport truck of the Wehrmacht, the Opel Blitz is also heavily utilized by HYDRA as their main method of road transport. They are most notably used to transport Arnim Zola and his escort of soldiers during Captain Carter's retrieval of the Tesseract in Berlin.
  • Johann Schmidt's Coupe: Schmidt used this car to get around.
  • Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger I Ausf. E: Rather than utilize the HYDRA Uber Tank prototype design during the raid on Tonsberg, HYDRA here are seen utilizing the Tiger I Heavy Tank, which, in 1943, was the most advanced German tank in Wehrmacht service.


  • HYDRA SS Uniform: The uniform worn by members of HYDRA throughout World War II. While visually similar to the uniforms worn by Heer and other SS units, HYDRA SS uniforms were distinguished from their fellow German units by being a darker grey hue overall as well as the red HYDRA logo sewn onto the right shoulders of their tunics. In addition, they also wore motorcycle goggles far more often. HYDRA SS Officer uniforms were similar to those of the rest of the SS, complete with a gray officer's cap, but featured red collar bands similar to those seen on high-ranking Heer officer uniforms.




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