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"Show some respect, you murdering, stealing bitch!"
―Gwen McIver to Mama Mabel[src]

Gwen McIver was the wife of Quincy McIver and the mother of John McIver.


Fleeing New York

"Nobody asked her to stay away."
"Did that on me own, after what yuh did to Quincy."
Pistol Pete and Gwen McIver[src]

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Lawsuit with the Stokes

"Please be reasonable. Both men are dead. It was a tragedy. All Ms. McIver is asking for is her fair share of her late husband's estate."
Terence Rogers to Mama Mabel, Pistol Pete, and Ben Donovan[src]

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Killed by Mama Mabel

"I remember the bottle flying through the window. A Bushmaster bottle."
"It's not true."
"Filled with gas and a lit cloth inside. Yeah. When it landed, the flames went everywhere. The fire moved so fast. My madda put me outside the window and she told me, she yell, "Run!" So I did. I never saw her again."
Bushmaster and Mariah Dillard to Tilda Johnson[src]

During the night as she and her son slept, they were awakened to the sound of shattering glass and the roar of flames. Frightened, McIver hurried to John, pulling him close and telling him to leave through the window of their hut. As the flames continued to grow and devour the hut, McIver died in the collapse.[1]


"Because she cook, and she clean, but she walk in the road like a queen."
John McIver to Anansi[src]

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