"To Guterman; the story you created of a soldier from another Earth named Quentin fighting space monsters in Europe is totally ridiculous, and apparently exactly the kind of thing people believe right now!"
Quentin Beck to Guterman[src]

Gutes Guterman is a former Stark Industries employee who had joined Quentin Beck's Crew to aid Mysterio on his campaign into becoming the next greatest hero by using the Elementals for Mysterio to "defeat" them and finally be recognized. As such, Guterman made up the stories about the Elementals coming from an alternate Earth.


Working for Stark Industries

Gutes Guterman used to work for Stark Industries. During his time as an employee he developed a dislike towards Tony Stark. Following the Battle of Earth, in which Stark lost his life, Guterman joined Quentin Beck and his Crew.[1]

Working for Quentin Beck

As part of his job on Quentin Beck's Crew, Guterman was assigned to make up the backstories of Quentin Beck and the Elementals. Guterman later hacked the Stark Industries Satellite to make "Nick Fury" and "Maria Hill" believe the story after Beck rescued them from the Sandman on Ixtenco, Mexico.

While Peter Parker was enjoying his school trip in Venice, Guterman, along with Beck, spied on Parker and Michelle Jones and unleashed Hydro-Man onto the Grand Canal, where Mysterio arrived and saved the day.

After Beck and Spider-Man defeated Molten Man in Prague, Spider-Man trusted Beck enough to give him Tony Stark's Glasses. Afterward, Beck celebrated his success with his crew, toasting for every member of his crew including Guterman, thanking him for his success in creating believable backstories. However, when Spider-Man and Michelle Jones found one of the Illusion Projectors, they became aware of Mysterio's ruse.

With Spider-Man after him, Mysterio threatened to kill his crew for the Drone left behind, but desisted as he still needed them. When Parker's class arrived on London, Guterman was sent to pick up the class with a double-decker bus. When the final battle of Mysterio against Spider-Man began, Guterman made his getaway and left the students and their teachers to their fate on the London Bridge. However, Parker's class was ultimately able to survive thanks to the intervention of Happy Hogan, while Mysterio was killed by accident while trying to kill Spider-Man.[1]







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