"The owner and I had creative differences."
"Meaning the owner is a dick. And a lousy manager."
"He seems to be doing all right."
"No, trust me. Running a club is an art. He never got that."
Stirling Adams, Jessica Jones and Trish Walker[src]

Gus was a club owner and drug dealer who attempted to initiate a sexual encounter with Trish Walker.


Drug Dealer

Scolding Stirling Adams

"What'd I tell you about over-pouring? Your breakage is higher than any other bartender."
"I'm cultivating loyal customers."
"You're cultivating tips and ass. Stick to the measurements."
―Gus and Stirling Adams[src]

Standing behind the counter as he counted his money and having witnessed Stirling Adams pour a customer a drink, Gus spoke to him from aside, in which he ridiculed him on how he prepared drinks. Scolding him to stick to the measurements, his employee threatened to quit if it were to continue; Gus called bluff, to which Adams took a bottle and climbed over the countertops, declaring himself quits.

Jessica Jones laughed at the manager in losing an employee before retreating to her sister.[1]

Manipulating Trish Walker

"Get your skeevy hands off her."
"You're interrupting."
"Gus, leave her alone."
"You wanted to get on your knees."
Jessica Jones, Gus and Trish Walker[src]

Gus was an acquaintance of Trish Walker and hooked her up with some drugs. In return, Trish took him into a club bathroom to perform oral sex on him. Jessica Jones interrupted them and forced Gus to leave.[1]






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