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"Why does the guy named Gunner get stuck throwing rocks?"
"'Cause you're damn good at it."
―Gunner and Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

Gunner is a scavenger living in the Lighthouse who was in debt with Grill and one of the very few humans allowed to have a baby.


Expecting a Baby

"Kids are scarce here because of people like you who only understand violence and death! I hope you never get the privilege. You'd mess it up, anyway. People like you don't deserve a child."
―Gunner to Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

Gunner was one the Humans inhabiting the Lighthouse who found himself to be in debt with Grill, the ruler of the Salvage, and had trouble gathering enough tokens to pay him back. Therefore, Grill tasked Alphonso Mackenzie with intimidating Gunner so he would honor his debt.

Gunner also had the luck to be designated to raise a baby along with his wife. He gathered some stuff to prepare for the baby's arrival from the level 35 of the Lighthouse. However, he was confronted by Mackenzie and Yo-Yo Rodriguez, who only knew that Gunner was expecting some "package". Gunner was disgusted by Mackenzie's attitude who threatened to dump the "package" in a crushing mill and when Mackenzie finally realized his mistake, Gunner abruptly told him that he did not deserve to have a child of his own. Enraged, Mackenzie punched Gunner, who only saw in it the confirmation of Mackenzie's unfitness to parenthood.

Some time later, the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents decided to apologize for their seemingly careless behavior and secretly delivered an extremely valuable rhodium token that they had obtained from Deke Shaw to Gunner. Thanks to it, Gunner was able to pay his debt to Grill and could envisage to decently raise his baby.[1]

Joining the Rebellion

"Wait, you want us to hand our kids over to that lunatic? Hell, no!"
"Even if we were crazy enough to do that, we can't trust Kasius to hold his end of the bargain."
"Then we fight! Take him out!"
―Gunner and Yo-Yo Rodriguez[src]

Gunner survived the Vrellnexians unleashed by Kasius in the inhabited levels of the Lighthouse and decided to fight alongside with Alphonso Mackenzie and Yo-Yo Rodriguez against the Kree Watch. He took part in an ambush during which two Kree guards were killed, although Gunner complained that his role of throwing rocks as a distraction was not really fitting his name. Later, Gunner saw Tess come back among them after being revived by the Kree.

Rebels Salvage

Gunner and the rebels gather at the Salvage

When Mackenzie discovered that Kasius had rigged the Lighthouse with powerful bombs scattered in all the place, threatening to detonate them if his demands were not met, Gunner and the other inhabitants gathered at the Salvage. There, Mackenzie and Rodriguez told that they would turn themselves in in order to get a change at eliminating Kasius. In the meantime, they tasked Gunner and all the others to find more bombs and move them in the same place, so that the Humans could get to safety. The plan proved to be successful and when the bombs exploded, Gunner and the others survived the blast. After that, Gunner went to see his wife and baby and found them unharmed as well.[2]


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