"Where am I?"
"En Guatemala. Pueblito está a 80 kilómetros más adelante"
Bruce Banner and Guatemalan Trucker[src]

Guatemala, officially the Republic of Guatemala, is a country located in Central America.


Elena Cardenas' Early Life

"Mi madre make this, all the time in Guatemala. Now I make para ustedes, como gracias."
―Elena Cardenas[src]

Elena Cardenas was born in Guatemala, where her mother cooked a special dish for her family. Cardenas herself learnt how to cook it, and she began to prepare it for special occasions.

Over the years, Cardenas eventually moved out of Guatemala, and settled in New York City.[1]

Bruce Banner's Travels

Bruce Banner (Guatemala)

Bruce Banner stranded in Guatemala

Bruce Banner awoke in Guatemala a day after he was ambushed in Brazil by General Thaddeus Ross and a unit led by Emil Blonsky.

Having crossed entire countries during his transformation as Hulk, Banner found himself dazed and nearly naked in a location he could not recognize, and wandered through the jungle until finding a truck driver that told him his location and helped him arrive to the nearest village.[2]


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