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Guardians of the Galaxy: Galaxy's Most Wanted is a digital comic set before the events Guardians of the Galaxy.



Rocket Raccoon chases Baldo through the hub space port on Paramatar. Baldo escapes into a forest and rests against a tree, which turns out to be Groot. Rocket catches up to Baldo and the duo apprehend him.

They take Baldo downtown and hand him over to D'Xtar. Rocket is outraged when D'Xtar only pays them 400 credits despite the fact that the bounty on Baldo was 900. Sick of being cheated, the pair think their luck is changing when a woman leads them into a bar promising them free drinks. Unfortunately, they discover that it is a trap and that a bounty has been placed on Rocket when they are ambushed by bounty hunters. Rocket produces his Laser Cannon, causing huge damage to the bar and confusion among the bounty hunters.

Suddenly, Groot grabs Rocket. Rocket is shocked and hurt by his friend's betrayal. When some bounty hunters surround them, Rocket shoots off the end of Groot's finger to escape from his grip. Rocket is chased through the streets by both Groot and the bounty hunters. He escapes into a building by tapping the wires of a lock. He runs into a bounty hunter who is sick of Rocket collecting bounties he feels he deserves, and prepares to kill him.

Groot then crashes through the wall. Rocket informs him that the bounty hunter put the bounty on him to thin out the competition. Groot threatens the bounty hunter, who cancels the bounty on Rocket. Groot then reveals that betraying Rocket was an act so that Rocket would attack him and make him angry, as he is a better fighter in that state. Rocket is thankful and the two leave.






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