"I've received an S.O.S. signal from Miss Carter. Apparently, she's at the Griffith Observatory, and I fear she may be in some trouble."
Edwin Jarvis to Daniel Sousa[src]

The Griffth Observatory is an observatory facility located in the hills above Los Angeles.


Enjoying the View

"I love coming up here. Helps me keep some perspective."
Jason Wilkes to Peggy Carter[src]

Jason Wilkes brought Peggy Carter to the Griffith Observatory where the two of the enjoyed the view of downtown Los Angeles. As they took in the view, Wiles pointed out the dark outskirts of the city and told Carter that was where he grew up. He then told her he got a janitorial job at the observatory to earn money for college.[1]

Attack on Jason Wilkes

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Ant-Man's Mission

One of several missions undertaken by Hank Pym, while working for S.H.I.E.L.D. and acting as the superhero Ant-Man, took place at the Griffith Observatory.[2]

Restoring Power

"Oh, shit."
Chase Stein[src]

An abandoned mansion near the Griffth Observatory was found by the Runaways.[3] While Chase Stein and Gert Yorkes were trying to to bring power back to the mansion, the Griffith Observatory had a blackout when Stein tried turned on the circuit breaker. The power at the Griffith Observatory, as well as in the abandoned mansion, was restaured after Stein have stolen batteries to repair the circuit breaker.[4]


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