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"Work and love, keep them separate."
"I don't want to hurt my best friend."
"Babe, if you want to do the news, the story has to be your best friend."
―Griffin Sinclair and Trish Walker[src]

Griffin Sinclair is a traveling journalist who pursued a romantic interest in radio host Trish Walker.


Momentary Diversion

"So let's blow off the literacy fund-raiser. Get Jessica drunk."
"I don't need a lot of help there."
"Then we'll take you home."
"It's okay. I don't wanna be the cause of stupid kids, too."
"See? Black humor."
―Griffin Sinclair, Jessica Jones, and Trish Walker[src]

Sinclair traveled alongside Trish Walker to the courthouse to bail out Jessica Jones, where he conversed briefly between the two women before being pulled away by a marrying couple for pictures.[1]

A Missing Trish

"Griffin, why don't you go home? She might be there."
"Don't manage me, okay? I know she's in trouble."
Jessica Jones and Griffin Sinclair[src]

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Proposal Party

"So, I brought our friends and family together because, well, I want you to feel pressured. And because your answer means too much to me to leave any wiggle room. Fortunately, we only have to do this part once. I ask, you answer. [...] What do you say, Trish Walker? I'm asking you to marry me."
―Griffin Sinclair to Trish Walker[src]

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Return to Work

"I'm reporting from the Aleppo Citadel war zone, where Syrian forces have launched a full-scale offensive after three days of heavy artillery and air strikes. Militant targets were in the besieged areas, with previous gains in the Sheikh Sa'eed neighborhood. Rebel forces on the ground have held the line around their stronghold. Though it may only be a waiting game at this point."
―Griffin Sinclair[src]

Sometime after breaking up with Trish, Griffin returned to his job as a field reporter, doing coverage on the Syrian Civil War.[4]


"The dude has lived, but he is an actual decent human being."
Jessica Jones to Trish Walker[src]

Sinclair has a confident demeanour, to the point of being pushy, such as when he gets visibly annoyed when Jessica Jones and Trish Walker keep him out of the loop of their progress on investigating IGH.

While he means well, he seems a little 'too nice' and protective. Trish rejects his engagement offer and he's never seen or heard from again.


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