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"Now, we know that one monolith was "space", another was "time". What if the third one was "creation"?"
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The Grey Di'Alla (Monolith) is one of the three Di'Allas from the Fear Dimension, created by Izel.


As well as White Monolith and Black Monolith, Grey Monolith was taken from the Fear Dimension on Earth by Izel. Using the material of the Di'Allas, the Incan civilization built the Temple of the Forgotten in Yucatán. Izel believed that the Di'Allas were able to help her civilization escape the Fear Dimension and gain bodies, so she decided to use the Di'Allas, however, it was stolen from her.[1]

Eventually, the Di'Allas were stored at the Lighthouse where it was found by Noah but he was unable to identify the nature of the artifacts. When S.H.I.E.L.D. agents required the Kree Orb from HYDRA, it was remotely destroyed by Hale, and the Di'Allas were physically destroyed in the explosion.[2] The energy of the Di'Allas created a rift to the Fear Dimension, which was sealed by Phil Coulson, using the Gravity Containment Device.[3]

The Gravity Containment Device with the energy of Di'Allas inside was found by Izel who stole it from S.H.I.E.L.D., intending to reconstruct the Di'Allas.[4] Arriving at the Temple, Izel used Alphonso Mackenzie and Yo-Yo Rodriguez to manifest Flint, and took control over his body and geokinesis abilities and rebuilt the Di'Allas.[5] Izel then used the Di'Allas to open the gateway to the Fear Dimension, so The Third prepared to unleash their civilization on Earth, using the fragment of Grey Monolith. However, the Third was killed by Melinda May, while both Izel and Sarge were stopped by S.H.I.E.L.D., and the portal was closed. The Grey Monolith was then buried under rubble when the Temple of the Forgotten was destroyed.[6]


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  • According to Izel, the Grey Monolith is the most powerful of the three Di'Allas.[7]



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