Gretchen is a resident of the Lighthouse who joined Flint, Alphonso Mackenzie and Yo-Yo Rodriguez for the uprising against Kasius and the Kree.


Life on the Lighthouse

Gretchen was one of the Humans inhabiting the Lighthouse. She often traded with Flint. Right before the boy's Terrigenesis, she traded with him a tin can in exchange for a token.[1]


After Flint was taken by Yo-Yo Rodriguez following his Terrigenesis and thus was not delivered to the Kree, Kasius decided to retaliate by shutting down the power and releasing Vrellnexians in the inhabited levels of the Lighthouse. Gretchen confronted Flint about the situation, claiming that he was the one responsible and asking him to turn himself in. However, Alphonso Mackenzie defended Flint.

Gretchen sought refuge in the Salvage, where she was attacked by a Vrellnexian but ultimately rescued by Flint, Mackenzie and Rodriguez, who managed to eradicate the beasts while Gretchen hid in Grill's office. Once it was done, Gretchen was the first to have her Metric removed as the Humans decided to rebel against Kasius.[2]


Former Equipment





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