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"You even touch me, I'll tell the world about you, there'll be nowhere to hide."
"Do I look like I'm hiding? No, you want to know why? Because no one wants to know, they want to feel safe, they'd rather call you crazy than admit that I can lift this car or that I can melt your insides with my laser eyes, which won't leave a trace."
―Gregory Spheeris and Jessica Jones[src]

Gregory Spheeris is a nightclub owner who was served a subpoena by Jessica Jones after his incompetence caused a dancer brain damage.


Loosened Pole

"An exotic dancer fell off the stage when a pole came lose, severe concussion, some permanent brain damage. Spheeris claims she was always that stupid."
Jeri Hogarth to Jessica Jones[src]

Gregory Spheeris is the owner of an after-hours club where strippers and pole dancers can be seen. One night, one of the pole dancers was working when the pole she was using broke, causing her to fall and hit her head. She suffered brain trauma and memory loss and decided to sue Spheeris, who believed that the woman was always dim-witted and nothing was wrong with her that was not already there.

She went to Hogarth, Chao & Benowitz and Jeri Hogarth chose to represent her. Hogarth attempted to send Spheeris a subpoena for a court appearance, but each time she sent a messenger, Spheeris would have one of his many bodyguards intercept the person before the notice could be served.[1]

Getting Served

"You're not normal!"
"It's people like you who give people like you a bad name. Take the damn summons, Spheeris."
―Gregory Spheeris and Jessica Jones[src]

One evening as Spheeris left SoHo House in his expensive sports car, he was stopped by a woman in a leather coat, who was asking for directions to the Chrysler Building. Spheeris rudely dismissed her and attempted to drive away, only to discover that his car would not move. He looked back and saw the same woman lifting the back of his car. Realizing she was superhuman, Spheeris nervously threatened to tell the world about her and let them persecute her, but she dismissed his threats, stating that people would be too afraid to acknowledge that she even exists. And if not, she threatened to kill him with her "laser eyes". She then served him with his subpoena before taking a photo with her phone as proof and left.[1]

Lunch with a Friend

Spheeris and his wife went to lunch with Audrey Eastman, who sold his wife jewelry, and told her about the incident he had with the woman with super strength and that she worked for Hogarth, Chao & Benowitz, the law firm suing him. They warned that the super-powered woman might have "laser eyes" as an ability.[2]



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