Greg Pressfield, ESQ. Law Office was the facility for the law firm Greg Pressfield, ESQ. Attorney at Law.


"So, you got another desk or should I use the floor?"
Tandy Bowen to Greg Pressfield[src]

Having decided to trust Greg Pressfield, Tandy Bowen went to see him in his office to discuss his case against Roxxon Corporation, asking for specifics and offering him to help. Pressfield gleefully accepted Bowen's assistance as she could envisage things from angles he had not considered, and both of them spent much time in the office working together, with Bowen working right on the floor of the office. Working until the night, Bowen and Pressfield took this time in the office to better know each other, with Bowen asking about Pressfield's wife.

Pressfield returned to his office after a failed dinner at the Bowen Residence. While he was on the phone, he was approached by Ashlie, a hitwoman sent by Peter Scarborough posing as a water bottle delivery girl. Ashlie murdered Pressfield, spilling blood on the office's front window, before spreading gasoline and setting the whole place on fire to destroy Pressfield's evidence against Roxxon. However, Bowen, who had witnessed the murder, later went to the burnt down office and, using her Lightforce daggers, she managed to break into Pressfield's safe in the office, which contained many documents which had been protected from the fire.[1]




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