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"I've watched you from deep behind Norman's cowardly eyes. Struggling to have everything you want, while the world tries to make you choose. Gods don't have to choose. We take."
―Green Goblin to Spider-Man[src]

Doctor Norman Virgil Osborn is a scientist and CEO of Oscorp. Once he experimented on himself with an incomplete enhancement serum, Osborn developed an alternate identity, the Green Goblin. With Green Goblin in control, he fought Spider-Man, until he perished by being impaled with his Goblin Glider. However, Green Goblin found himself alive and transported through the Multiverse due to Doctor Strange's failed spell. Lost in an unfamiliar reality, Osborn retook control of his mind, seeking refuge from Spider-Man, who sought to cure Osborn and the other multiversal villains. However, Green Goblin retook control and murdered May Parker. In a final battle on the Statue of Liberty, Green Goblin had a showdown with Spider-Man, who attempted to get revenge for May's death, but was saved by Green Goblin's native Spider-Man. Green Goblin was then given anti-serum, eradicating Green Goblin from within Osborn's mind, before he was returned to his home universe.


Early Life

Becoming Green Goblin

"Norman Osborn. Brilliant scientist, military research. But he was greedy. Misguided."
Doctor Octopus[src]

Norman Osborn was a famous scientist, being the founder and CEO of Oscorp which specialized in military research. He also became the father of Harry Osborn. Norman's company was suffering due to him not meeting the deadline for a powerful yet unstable formula for a performance enhancer, which was supposed to give enhanced strength to individuals.

In desperation, Osborn took the formula himself, which increased his strength to superhuman levels, but he began to develop a dissociative identity disorder, which manifested in the chaotically sadistic psychopath known as Green Goblin. Green Goblin became the first great enemy of Spider-Man. Osborn eventually found out Spider-Man's real name was Peter Parker, Harry's best friend. In their final battle, he was accidentally impaled and killed by his own Goblin Glider. The news eventually informed of Osborn's demise fighting Spider-Man while outing him as Green Goblin, which was heard by his friend Otto Octavius, and Flint Marko.[1]

Multiversal Crisis

Brought to Another Universe

"I saw someone on the bridge. He was like a... like flying green elf."
"Well, he sounds jolly."
Spider-Man and Doctor Strange[src]

Green Goblin attacking the Hamilton bridge

In 2024 of another universe, Doctor Strange tried to cast a Runes of Kof-Kol to make everyone forget his Peter Parker was Spider-Man. However, when the spell failed, it brought people who were aware of any Peter Parker as Spider-Man from those universes to theirs. As time was scrambled, people who were originally dead in their universes were brought alive to this one, one of those being Norman Osborn/Green Goblin.[2] Upon entering the other universe, Osborn was under the control of Green Goblin as he attacked the Alexander Hamilton Bridge by throwing a Pumpkin Bomb in the middle of the bridge.

Green Goblin tries to attack Spider-Man

Riding the Goblin Glider, a cackling Green Goblin flew out of the smoke to reveal himself to Doctor Octopus and this universe's Spider-Man. He flew his glider towards them, but Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus were teleported away by Strange. Green Goblin later flew near a military research facility outside of New York City and he was witnessed by a few people.[1]

Arguing with Green Goblin

Osborn escaping his Green Goblin self

"You can't escape yourself!"
―Green Goblin to Norman Osborn[src]

After retaking control of his body and mind from Green Goblin, Osborn became scared and confused, as he found himself lost in a New York City he did not recognize. However, Green Goblin was quick to realize that he and Osborn were in another world. Unfortunately, much to Green Goblin's dismay, Osborn did not want to cause further harm as his alternate identity. Osborn then retreated to an alleyway, where he desperately tried to hide the Goblin Glider under trash. However, Osborn heard Green Goblin taunting him as he told him that he was being a coward and they had a new world to conquer.

Osborn running from the Green Goblin mask

Osborn turned around and see his mask, as Green Goblin told him that his helplessness made him sick. Trembling in fear, Osborn begged Green Goblin to leave him alone, as the latter claimed that he was hiding from who he truly was and could not escape himself. Green Goblin also attempted to reclaim control of Osborn's mind once more. Frightened and resisting Green Goblin's attempt to retake control of his mind again, Osborn grabbed a rock to smash the helmet into pieces and ran off, as his alter ego's cackling laughter echoed around him.[1]

Meeting the Parkers

Osborn meets May Parker and Peter Parker

"I didn't know where else to go. Someone's living in my house. Oscorp doesn't exist. My son... Sometimes, I'm not myself. I'm... someone else. And every time he's in control, I can't remember."
―Norman Osborn to Peter and May Parker[src]

Seeking help and refuge, Osborn wandered into a F.E.A.S.T. Community Center after seeing Spider-Man in an ad, believing he was his Peter Parker. He met Spider-Man's aunt May Parker, who brought him to the kitchen and gave him ill-fitting clothes from the donation bin to wear over his armor along with a box of donuts and coffee. After this universe's Spider-Man frantically arrived in the kitchen, a disoriented Osborn was having coffee with May, who introduced him as her nephew. Osborn told the confused teenager that he wanted to find his Spider-Man for help, but was surprised to see that he wasn't his Peter Parker.

Osborn explains his situation to the Parkers

A fragile Osborn explained to the Parkers his other reason for coming to F.E.A.S.T. was that he didn't know where else to go because someone was taking residence at his home address, and there was no such thing as Oscorp or Harry Osborn in this universe. Osborn then told the Parkers about his alternate identity and how he could not remember his previous actions every time Green Goblin was in control of him. He also told the Parkers that he was now here in this place and in this city. When May asked him who was in control of him, Osborn in a panic told her that he didn't know and had no clue as to what was going on with him but was calmed down by his new friend.

Osborn is brought to the New York Sanctum

Trusting this universe's Peter Parker, Osborn went with Spider-Man to the New York Sanctum with May dropping them off in a F.E.A.S.T. truck. The two headed for the basement, where Spider-Man introduced him to his friends, but Osborn corrected Peter to call him "Doctor Osborn" instead of "Mr. Osborn". He learned that Spider-Man's friends were named Ned and MJ. Recognizing the initials, Osborn asked MJ if her name stood for Mary Jane, only for to be clarified that her name was Michelle Jones.[1]

Learning of His Fate

Osborn reunites with Doctor Octopus

"What are you talking about? He's standing right there. He's not—"
"Dead. They both died. Fighting Spider-Man. It was all over the news. Green Goblin: impaled by the glider he flew around on."
Spider-Man and Sandman[src]

Fascinated by the new universe, Osborn approached the cells that were holding the universe-displaced villains, such as Lizard, Doctor Octopus, Electro, and Sandman. Realizing that Doctor Octopus looked familiar to him, Osborn approached his cell, then immediately recognized him as his friend and fellow scientist Otto Octavius. Osborn called out to Octavius, who was looking in the other direction of his cell, as he turned around to his direction, as they were stunned to see each other. However, Osborn was more surprised to see four mechanical appendages on Octavius' back and asked his friend what happened to him.

Osborn listening to Doctor Octopus' words

Unfortunately, Osborn wasn't given an answer from his friend and became confused when Doctor Octopus told him that he had died in their universe. Hearing Doctor Octopus' accusation and realizing that he wasn't Otto Octavius, Osborn believed that his friend had gone insane. Osborn was then defended by Spider-Man, who overheard their conversation, as he told Doctor Octopus that he wasn't dead. However, Osborn and Spider-Man were told by Sandman, who happened to be from his and Octavius' universe, that what Doctor Octopus was saying was actually true that the scientist was supposed to be dead.

Osborn is told about his fate from Sandman

Also, Osborn, Doctor Octopus, and Parker found out from Sandman that the two scientists both died while fighting their Spider-Man, much to their shock. Hearing this information, Osborn looked at Spider-Man to see if this was true, but Parker was just as shocked as he was. Osborn was then informed by Sandman that Green Goblin died by being impaled by the Goblin Glider, and this information sank into him, which led him to realize that if he were to be sent back to his universe, he would have to meet his dark fate.[1]

Imprisoned at the New York Sanctum

"Let me out of here, Peter."
―Norman Osborn to Peter Parker[src]

Osborn being captured by Doctor Strange

Osborn then witnessed Doctor Strange appear in the basement and was teleported to a cell by him, after seeing the scientist. After being transported to his cell, Osborn became confused and shock, but was calmed down by Parker. Osborn then listened to Strange explain to everyone in the room that he would use the Macchina di Kadavus to reverse Spider-Man's corrupted spell and send the Multiversal travelers back to their home universes.

Osborn panicky asked Peter Parker for help

Hearing this, Osborn, knowing he would die, begged to be let out of his cell and called out to Parker for help. As Strange prepared the Macchina, Osborn was reacting nervous and uneasy, and called out to Parker again. However, much to his surprise, Osborn witnessed Spider-Man take the Macchina away from Strange and left the basement, which led to a battle between the two superheroes. Later, Osborn watched as Spider-Man return to the basement with the Macchina, after he trapped Strange in the Mirror Dimension.

Osborn listening to Peter Parker's plan

Osborn then listened to Spider-Man intentions to help him and the other villains be free of their afflictions by fixing what happened to them so they would't die fighting their versions of Spider-Man once they return to their home universes. In addition, Osborn was intrigued to hear that the technology in this universe's was advanced.

Osborn offers his assistance to Peter Parker

Wanting to help the villains, especially his friend Otto Octavius, and be free of his Green Goblin identity, Osborn decided to help Spider-Man as he immediately offered his assistance to him, saying that he was something of a scientist himself, a statement he told to his Peter Parker when they first met. Osborn also told Parker that his friend Octavius knew his capabilities as a scientist.

Osborn decides go with Peter Parker

While Parker's friends were getting ready to leave the basement, Osborn and the rest of the villains were asked by Spider-Man if they were coming with him. Osborn accepted Parker's offer to go with him then turns to Doctor Octopus direction to see if his friend was joining the group as well. After the other villains accepted Parker's offer to go with him, Osborn and the rest of the group were set free from their cells by Spider-Man, who then called his aunt May in order to pick the group up.[1]

Staying at Happy Hogan's Condominium

Osborn being shown the Stark fabricator

"Remarkable. The technology and you. When all of this is over, if you need a job, and are willing to commute to a another universe..."
―Norman Osborn to Peter Parker[src]

Osborn traveled with Spider-Man, May and the group of villains to a condominium owned by a friend of the Parkers. Upon arriving, Osborn checked out a robot hand called Dum-E and U and curiously tried to see how it worked. Osborn then followed Parker to the back room, after he decided to work on curing Doctor Octopus first, with Electro and May not too far behind them. Seeing another advanced technology that he had not seen before, Osborn asked Spider-Man what he just unveiled and he explained to him that it was a fabricator and what it does.

Osborn helping Peter Parker create a cure

After Spider-Man discovered Octavius' issue, Osborn was told by Parker that his friend had a chip on the back of his neck that was designed to protect his mind from the A.I. system within his tentacles. Osborn was then informed by Parker that Octavius' current chip was fried and the tentacles were controlling him. Understanding his friend's situation, Osborn helped Parker construct a new chip for Otto Octavius through the fabricator.

Osborn and Parker finish making the cure

Seeing the same characteristics and intelligence that his Parker from his universe had in his younger counterpart, Osborn told the young teenager, who was finishing up the new inhibitor chip for Doctor Octopus, how remarkable the technology and himself were. Osborn also told Parker that he would love to have him come work for him if he was willing to commute to another universe. Once the chip was finished, Osborn and Parker were pleased that it worked, as he happily watched the young teenager take the chip and ran to the living room to show his aunt.

Osborn watches as Doctor Octopus is cured

After following Parker to the living room, Osborn assured Doctor Octopus that Parker's plan will work and have faith, but was brushed off when he reminded him of his actions that caused the existences of his Green Goblin alter. Osborn then watched Parker put the new chip onto the back of Doctor Octopus' neck, as he kept resisting him until Spider-Man grabbed him by the head in order to hold him still. However, after the chip was installed to the back of Doctor Octopus' neck, Osborn became concerned when he blacked out, but was relived when he woke up and that the chip worked in restoring his mind.

Osborn talks with Otto Octavius

Wanting to be sure if it was Otto Octavius and not Doctor Octopus, Osborn called out to his friend, which Octavius heard and excitedly assured him that he was back to his old self again, much to his relief. Later, after helping Peter construct a cure for Electro and Lizard, Osborn was working on an anti-serum for himself where he had a short conversation with Octavius, who decided to help him and Parker, as he asked him how it was going to feel to be whole again and no longer have the Green Goblin alter. Hearing this, Osborn turned around to Octavius and gave him a slight smile of the feeling of getting rid of Green Goblin for good.[1]

Battle at Happy Hogan's Condominium

Green Goblin takes over Osborn’s mind

"Strong enough to have it all. Too weak to take it!"
―Green Goblin to Spider-Man[src]

However, when Spider-Man had sensed something was wrong through his Spider-Sense, Osborn and Octavius noticed their friend's behavior and became worried, as they followed him to the living room. Although, little did the group know, Osborn was being taken over by Green Goblin again. Osborn went by the Dum-E and U, while Green Goblin attempted to remain undetected. Unfortunately, Green Goblin's attempt failed, after Spider-Man discovered him taking over Osborn's mind, as he webbed his hand to the Dum-E and U.

Green Goblin taunting Osborn friends

Realizing that he had been caught, Green Goblin came out and commented Spider-Man's spider-sense, which got Octavius and the Parkers to realize that it was Norman Osborn's alter ego that was talking and not Osborn himself. Green Goblin taunted the Parkers and Octavius for thinking that he was going to let them alongside Osborn remove him from the scientist's mind and take away his powers.

Green Goblin prepares to attack Spider-Man

Also, Green Goblin convinced the rest of the uncured villains to turn on Spider-Man, claiming that he and the other villains were "gods" that could do as they pleased and determined their own fates without needing to be tied down by moral compulsions, which led Electro and Sandman in retreating while Lizard broke out of the truck he was in, and Octavius being forced to escape, after he tried to stop the villains from leaving, just as J. Jonah Jameson and his The Daily Bugle crew arrived.

Green Goblin maniacally fights Spider-Man

Once the rest of the group of villains retreated the area, Green Goblin stayed to fight Spider-Man, as he smashed and slammed him through the floors of the building while laughing and taunting the young Spider-Man, while May ran with cures, including Osborn's. Green Goblin continued to slam Spider-Man through several more floors of the apartment building and brought them down to the main floor level.

Green Goblin kills May Parker

After having Spider-Man at his mercy, Green Goblin was ready to kill the latter, but May saved her nephew and attempted to inject him with the Anti-Goblin Serum, but it did not work. Green Goblin then used his Goblin Glider to fatally strike May before making his escape and firing Pumpkin Bombs at the news crew and officers outside and blowing up Spider-Man as well, killing several people, including the latter's aunt.[1]

Battle at Liberty Island

Green Goblin arrives at the Statue of Liberty

"Can the Spider-Man come out to play?"
―Green Goblin[src]

Later, Goblin arrived at the Statue of Liberty, flying in on his glider and sending Razor Bats out at Doctor Strange, Doctor Octopus, and the three Spider-Men, after they succeeded in curing Electro, Lizard and Sandman. In the confusion, Green Goblin grabbed the Macchina di Kadavus and placed one of his Pumpkin Bombs inside it without anyone noticing.

Green Goblin is stopped by Doctor Octopus

However, before he could leave, Green Goblin was stopped by Octavius with his tentacles while Strange used an Eldritch Whip to take the Macchina back. Green Goblin used his glider to destroy one of Octavius' tentacles and watched as the bomb inside of it detonated, which unleashed the unstable spell. Green Goblin's actions caused the scaffolding around the Statue to break down.

Green Goblin attempts to stop Spider-Man

When Spider-Man leaped down to rescue Michelle Jones, who had fallen, Green Goblin intercepted him with his glider, knocking him away from saving Jones. Green Goblin then witness an enraged Spider-Man used one of his Pumpkin Bombs to destroy his glider. Due to the destroyed glider, Green Goblin and Spider-Man crashed into the collapsed Captain America's Shield.[1]

Getting Cured

Green Goblin is confronted by Spider-Man

"Poor Peter. Too weak to send me home to die?"
"No. I just want to kill you myself."
―Green Goblin and Spider-Man[src]

Recovering from the crash, Green Goblin taunted Spider-Man for being too weak to send him home to die. Spider-Man, however, retorted that he merely wanted to kill Green Goblin himself. Delighted to have sent Spider-Man over the edge by killing his aunt, Green Goblin was ruthlessly attacked and beaten by Spider-Man, who then attempted to pierce him with his own Goblin Glider, similar to his intended death in his universe.

Osborn being finally cured by Spider-Man

However, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man narrowly saved him from a merciless execution, and Green Goblin's response was to stab his savior in the side and proceed to mock and taunt Spider-Man about being responsible for his aunt's death to the very last. Green Goblin then let out one last cackle at Spider-Man just as Amazing Spider-Man threw him the Anti-Goblin Serum. Parker then stuck him in the neck with the cure, removing the Green Goblin alter from Osborn's psyche for good. Once returned to his senses, Osborn was surprised to see Parker all bloodied up before turning to his left-hand side and seeing his native Spider-Man lying in pain from his injury.

Osborn is returned into his home universe

Horrified, he inquired Parker about what he had done as Green Goblin, but he would not get a response back as Parker was blinded with his hatred for his alter ego. For the remainder of his time in this universe, Osborn quietly sat by himself and observed the sunrise while reflecting on his actions, ignoring the three Spider-Men who were beside him celebrating their victory. Soon after, Doctor Strange cast a spell that erased everyone in that universe's knowledge of Parker's existence, which also led Osborn, Otto Octavius, Flint Marko, and their Spider-Man to be sent back to their home universe, with Osborn's fate completely changed.[1]


"He's lost, and not just in the cosmos, in his mind."
May Parker to Peter Parker[src]

Osborn dedicated much of his time at his company developing and researching technology, much to the neglect of his family's needs. His inner lust for power was exacerbated when he consumed an unstable experimental serum he had developed, and thus he developed an alter with sadistic tendencies and a twisted sense of humor. The two identities are torn over who controls Osborn's body, with Green Goblin often winning control.

Also, they both developed an interest in the main reality Peter Parker, but for different reasons. Osborn took a shine to Parker's boundless intelligences and kindness while Green Goblin was fascinated by his powers, even going to the point of trying to corrupt him and turn him into something he's not, which he almost succeeded if not for his native Spider-Man.

Norman Osborn's Personality

"Leave me alone. Please."
―Norman Osborn to Green Goblin[src]

When the Green Goblin alter was not in control, Osborn is shown to have guilt and remorse for his actions as his alter ego, especially if it hurts those he loves and cares about. Osborn even feared Green Goblin as he was tormented enough by him that he shattered the helmet projecting the latter's image and tried to get as far away from him as possible. Also, Osborn wanted his Green Goblin alter gone for good and would take any chances to be rid of him as he took upon the main reality Peter Parker's offer to help him.

As a scientist, Osborn was unsure of being in another universe as he was more frightened and lost, after he discovered that someone else lives at his home and his company or Harry Osborn don't exist. However, after meeting the Parkers of this universe and was explained of his situation, Osborn instantly believed them and seemed to have become excited to find out that the Multiverse was real. Also, Osborn was intrigued to know the existences of magic, especially the spell that brought him into this universe. Osborn was even amazed by the advanced technology in the main reality and notices the possibilities when he sees what was manufactured by Stark Industries.

Although he's been described as greedy and misguided to those who know him, such as his close friend Otto Octavius, Osborn deep down is truly a helpful, kind, polite, and well-meaning person. Also, Osborn genuinely cares about his friends, especially the Parkers and Octavius, and his son Harry Osborn, his only family. In addition, Osborn has shown to be selfless as he went out of his way to help his friend Octavius be free of his tentacles control and cure the other enhanced individuals of their powers, such as Connors, Dillon and Marko.

Osborn has genuine fondness and trust in his Peter Parker, as shown when he tried to find him and ask him for help in removing his Green Goblin alter, and was mortified to see that he nearly killed him, after his alter ego was removed from his mind for good. Upon meeting Peter's younger counterpart in the main reality, Osborn quickly developed the same feelings that he had with his Parker from his universe. Osborn even became fascinated by the main reality Peter Parker intelligence and skills with the Stark Industries Fabricator, especially when he witness him construct a new inhibitor chip for Otto Octavius, and was impressed enough to offer him a position at Oscorp should he be able to migrate to his universe.

Green Goblin's Personality

"Peter, Peter, Peter... No good deed goes unpunished. You can thank me later."
―Green Goblin to Spider-Man[src]

The Green Goblin alter was perhaps Osborn's worst traits heightened to an unrecognizable degree. Unhinged, he took pleasure in inflicting physical and psychological torture on anyone impeding his goals, especially Spider-Man, whose selfless morals he greatly despised and tended to mock. It had a tendency to revel itself within the chaos and carnage it created throughout its control over Osborn's body. The Green Goblin alter also had a deep megalomaniacal streak, seeing himself and others like him as gods believing that they should take what they want.

Green Goblin's insane personality had the likes to draw out sadistic urges from the likes of Spider-Man, who was going to kill him before he decided to do better and remove the Green Goblin alter from Osborn instead, as he understood that the alter was to blame for his actions and the scientist himself was innocent. Green Goblin is an extremely manipulative being, who is willing to cross any lines in order to make his greatest enemy, Spider-Man, break his morals.

In addition, Green Goblin couldn't stand Norman Osborn because of his cowardliness and good characteristics. However, Green Goblin believed himself to be the real Osborn, as he told him that he was hiding his real self in the shadows, which frightened the latter, who smashed his mask when he had enough of his words. Despite this, Green Goblin still used Osborn as he went to hide deep beneath his mind when he refused to go along with him and only came out of hiding when he, Octavius, and Spider-Man were close to riding him from the latter for good.

Powers and Abilities

Former Powers

"We don't need you to save us. We don't need to be fixed! These are not curses, they're gifts."
―Green Goblin to Spider-Man[src]
  • Artificially Enhanced Physiology: Osborn experimented on himself with a performance-enhancing gas, heightening his physical attributes to superhuman levels but left him violent, aggressive and insane. Osborn continued to be at the peak of his power until he was rehabilitated by Spider-Man who chose not to kill him, but by injecting him with an Anti-Goblin Serum which undid his mutation, ridding him of his powers and his Green Goblin alter, thereby restoring his sanity.
    • Superhuman Strength: Osborn was stronger than any normal human. When Green Goblin awakened, he was able to free his hand from Spider-Man's webs, which are reported to have high tensile strength. He was strong enough to fight and overpower Spider-Man, knocking him into a metal staircase with enough force to dent it, slamming him through multiple floors, and destroying an entire apartment building. Osborn also easily broke his helmet with a rock. His strength in his previous encounter with his Spider-Man, he was proven to be an equal to him as he was able to stop his punch and deliver a powerful kick that sent him flying at such pace. And proven physically dangerous towards Spider-Man himself during the battle inside the abandoned hospital. His strength had proven to make himself powerful enough to pose a threat to Spider-Man in both of their confrontations.
    • Superhuman Durability: Osborn's body was tougher and far more durable than a normal human, which allowed him to withstand physical strikes attacks from an enraged Spider-Man without facing any fatal injury. However, he did have his limits, as his own glider was capable of impaling him and Spider-Man was eventually able to best him during the final confrontation between them. His durability allowed him to withstand the apartment battle through intense collateral damages he committed with no bruises or broken bones from the intense fight. This also displayed the fact he laughed about it maniacally after Parker continued to punch him many times.
    • Superhuman Speed: Osborn was far more faster than any normal human, being almost as fast as Spider-Man. Osborn was able to react to fast accordingly to Parker attempting to escape before tossing him inside the apartment. Further, he was able to avoid a rage-fueled Parker's attack during the Battle at Liberty Island.
    • Superhuman Agility: Osborn was far more agile than any normal human, being able to use it to make maneuvers to best his opponents. Osborn could use his glider with little issues with his superhuman equilibrium and sense of balance and dodge certain attacks from an enraged Parker.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Osborn's musculature produced far fewer fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of an ordinary human, allowing him to easily keep up with the likes of the powerful Spider-Man himself who was holding back his power. Osborn continuously laughed and enjoyed every punch Parker gave and continued the fight.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Osborn could react much faster than any regular human. He could keep up with Spider-Man during his fight. Osborn even as far was able to block some of his attacks and react from an intense blow Parker attempted to give.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Osborn could heal more quickly than a regular human. His healing factor allowed him to recover from any form of physical damages and shown immunity to any form of foreign chemicals, such as the first Anti-Goblin Serum which failed to cure him, though it was still in the process of being made. However, he was successfully being cured by Parker with a fully developed Anti-Goblin Serum.


"You know, I'm something of a scientist myself."
―Norman Osborn to Peter Parker[src]
  • Genius-Level Intellect:

    Osborn writing ideas for the cures

    Osborn was described as "brilliant" by the likes of Doctor Octopus, an accomplished scientist in his own regard. When he was propelled more than two decades into the future of an alternate universe, he could still grasp its advanced technology.
  • Master Scientist: Osborn was described as a "brilliant scientist" in the field of military research by Doctor Octopus. He helped Spider-Man in his endeavor to cure the other villains while Osborn was in control.
  • Master Engineer:

    Osborn and Peter Parker finishing the cure

    Osborn was able to create with his company through the creation of several advanced weapons. His best work as an engineer includes his Green Goblin Armor, Glider, Pumpkin Bombs, and Razor Bats. He also helped Spider-Man fabricate an improved Neural Inhibitor Chip for Doctor Octopus utilizing Stark technology, which is technology far beyond what he has ever seen and still able to use it efficiently.
  • Expert Businessman: Osborn is an expert businessman, he was able to create his company from the ground up in his universe.
  • Expert Combatant:

    Green Goblin fighting against Spider-Man

    While having no known formal training, Osborn is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, using an aggressive and methodical fighting style, as seen when he wrestled with an alternate Spider-Man. His fighting style consists of applying his enhanced strength to punch is opponents considerable distances, throwing them and taking them down by their legs. He was also able to effortlessly body slam the alternate Spider-Man through several floors without injuring himself in the process.
  • Knife Mastery: Osborn has a retractable blade along the gauntlet of his armor. He managed to stab his Spider-Man in the back, although he failed to kill him.
  • Expert Marksman: Osborn can throw his Pumpkin Bombs and Razor Bats with great accuracy. He threw one of his bombs into the Macchina di Kadavus with considerable ease, destroying it to unleash the spell.
  • Expert Acrobat: Because of the performance-enhancing gas Osborn experimented with, Osborn became capable of great athletic feats as seen during his battles with Spider-Man.
  • Master Pilot: Osborn is able to control his glider with ease, and was able to pilot it to knock out Spider-Man while he was falling.



Other Equipment

Green Goblin in his armor

  • Green Goblin Armor: As Green Goblin, Osborn wore a technologically advanced battle-suit that enhanced his strength and durability. Shortly after entering Spider-Man's universe, Osborn smashed his helmet into bits in a futile attempt to escape Green Goblin. He received a purple hoodie from May Parker when he sought refuge at F.E.A.S.T., which became tattered as Green Goblin took over and fought Spider-Man. He would later equip a satchel to hold his Pumpkin Bombs and Razor Bats, along with gauntlets with retractable blades and goggles to substitute for his broken helmet for the battle at Liberty Island.


  • Goblin Glider: Osborn uses his Glider to fly where he wants to, store his weapons, and impale his enemies. Before being pulled from his timeline by Doctor Strange, Osborn was accidently originally supposed impaled by it. He would be able to stab May Parker with it, and knock Peter Parker away from a falling MJ, before Parker disabled it, almost impaling Osborn with it again before he was calmed down.
  • F.E.A.S.T. Truck: May Parker drove Osborn to the New York Sanctum from the F.E.A.S.T. Community Center, and later to Happy Hogan's condominium.


"I saw Spider-Man in an ad for this place. And I thought he could help me."
―Norman Osborn to Peter Parker[src]







  • In the comics, Norman Osborn is a corrupt businessman who turned into the Green Goblin after taking a serum that enhanced his strength. Corrupted by greed and a thirst for power, Osborn became Peter Parker's mortal enemy, causing the death of Gwen Stacy, his beloved girlfriend. In a later arc, Osborn would abandon the Green Goblin moniker and assume the Iron Patriot identity.
  • In Spider-Man, Osborn was nicknamed "Green Goblin" by J. Jonah Jameson.
  • Green Goblin is the first main antagonist in a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie who originates from a different movie franchise.
  • Green Goblin's purple hoodie and brown satchel are reminiscent of his classic comic book appearance.
  • In Spider-Man, Green Goblin's death appears to be a private affair witnessed only by his universe's Spider-Man. This is further supported in Spider-Man 3, when Harry Osborn is surprised to learn from his butler about the details of his father having been apparently impaled by his own glider, a fact the butler only discovered by examining Norman's body. In Spider-Man: No Way Home, however, Sandman reveals that the newspapers had actually covered the details of Green Goblin's exact death, with Otto Octavius even knowledgeable about the fact that Norman Osborn and Green Goblin were one and the same.
  • Green Goblin's first duel with an alternate Spider-Man is also reminiscent of What If...? Vol 1 #105, where their fight causes an entire building to crumble beneath them, costing Parker one of his legs and Osborn his life.
  • Green Goblin is the second character with dissociative identity disorder to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with the first being Mary Walker, and followed by Moon Knight.

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